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Date: February 26, 2018

Mr. Nitin Arora

Managing Director
CreambellIce Creams, Gurgaon

SUB: Submission of Business Proposal for end to end Cold Storage

Temperature Monitoring, GPS based Cold Logistics Management and Mobile
App based Employee Tracking Solutions.

Dear Nitin Ji,

We are happy to share our Business Proposal for Providing

1. End to end Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring,

2. GPS based Cold Logistics Management
3. Mobile App for locate outlet/Icecream vending cart

Introduction of Creambell Ice Creams -

In 2003 RJ Corporation brought Creambell ice cream to India in technical

collaboration with French Dairy major, Candia. Since then Creambell has
delighted the taste buds of millions with a variety of refreshing and exotic ice
cream flavours of international and traditional nature. Creambell is one of the
fastest growing ice cream companies in the country with its foot prints in the
neighbouring nations as well. It is among the top 5 leading ice cream brands in
India and is known for its quality product innovation. Creambell boasts of 15%
market share in the ice cream industry, marking its presence in 19 states and being
a dominant market player in many regions in the country. Its product quality and
availability has made this brand widely acceptable in the hospitality sector, thereby
making eminent presence in various 5 star hotels. Our strategy to make Creambell
as one of the most acceptable ice cream brands is helping us reach every nook and
corner of the territory where we operate in.

Creambell boasts of world class standards in the area of product quality. Every
batch of ingredients goes through stringent quality control before taken for
production. The quality standards are in consonance with international norms, and
no effort is spared to ensure that only world class products reach the end users. Our
plants are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 certified.

For the last several years, Creambell has been the proud recipient of the highest
honour at the "Great Indian Ice Cream Contest" conducted by Indian Diary
Association and DANISCO. Out of 48 major Ice Cream brands in India, awards
are announced in 8 categories. Creambell has won 27 awards in all India Ice Cream
contest conducted by INDIAN DIARY ASSOCIATION (IDA) and Danisco.

Introduction of ITG Telematics -

We ITG Telematics Pvt ltd, India today are one of the biggest known names in
providing end toend GPS based vehicle tracking and logistics management
solution in India and Asia Pacific Region. We today stand tall as 3 rd largest GPS-
VTS Telematics solutions provider in India and with a very clear vision to explore
similar opportunities in Asia Pacific and African markets.

Overview of ITG Telematics:

 185 personnel as total staff strength.

 20+ software developers (Inhouse Team).
 15+ Field Service Coordinators and Customer Relationship Managers.
 90+ GPS-VTS unit installers placed in about 25+ strategic sites to cover
PAN India.
 24X7 inhouse Customer Support Center.
 Inhouse state of art refurbishing and L4 repair facility.
 Own Offices in 6 cities to cover PAN India market.
 3 very senior level management support staff,
Solution Requirement – 1- End to end Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring,

Solution Requirement – 2- GPS based Cold Logistics Management

Solution Requirement – 3- Mobile App to locate outlet/Icecream vending cart.

Business Proposal – 1 -End to end Cold Storage Temperature Monitoring

ITG Telematics Offers to provide end to end cold storage Temperature,

Humidity, Door Opening/close monitoring Tracking Solution to Creambell
Icecreams. The solution being offered works with and through a combination
of sensors integrated with our telematics solution, with enhanced feature of
accessibility through a common URL, with the objective to enhance real time
temperature control during the storage, movement to the last mile site.

SCOPE OF Solution being offered:

• We propose to offer our end to end cold storage temperature monitoring

telematics solution and services from all locations identified by Creambell
India, We will start our services from all locations, which has major
concentration of product/vehicle movement and then gradually adopt other
cities too to provide your our PAN India services.
• We will bring in all the required expertise and affiliated solutions
(integration of required sensors) to enable prompt service as part of our
contribution to our business relationship.
• We will expect access to your ERP to help us bring in required VAS to
your logistics operations.
• We expect a lock-in period of 02 years through a written contract.
• We would give you a login URL to help you monitor your whole solution
and would enable a login for your individual users too to help them monitor
the cold storage solution on real time basis.
• We can also enable an SMS alert mechanism to creambell’s, enabling the
exceptional information generated on real time basis.
• We will also enable our telematics solutions, through a mobile app too, to
enable monitoring the real time activity of the storage plants.
Business Proposal – 2 - GPS Hardware based Logistics Management Solution
(Vehicle Tracking Solution for reefertrucks ).

 We will physically install a GPS-VTS unit in the vehicle with temperature

humidity sensors in trucks.
 We will bring in the mechanism to check and control ON/OFF the AC
 We will geo-fence the source and treat it as the start point (Point of Exit
would become the start time)
 We will geo-fence the destination and specific routs and treat it as the
step/end point (Point of Entry would become the journey end point).
 Software will automatically create trips from Start Location with Start point
to End Location with End Time.
 All MIS reports for delay, ETA can be extracted from the same.
 We will enable a URL with login password to help you gain real time access
of the installed devices.
 Extra Feature - We can connect a Camera (IP camera), or normal standard
cameras with DVR recording and would enable protocol to help you access
the installed cameras.
 Extra Feature - We can also install a BioMetric reader at the steering point to
identify and match the driver and the allocated vehicle on real time basis.
 We will enable real time speed of vehicle data and enable an Immobiliser
part of our standard product offerings.

Business Proposal – 3 – Mobile app to identify locate creambell vending

station or vending cart on real time GPS data basis.

SCOPE OF Solution being offered:

 We will physically install our GPS Units in vending carts to help you track
& trace the location 7 movement of the vending caart.
 We will geo-fence the source and treat it as the vending point.
 Mobile App will enable customer to locate the vending cart.
 All MIS reports for delay, ETA can be extracted from the same.
 We will enable a URL with login password to help you gain real time access
of the installed devices.
 We will white label the URL Login page for you in your brand.
We all at ITG Telematics look forward to work more closely with you and
Creambell India.

My regards
Director – Business Development
ITG Telematics