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LESSON FOUR (Prominent figures who “think different”)

Online, Asynchronous
Skill: Making connections

Essential questions:
● Does having students apply knowledge previously-studied concepts to the investigation
of a specific example facilitate deeper learning?
● Does exploring topics about learning contribute to a student’s linguisitic skill

Learning objectives:.

At the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

Learning Objectives Needs Assessment (click the READY strategy based on 5C

link to see details) standards (Goal Areas)
#1: academic English and
skills; #2: communicative
English; #3 good motivations

Apply knowledge of the #1, #3 Explain

previously-explored concept (in Communication goal area)
of “growth mindset” to
listening tasks, specifically:
- listen to a speech for
main themes and ideas.
- identify specific
information in a video

Connect central themes in #3 Reinforce

course content to the concept (in Connections goal area)
of a growth mindset.

Important concepts: growth mindset, listening for main idea, key words, listening for specific
information, the “think different” concept

● Spend 5 minutes thinking about 2-3 major events in your life and answer the following
questions about each event on a spare sheet of paper for each event:
○ Was the event a positive or negative experience? Why or why not?
○ Did this event provide a life lesson? In other words, did it help you to learn
something about your life or yourself?
● Preview the information on the Lessons from Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech
● Watch the video:
results.dtitle and listen for main ideas to complete the worksheet.
● Take 5 minutes to review your notes on the Lessons from Steve Jobs’ Commencement
Speech Worksheet and circle anything that connects with the growth mindset concept
you learned about in Module A, and explain the connection whereever you have space
on your worksheet.
● Preview the information on the “Think Different” Gap Fill Worksheet.
● Watch the video:
esults.dtitle no more than two times to listen for specific information to complete the
● Use your notes from the Lesson 4 listening activities and the activities about the growth
mindset concept from Module A to write a short essay explaining if and how Steve Jobs’
life and the "Think Different" Apple are examples of the growth mindset. Use the Lesson
4 Writing Prompt.

Collaboration/group work:
Not applicable in this asynchronous lesson.

A summative assessment in which students will submit a short essay that demonstrates their
ability to connect central themes in course content to the concept of a growth mindset. Their
short essays will be graded using the following rubric.

Materials needed:
● Computer
● Lessons from Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech Worksheet
Lessons from Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech Worksheet
Think Different” Gap Fill Worksheet
Lesson 4 Short Essay Prompt