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The structure of this Building is to house the equipment and related other materials of Catering
facilities. The building is 2 storied. Some equipment is placed on 1st floor. The chillers are placed
on the roof. The grids are 10.8m in both the axes.


The Geotechnical Investigation is carried out by M/S Swiss Boring. They have submitted the
report no. E2210. As per the recommendation of the Geotechnical Agency the Foundation type
is Pile Foundation. Detail design would be done on the basis of available data from the report.

Bore cast in situ Pile would be done.

Pile bearing capacity is 1000 Kn for 500 mm dia 13.5 m length pile.

Water Table:

The Ground Water Table is at approximately 1m below existing ground. So requirement of

Dewatering is expected during constructional works.

Protection on Foundation:

The adequate protection would be taken to prevent Salt attack on Foundation.

Structural system:

The Plan is of 10.8mx10.8m grid. The structure would be of Concrete and skeleton frame type
(Column Beam structure). Column would be of square configuration Expected size is

The beam would be of wide beam to reduce the depth of beam.

Two Expansion joints are expected, one vertical direction and the other in horizontal direction.
Code :

Generally the code basis of structural design shall be British Standards and Practice

BS 1881 Testing of Concrete

BS 5328 Guide to specifying Concrete

BS 5628 Code of Practice for use of Masonry

BS 6399 Loading standard

BS 8004 Foundation

BS 8007 Design of Concrete structure for retaining aqueous liquid

BS 8110 Structural use of concrete

Other relevant codes

Software :




Design Parameter:

Wind : Generally Wind load is considered as 1 Kn/sqm for this type of building in this
locality. However actual calculation would be carried out as per BS 6399. This
building being a low rise building hopefully the wind load would not be criteria.

Seismic : As per the data available for Sultanate of Oman this country is not under seismic
Zone. However zone 2A would be considered for seismic analysis.

Equipment : Actual load of the equipment would be considered.

Other : Water proofing system guarantee to be of minimum 10 years.

Structural elements :
Slab : The slab shall be conventional solid slab with single / double layered
reinforcement supported by beams. The thicknesses of slab vary from area
to area.

Lift wall : The lift wall shall be of concrete with reinforcement.

Staircase : The staircase shall be designed as reinforced concrete waist slab with
reinforcement in step also.

Foundation : As per the recommendation of Geotechnical agency the foundation to be

done on Pile. It will be bore cast in situ pile.

Block work : All block work will be designed as per BS 5628. The external block
work is cavity wall of 350mm thick.

Fire Protection:

The main structure is to comply with the Sultanate of Oman Fire Regulations. The minimum fire
resistance would be considered as 2 hr.

The fire resistance will be ensured by compliance with the recommendations of BS 8110 .


Concrete : Characteristic strength 40 n/sqmm

Minimum cement content 400 kg/sqm

Free water cement ratio 0.40

Nominal maximum size of aggregate 20 mm

Reinforcement: High Yield strength deformed bar of 460n/sqmm yield strength

Block work : The Block work materials and workmanship will be specified to comply
with the following standard
BS 1243 : Specifying for metal ties for cavity wall

BS 1199 : Specification for building sands from natural


BS 743 : Specification for materials for Damp Proof courses.

BS 5628 : Code of Practice for use of Masonry

BS 6073 : Precast concrete masonry units.

Block of 10.5 n/sqm and 7.5 n/sqm would be used.q

Structural Design Load:

Dead Load:

Wall Load: Considering concrete block unite weight 20 KN/m3

Slab self weight: Considering Concrete Unite weight 25 KN/m3

1st Floor:

Dead Load:

Wall Load: Considering concrete block unite weight 20 KN/m3

Slab self weight: Considering concrete unite weight 25 KN/m3

Floor Finish : Considering Floor Finish unite weight 20 KN/m3

Equipment Load: As per Preliminary M+E Requirements

Live Load:

Considering Live Load 1.5 KN/m3

Wind Load:

Characteristic Wind Pressure

Wk = 0.613 Vs 2

Vs = V X S1 X S2 X S3

V = Basic Wind Speed

= 46 m/s

S1 = Multiplying factor relating to topology


S2 = Multiplying factor relating to height above ground and wind braking

Height (M) Factor

5.00 0.88
10.00 1.00
15.00 1.03
20.00 1.06
30.00 1.09
40.00 1.12
50.00 1.14
60.00 1.15
80.00 1.18
S3 = Multiplying factor related to life of structure

= 1

Calculated Wind Pressure

Height Wind Pressure

Meter KN/sqm
5.00 1.00
10.00 1.30
15.00 1.38
20.00 1.46
30.00 1.54
40.00 1.63
50.00 1.69
60.00 1.72
80.00 1.81
Load Combinations:

01> 1.4 DL

02> 1.0 DL + 1.0 LL

03> 1.4 DL + 1.6 LL

04> 1.4 DL + 1.4 WL IN X DIR

05> 1.4 DL + 1.4 WL IN - X DIR

06> 1.4 DL + 1.4 WL IN Z DIR

07> 1.4 DL + 1.4 WL IN - Z DIR

08> 1.2 DL + 1.2 LL + 1.2 WL IN X DIR

09> 1.2 DL + 1.2 LL + 1.2 WL IN - X DIR

10> 1.2 DL + 1.2 LL + 1.2 WL IN Z DIR

11> 1.2 DL + 1.2 LL + 1.2 WL IN - Z DIR

Standards :

BS 6399 1984 Part 1 : Code of practice for dead and imposed load

BS 6399 1988 part 3 : Code of Practice for imposed dead load

BS 6399 1995 part 2 : Code of practice for wind load