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Alondra Vargas

Environmental Science

How much water do we spend each day? We waste a lot of water compared to the last years

now we've had. There is a lot of people without water and it's something we should put a stop to. 1.1

billion people lack of drinking water. Imagine it 1.1 billion that's a really big number that don't have fresh

water drink everyday. We as humans that are normally supplied with fresh water to cook with, to

shower with, and most importantly to drink. We think of water as something that comes naturally to us

that we don't have to work for it. But, in reality there is people suffering out there and we don't really

notice it when we have what we need.

Where does our water go. 70% of water is taken out of rivers and oceans made into freshwater

for our agriculture. The water that goes into agriculture is for growing plants and raising animals which

is really important for us. Farming takes a lot of water to 80% but we do rely a lot and vegetables and

fruits. Freshwater is really important it keeps us healthy, even though many of us don't see water that

important it truly is. It's water that gives us energy and most importantly it gives us or life,a healthy life

and a greater future.

So how can we help our Earth and are people that need the water. We can start as simple as

things and doing in your home. Like fixing leaks, it might not be a big deal but trust every drop counts. A

website even says by try to take a shower with only a bucket of water, which might seem kind of weird

and awfully small amount of water. But, people have done more with just one bucket of water probably

shower 10 people just for the cat have the sensation of a clean body. Or turning off the faucet when

you're brushing your teeth, you don't need the water to keep on running while you're brushing your
teeth or putting your mouthwash. Every drop that goes down the sink, builds up and we've never seen

that happen. But, every 30 drops that in one day make is 48 gallons and in one year it's 1750 to

gallons. Now now we truly know how much one drop can actually do and we'll do a big difference.

Those gallons are we ways can go to somewhere else it can help others get the water they made.

The research that I got to see and realize how much water we ways is really eye-opening. It

makes me see how much water can go to waste without us even noticing. So after all that research I

did I finally thought about it that I myself should start saving water. Not we should all save water and

create a better future for everyone. Having freshwater is very important I wouldn't want to be struggling

for water. So we must try to save water not many people have it just cuz we have it doesn't mean

everyone has it.

We are regular humans and we don't notice much but there are other people that investigate

and any problem in the world. Those people are the people that let us know what we're doing wrong

and what to fix when is needed. And what is needed right now is water 1.1 billion people don't have

water. We must at least try and my fixing leaks even though it's something small, or turning off the

faucet while your brush your teeth or at least trying to take a shower and shorter time. It will make a

difference even though we might never see it it will make a difference. Water is important and everyone

deserves to have it just as much as any person who does.