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iPhone Advertising Strategy

In advertising, the medium through which potential customers become acquainted with a product is
among the key factors in determining the outcome of an ad campaign. Mobile advertising is a growing
area for all types of businesses that want to advertise on mobile devices, such as Apple's popular
iPhone. The iPhone advertising strategies take many forms, but all rely on the smartphone to deliver
their messages to customers.


Apple's iPhone is favored among certain key demographic groups, which is a fact your advertising
strategy should take advantage of. According to mobile analytics firm AdMob, as of 2010, 25 percent of
all iPhone users are under age 25 while 46 percent are under age 35, which means that iPhone users are
generally young and, according to additional AdMob statistics, affluent. And iPhone users are 57 percent
male. The overwhelming majority of iPhone ad viewers come from North America. Advertising products
and services that appeal to members of these groups is among the most efficient ways to advertise on
an iPhone.


At any given time, Apple generally supports two or more versions of the iPhone. These devices work on
multiple cellular carriers around the world, come in a variety of colors and use recent and up-to-date
technology, depending on the phone's update cycle. As part of an iPhone advertising strategy, a
business can take advantage of current iPhone technology by including geolocation features that rely on
the phone's GPS chip, games that use its accelerometer and recommendations based on recent
purchases and application usage.


Apple uses its iAds program to place ads directly in iPhone applications. This service is open to
businesses that want a convenient entry into mobile advertising. It relies on existing applications that
iPhone users already have or download for their phones. The iAds service places small advertisements
along the top or bottom of an open application, giving users one-click access to a web link. Apple retains
40 percent of the advertising revenue and delivers the rest to application developers.

Advertising With Apps

Besides iAds, businesses have additional options for advertising on the iPhone. One of the alternatives
involves producing an iPhone application, or apps, for users to download, often for free. To meet with
approval from Apple, mobile applications must perform some useful function or have entertainment
value beyond simple marketing. However, a basic brand-themed game or mobile Internet shopping
service that includes a business's advertisements, website links and product reviews is an option for
engaging new and existing customers on the iPhone and improving their shopping experiences.