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Log One

I remember talking in class about how important early childhood education (ECE)

programs are, and how they can really make a difference in the future education of students.

During my observations, I noticed that a lot of the students came from low-income families and

they were learning things in this class that they had never even be exposed to before. Seeing this,

it not only made me sad, but made me realize how essential ECE programs are and how much it

really helps some students prepare for primary school.

In the future as an educator, I hope that I can help my students succeed and feel a sense of

confidence in themselves for knowing numbers or letters, or colors even. The students I observed

got excited over the smallest accomplishments, and it really helped me see that these small

“wins” are so important to their future success. They need to receive positive praise and

encouragement to learn more.

Log Two

It was a highlight for me each time I went to my observation site that I got to spend time

with their special needs’ student. She wasn’t able to stay on task and pay attention during their

morning large-group activity. She would grab books or toys and come sit next to me and have

me read her book to her. She would also ask me for helping in identifying colors, letters, and

numbers. She was very kind and just simply wanted someone to give her undivided attention.

I was disappointed to see that none of the students were ever held accountable for their

actions. I know these students are very young, but this is the perfect time for them to start

understanding that some actions have consequences and they need to try and behave. A few

students would break rules repeatedly and the teacher would say something, and move on to the

next thing. They wouldn’t try positive or negative reinforcement to redirect them, they just
seemed to get frustrated. In my classroom, I would try really hard to teach my students that their

actions sometimes come with consequences and how they need to behave in and outside of the


Log Three

This experience has positively encouraged me even more so to be a teacher. I loved being

able to spend my Thursday mornings with the staff and students of the Head Start classroom at

Lincoln Elementary School. They were a blessing and joy to get to know and spend time with. It

makes me look forward to the future as an educator myself, hoping that I can always create a

sense of care and happiness in my classroom, so all of my students exceed in all they do.

There were a bunch of things I saw happen that I would like to not do while I’m a

teacher, but this experience helped me realize that while everyone learns in their own way,

everyone teaches in their own way, too. It was a real challenge for me to sit through them

handling their special needs’ student. She was a sweetheart and just needed a little more direction

than other students, but instead they got frustrated and upset with her when she didn’t follow

directions, etc. I can imagine if it’s something they have to deal with daily, it could get a little

hard to deal with, however, that student deserved just as much attention and care given to her and

her situation as others. I really enjoyed having this opportunity, though to see things I should and

should not do in a classroom as a professional. It will be an experience I will forever keep in my

heart and on my mind when furthering my education.