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Emmanuel Shyaka

ENGL 1010
Professor Dr.B
May 1, 2019
Course Reflection

Writing is a form of an action, trough writing people can respond to problems and create

changes in the world. For my English 1010 class I was able to use the writing as a form of

response for the project number 2 as well as for the final project which is the #3. I used the

concept into my project number two when I presented the information of how the Author of the

no Child left behind act was trying to present the information to the audience in the first place. I

also used those strategies within the same project when I explain how the author believe that the

program failed. I presented the information with very helpful examples, I used the same method

when sated how Andrew Lee, who was the author of the article was persuading the audience to

believe what he believed about the article. I described how he was using very emotional tone of

writing to accomplish his goal. For my final project I also used writing as a form of response to

the problem, the method was very similar as the first assignment. However since the information

in my piktochart project was limited I found it easy to provide the information. The way I

accomplish it was by being able to describe what analytical skills are, how to problem solve

within the computer engineer filed as well as creativity, besides that information I was require to

inform what classes are request in order to obtain a degree within the computer engineering


Writing is a process of deliberation which involves identifying and enacting choices,

strategies and moves. I used this concept into my project #2 and the project number three. In the
first project I carefully choose what information to used, after that I chose what tone would have

the project, and that was I believe academic level or straight forward tone. The strategies were

logical arguments fallowed by ethos and logos, and the moves used within the project was

chronological. Wile for my last project I would say, the information chosen was correct

according to the topic. The moves and the tone were highly professional. The choices of the

words were according to the computer engineering filed.

Finally I have not had the chance to use this method in different scenario other than in my

English 1010 class. However when I get the opportunity to do it I will complete the assignments

fallowing the directions which might be same or different than in English. 1010. The last I want

to mention are the skills I used to complete this task. I believe those skills are just responding to

the question of the reflection course. The skill I used are academical and technical level along

with cause an effect. Overall my experience in this class was very beneficial due to the fact that I

was able to enrich my knowledge and that I was able to complete most of the assignments on

time even though some were more difficult than others.