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1. What is required to reset the administrator password to the HPEOneView appliance?

(Select two.)
a one-time password from HPE support
access the Onview cli from the appliance comp.

2. You need an application to receive notifications when new server hardware is added to
your managed environment or when the health status of physical resources changes,
without having to continuously poll the appliance for status updates.
Which HPEOneView communication channel is an interlace that uses asynchronous
messages to notify subscribers of changes to managed resources?
State Change Message Bus
3. Your customer needs to use role-based access, allowing users in different departments
to access necessary elements.
Which roles are available for specialized users, (Select two.)
4. Which REST API resource attribute can be described as the primary identifier of a

5. When creating a server profile, which profile setting determines the remove-and-
replace behavior for a server blade?

6. Point and click on the area of the graphic that identities the area that the Microsoft
System center uses to communicate with NFL OneView.
7. When an Ethernet connection is created on a server profile, which option should you
choose to select a specific network adapter, 0 OWN Identifier
Physical Port

8. You are preparing to add a managed enclosure to HPEOneView. You need to determine
if the enclosure is already a member of a Virtual Connect Domain. From within OA CLI,
which show command will identify whether the enclosure is managed?

9. When promoting HPE SDDC to customers, which motivating factors should you
highlight? (Select2)
advanced server security
single united management view

10. Point and click on the area of the graphic that Menthes the architectural laver that a
storage administrator uses to communLate 44th the FIFE OneView architecture.
11. What happens when an SNMP status polling request fails while monitoring an HPE
ProLiant Gen8 Server?
The power state is checked by polling the iLO service

12. In the HPE SDOC architecture, which layer is responsible for provisioning, managing, and
supporting the relationship between the physical area virtual resources?

13. You have a server with a failed power supply.

Which feature will HPE OneView use to help you tied the server, 0 Virtual Connect
Enterprise Manager (VCEM)
Location Discovery Services (LDS)

14. Which string value attribute provides information to the REST client atiout a resource
revision? eTag

15. A customer needs. make a REST call to see the enclosures managed by an HPE Dnelnew
What should the customer include in the request to demonstrate that they have
properly authenticated with the appliance?
Auth HTTP header

16. In the HPE DUE architecture, in which layer do FIFE [Maim HPE Helion Openstack, and
FIFE Server automation interact,
17. Users report they are receiving HTTP error statuses of 540 in the HPE OneVieer
environment. Inver. area should you begin investigating the root causer:11001e error

18. Your application has issued a REST API call and the HPE OneView server returns an HTTP
status of 412, which is defined as Precondition Failed. What could cause this error,
The eTag provided is not current.

19. You are attempting to add a supported DL rack server. HPE OneView. You have supplied
the user credentials for the iLO. Which object will HPE OneView use in its attempt to
claim the rack server,
ipmanager binary large object (BLOB)

20. Which alternative is available for customers who do not want to use the HPE OneView
default self-signed certificate?
Certificate Authority-signed certificate

21. How does HPEOneView empower a data-driven enterprise by helping to build analytic
applications and services in order to obtain value from existing information?
is used in the deployment 01 the infrastructure

22. Which component of HPE OneView uses the Gore Foundation Services to access the
physical components of the data center responsible for managing blade servers?
Physical Server Resource Manager (PSRM)

23. You have several old servers that are not HPE intelligent powered devices. You need to
add these devices to HPE OneView and create a manual power configuration for them.
How can the power topology be built?
from the bottom up by creating rack PDUs

24. While you are attempting to perform HPE OneView operational tasks, an HTTP error
status of 4xx displays. What does this error status indicate?
An incorrect client action was performed.

25. Which part of HPE OneView's health monitor is responsible for translating incoming
traps and sends notification messages to the Alert Service?
Events Service
26. Your customer basal: enclosure with a combination of ProLiant G7, UM, and Gen,
servers that are monitored by FIFE OneView in a single enclosure. The customer needs
to add their new
ProLiant Gen, servers to the enclosure.
27. Which constraint you make the customer aware of before they add the Geri, server?
The Gen9 servers can only be monitored, and not managed, in this enclosure.

28. How do FIFE One.ew server profile templates help with a software-defined approach to
converged management?
They capture the entire configuration for a resource to a single place for easy

29. In which way is a software-defined data center moo different from a Cloud solution,
01±, SOU enables a select set of applications and workloads to be optimized and automated to
run across an expandable pool of resources.
An SDDS takes programmatic triggers to initiate actions within the infrastructure

30. Which operational function provides the benefit of being automated in HPE One5Mw1 0
Online enclosure migration from VCEM to FIPEOnelliew
SAN Zoning

31. According to HPE, in which way does HPE Onel.new enable transformation to a hybrid
infrastructure, 0 enhances security and governance control
enables agile IT operations

32. Flow does the HPE approach to the SODE present converged infrastructure elements as
virtual constructs within pools of virtual and physical resources? 0114 means of a
Remote Procedure Cal,
by means of an integrated control abstraction layer

33. Von are preparing to instal1HPE OneView to monitor your HPE environment.
Which mechanism will HPE OneView use as a primary source of status information?
SNMP Traps

34. Which management functions are automated in HPE OneView version 1.2?
HPE 3Par volume creation

35. Which failsafe approach does HPE Dnelliey/ use for status information?
36. Which restriction will prevent you from copying a server profile from one server to
The server has a different network adapter layout

37. You are setting up an HPE OneView system. You have aU of your server information in
an asset management tool and you need to import the data from it to your HPE
OneView installation. How can you accomplish this?
Export the data to a .csv file and import with the Environment Resource Manager

38. Your customer has environments managed by FIFE SPA and Insight Control., and a
separate environment manager! by HPE OneView. The customer need to use Insight
Control server provisioning IICsp) for OS
antl firmware deployment.

39. Your customer has environments managed by FIFE SPA and Insight Control., and a
separate environment manager! by HPE OneView. The customer neetIsto use Insight
Control server provisioning IICsp) for OS antl firmware deployment.
What should you recommend that the customer verifies to avoid any network service
that only one DHCP/PXE server is available provided by Insight Control server

40. What becomes of user interface interactions that take longer than ZOO milliseconds,
They become asynchronous tasks.

41. You manage a data center that consumes a large amount of power. You need to Identify
any hot spots in your HPE server racks in order to optimize cooling. Which tool should
you use to identify these ha spas?
3D Datacenter View

42. What do you need to verify so that these will use new features introduced by the
that an attribute named REST-API-Version has been added in each REST call