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ANDREW M. GREENWELL (ONE SHORELINE PLAZA . S00. SHORELINE BLYD,, SUITE 2800-5 i i ‘CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS. 78401 i "TELEPHONE (361) 883-1946 ; FACSIMILE (361) 8822900 ‘son hamiegresniel com i Kathryn Cargo Corpus Christi Caller Times 820 N. Lower Broadway Corpus Christi, Texas 78401 RE: Flex Fit Gym Dear Ms. Cargo: I represent Aaron Pineda, owner of Flex Fit. I understand that you are working on a story about the Flex Fit Gyms with a focus on this licensure. In a piece authored by Greg Chandler, and in its general news coverage, KRISTV reported that Flex Fit Gyms were ordered to be closed by the State of Texas after violating the Texas Health Spa Act. This is absolutely false. I do not know where they obtained that information, but it is totally wrong. Flex Fit was not under any closure order by the State of Texas or an of its agencies. In fact, if you look at the web page of the Office of the Texas Security of State, the Flex Fit Gyms have currently active health certificates. Other than this information, we do not see ourselves free to discuss this matter any further. Sincerely, Andre jenwell AMGieja Ce: Via Email Flex Fit Gym