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Movements of Part II of

Movements of Part I of Mendelssohn's Elijah

Mendelssohn's Elijah
No. Description Translation No. Description Translation

Introduction As God the Lord of Israel liveth 21 Aria Hear ye, Israel!
Be not afraid, saith God
Overture 22 Chorus
the Lord
Recitative The Lord hath exalted
1 Chorus Help, Lord! 23
with choir thee
Duet with Lord! bow thine ear to our Woe to him, he shall
2 24 Chorus
choir prayer! perish
Man of God, now let my
3 Recitative Ye people, rend your hearts 25 Recitative
It is enough, O Lord now
4 Aria If with all your hearts 26 Aria
take away my life
5 Chorus Yet doth the Lord see it not 27 Recitative See, now he sleepeth
6 Recitative Elijah! get thee hence 28 Trio Lift thine eyes
Double He, watching over Israel,
For he shall give his angels 29 Chorus
quartet slumbers not
Arise, Elijah, for thou
Recitative Now Cherith's brook is dried up 30 Recitative
hast a long journey
8 aria and What have I to do with thee? 31 Aria O rest in the Lord
Blessed are the men who fear He that shall endure to
9 Chorus 32 Chorus
him the end, shall be saved.
Recitative As God the Lord of Sabaoth
with choir liveth
Baal, we cry to thee; hear and
11 Chorus
answer us!
12 Call him louder, for he is a god!
with choir
13 Call him louder! he heareth not!
with choir
Lord God of Abraham, Isaac
14 Aria
and Israel!
15 Quartet Cast thy burden upon the Lord
O thou, who makest thine
16 angels spirits (The fire
with choir
17 Aria Is not his word like a fire?
Woe unto them who forsake
18 Arioso
19 O man of God, help thy people!
with choir
20 Chorus Thanks be to God