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Chapter 5

MEDIA in democracy

Question and answers

Q1. Why is public opinion so important in democracy?

Strong public can prevent a government from being a dictator

an alert and well-informed public health the democratically elected

government to become and remain responsible to the people

B. Mention some of the principles that media should follow before

reporting any news?

It should get news from reliable resources

provide opportunities to the poor and minorities to express their


fair and neutral news

respect for others’ privacy

Why is it important for people to hear adequate in formation on

different issues?
Without information, citizens cannot make the right choice when
choosing the leaders on participating in the decision-making processes

Right to information ensures that the government is more responsible

and accountable to the people

there is also beneficial to the government as openness and

transparency creates trust

it gives the citizen the right to seek information from government

organisations regarding policies and procedures of the government

Mention any four features of the Right to information act 2008?

All citizens have access to information pertaining to any period, in any

form, in official languages

they have a right to inspection of record work and samples of material

very nominal fee and no fee for persons below the poverty line

When has the government the right to deny access to records or

information? The government has the right to deny access to records
and information regarding national security, international relations,
scientific or economic interests of the country are that which could
endanger the life or physical safety of a person.

Media today is not free from checks justify his statements?

Registration of newspapers in India

all the newspapers that are published in India need to be registered

with the RNI. The RNI then issues a certificate of registration. It keeps a
record call the Central broadcasting code 1962 which is otherwise
called program code for both all India radio and DOORDARSHAN
prohibits the following

criticism of friendly countries

attack on religious communities it is one of the most important bodies

that sustains democracy freedom of speech and warn on censure the
errant to journalist guilty for violation of norms of journalistic conduct

Name few important names of newspaper and magazine of India


the Times of India

the Hindustan Times

the statesman


India today


What is the role of media and democracy

the media and democracy is important. It plays an important role in

forming and in expression of public opinion media helps government to
be accountable

name different types of media give examples

different type of media are

press the print media – newspaper, magazines etc

electronic media – radio, television et c