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MAHARAJA SURAJMAL BRIJ UNIVERSITY BHARATPUR SYLLABUS M.A. HISTORY(P &E) (ANNUAL SCHEME) arcoretres nad agen agama ge Reefer eae et.) MA (Pre. & Vinal) HISTORY M.A, HISTORY Annual Scheme MLA, Previous ‘There shall be four papers, each of three hours’ duration and carrying 100 marks each | MLA. Previous History |Papert: Theories, Methods and Visions of History. Paper I: Gi) Main Currents of Modern World History upto £900 A.D. | Gi) History of Modern Kurope (1789-1913 A.D.). Gil) Hictory of Ching and tanan 1RW.108S ATID Paper II: ‘Twentieth century world (1900-2000 A.D.) Paper-IV: Group A (i) Aneion€ I ndian History (Earliest Times (0 200 B.C) Group B (ii) Medieval Indian Llistory (A.D. 750-1526) Group € (iii) Modern Indian History (A.D. 1756-1908) PAPE THEORIES, METHODS AND VISIONS OF HIST ‘ORY Tinwe : 3 hrs, Max. Marks: (00 Minimum: 36 Note : The paper will contain nine questions having thee questions in cach section, Candidhites ure required to attempt five questions inall selecting at least one question from each section. leaning, Nature and Scope of History, Historical Fact and Interpretation. Causation, Objectivity Traditions of Historiography Ancient Greeo — Roman, Chinese, Ancient Indian: Medieval — Wes Arabic, Persian and Indian ; Modern ~ Idealist, Positivist, Marxist era Se ion 1 theories of History ~ Cyclical, Linear, Idealist, Materialis, Sociological, Comparative, Structural Ecological and Post- Modernist. Approaches to History — Theologi Nationalist, Marsist, Subaltern and Post-modemist, al. Orientalist, Imperi Section = If Major Philosophies aed Meta- histcricsi Visions of History and Culm: Westem — Hegel, Marx, Spengler, Toynbee, Major Philosophies end Meta: History and Culture: Indian Aurobindo, Govind Chandra pande and ¥ ‘orical Visions 0! sh Dew Shalya Iihasa Dorshuna tin Hireti), Varuna Budaliee Prakash Htihasa Darshana fin Hindi), Liebe, 1962 3. GO, Pande (ed) Athasa ~ Swerupe eveam Siddhant tin Hindi), oipnr weneteb ote 2 or, IGav aman aoe am Reataerae Hag (EEL) MA (Pre, & Final) STORY 4. EH Carr What i History, Londou, 1962. (Alse in Hindi) 5. RG Collingwood The idiews of History. Oxford, 1961 6 MC. Lernon 2 Philosphy of History (A Guide for Srudents) 7. B. Sreedharan A Texthook of Historiography (300 B.C. 10 A.D. 2000), Orient Longman, New Delhi, 2005 8 Paul Heunilion Historicisia 9, Willen Dey Perspectives an History 10.C. Behan MeCuttah : The Truth of History : The Logie of Hisiory Putting Postmodernism in Perspective) I, Satish &. Bajaj + Recent Trends in Historiography. New Dellti, 1988 22, Ranajtt Guba ted.) + Subaltera Studies, Vols, 1.2.3 & 4 Oxford Universi’ 13. VS, Pathak Ancient Historians of India, Gorakhpur, 1984 #4. UN. Ghoshal Studies in Indian History and Culuare, Bombay, 1965 15, Mohibbul Hascan Historians of Medieval India, Merrut,1968 16. CL. Philips (ech) Historians of ludiee, Pakistan and Ceyton, London, 1965 IFSP. Sen (ed) Historfans and Historiography mn Modern tiie, Caleutta. 1976 18. Ketih Jenkins (ed.) The Postmodern History Reader, London, 199? 19. GO. Pande Meaning and Process of Culture Fatue, Consciousness and Culture (ed) lihasa. Swaroup evean Siddhaniea 20. Yash Bev Shalya : Samskviti ~ Manav Kartvitva ti Vyakhva Sanvaj— Ek Darshanik Parishitea Tattva Chintan irren: Paper- 1: @) Main f Modern World History Upto 1900 A.D. Time : 3 hes. Max, Marks > 100 Minimum: 36 Note : The paper will contain nine questions having three questions in each section, Candidates are required to aitempt five questions in al jecting at least one question from each section. Seetion, Renaissance ~ its meaning, nature and impact. Reformation and its impset. Counter Reformation. Industrial Revolution — Causes, Stages and impact, Debate on transition from feudalism to capitalism, cetio Ze American War of Independence : Causes, nature and significance. The Prench Revolution and iis impact. Rise and fall of Napolean Bonaparie. Growth of Nationalism — Unification of Gens Bete