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Date Ordered Name of the Classification Dose, Route, Mechanism Contraindication Side Effects Nursing

Drug & Indication & Frequency of Action Responsibilities

7/17/18 Generic Classification: 500mg, 1tab Prevents In patients with - Diarrhea 1. Tablets may
Name: Is used to treat bacteria from hypersensitivity - Nausea be taken with
Azithromycin certain bacterial growing by - Stomach food or milk to
infections in interfering with upset improve
Brand Name: many different their protein - Vomiting tolerability.
Cytrazi parts of the synthesis. It - Constipation
body. binds to the - Dizziness 2. Finish all
50S subunit of - Tiredness medication,
Indication: the bacterial - Headache unless other-
Is used to treat ribosome, thus - Abdominal wise directed by
mild to inhibiting pain provider
moderate translation of - Vaginal
susceptible mRNA. Nucleic itching 3. Avoid
infections acid synthesis - Nervousness ingesting AI- Mg-
including acute is not affected. - Insomnia containing
bacterial - Skin rash or antacids
exacerbations itching simultaneously
of COPD, acute with azithromycin
sinusitis, acute 4. Notify provider
otitis media, if N&V or
community- diarrhea is
acquired excessive or
pneumonia, debilitating
skin and skin
chancroid in