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Data Assignment 1 will revolve around a common business task

in Data Science of taking a large data set and forming some

conclusions and answering some research questions your
company may have
We will look at a data set I harvested for Washington DC over the
last 25 years. You will answer a variety of weather questions
based on the data. For each answer you should have
corresponding code in python to justify your answer. You may do
a python file for each question or do it all in one, it is up to you.
Common to many datasets, some of the data is missing so you
will have to determine how to handle missing values.
I have included one file weather.py to get you going and to
show you a way to handle Dates. The data you will process is
weather_data.csv . An example of reading it in is included in
Please answer the following questions:
1)  What 3 year period had the highest change in actual mean

2)  What Month has the highest actual Max Temperature on


3)  What Month on average had the highest difference between

the actual low
and actual high temperature on a given day? (I.e. hard to dress
for because
it is cold in the morning/night and hot in the day)

4)  What is the actual rainiest month on average?

5) in the last 25 years do we have more days that are above

precipitation or more days below?
6) Is Washington DC on average getting warmer, colder, or
staying the
same over the past 25 years?

a) Has DC's weather gotten more extreme over the last 25 years?
your reasoning, code and proof whether yes or no.

b) What do you think the actual min and the actual max
will be on Thanksgiving 2017 (November 23rd)
Tell me something interesting you found in the data that I might
not know
Description of Data
The date of the weather record, formatted YYYY-M-D
The measured average temperature for that day
The measured minimum temperature for that day
The measured maximum temperature for that day
The average minimum temperature on that day since 1880
The average maximum temperature on that day since 1880
The lowest ever temperature on that day since 1880
The highest ever temperature on that day since 1880
The year that the lowest ever temperature occurred
The year that the highest ever temperature occurred
The measured amount of rain or snow for that day
The average amount of rain or snow on that day since 1880
The highest amount of rain or snow on that day since 1880
Turn in your python file and a text file containing your answers to
the questions.