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Chloe Betts – Statement of intent

I chose brief 2 to create a three minute opening sequence for a new radio magazine programme
(RMP) for BBC Radio 1/ the working website for the pilot show because as a member of a younger
generation, media has a big influence on us. Radio is key aspect as we are exposed to radio daily on
stations such as Radio 1 and Capital. Radio acts as a direct that you can listen to whenever, so
audiences have a direct interaction with Radio.

Having a love/obsession with listening to the radio, it’ll give me more of an idea better than the
other media categories. I’m also interested to find out the ways in which RMP are made.

For my research task I am going to investigate RMP to give me a better idea of what they include/
what they are, listen to Radio 1 as my RMP will be broadcast on Radio 1. From previous studies, I
have learnt that BBC institution has values to inform, educate and inform, I will incorporate this
within mine. I will look at previous examples of RMP and incorporate some of them into my own

For planning, I will brainstorm to plan out brief ideas of my product, then put my ideas into a
PowerPoint which will have more detail on what I want my final product to look like. I will do a
survey to help me get ideas and use this for my product.

The audience for my RMP should be culturally sophisticated, aged between 16-25 in the class AB

I intend to ensure that my two presenters will represent two different social groups, I will show this
through my website – with photographs, music and the shows content.

I will create a full script as this is a vital part of my planning (it’ll allow me to decide on timings,
content, sound effects and voice overs I should use - this will show me a guide as to how long my
pilot will be). I intend to create my main products on Audacity over the period of Dec-Jan to the best
possible result. This will be achieved by adding music to create the best/correct atmosphere for my
RMP. I intend to record all of my planning and my progress on my Weebly blog. I hope to have
finished my products and be of broadcast quality standard by January 2019.

Media convergence lets audiences use one platform to consume various types of media texts. It is
common for technologies now to have different features. My RMP needs to be accessible on any
device such as a smartphone, or laptops that has radio broadcast capability. Distributing my show
through different media formats allows the target audience of 15-26 to listen wherever they can
access, whether its through their phone, tablet or computer.

Furthermore, my website must promote the RMP to its target audience and enable fans to interact
with the show. Iwill have a home page which is styled like BBC and have a link to a working page,
which will be one of the features of my RMP. I have taken photos to firstly show the different social
classes in my RMP, and to use on my home page and the second working page.