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MCT/MST Lesson Observation

Feedback to student teacher

Student teacher’s name: Khalood Ali Observer’s name: Amelia

Unit/Lesson: English/ Feelings Grade Level: Grade 2

Date: 18.3.2019

F = Unsatisfactory D = Marginal C = Satisfactory B = Very Good A = Exceptional

Competency Area F D C B A
Commitment to the Profession X
Planning for learning X
Managing Learning X
Implementing Learning X
Assessment X
Reflection on Practice X

Strengths of the lesson:

Khalood begins with a big smile and a very positive attitude.

Khalood asks the students about today’s day and what was yesterday. Good work to review
the days of the week.
Then Khalood asks the students to open the books to check the new words.
Khalood plays a song related to the lesson content.
After the song, Khalood presents flashcards with words and picture. She reads the word
loudly and asks the students to read loud after her.
Khalood is always making eye contact with her students, watching the students’ behavior
and make sure they listen the lesson.
Khalood gives the students flashcard with sticks, she asks the students to see the picture and
word. Then asks the students to raise their hand when she calls the word. Excellent activity
Khalood keeps remain the students to speak English and not use Arabic.
Khalood gives the students a worksheet to work on, she asks the students to write the
correct word under the correct picture.
Khalood walks around each table to make sure the learners are working.
She continuously encourages the students to participate.
Khalood keeps the learners working and engaged during the class time, the students are
motivated and interacting with Khalood.
Khalood rewards the students with stickers.
Areas for development:
Khalood is already very fluent and very comfortable communicating with her students and her
colleagues in English. Now, she must focus on making less grammatical errors when she

Final comment:
Overall, Khalood is doing an absolutely fantastic job on all fronts!!! She has learned and
applied a tremendous number of strategies.

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