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What is the existing goal of the Ramayana?

Select one:
a. Moksha
b. Dharma (answer)
c. Kama
d. Artha

This is the innate nature of existence according to Buddhism.

Select one:
a. annica
b. panna
c. anatta
d. dukkha (answer)

The Indians have ___ identities of the god.

Select one:
a. 500
b. 600
c. 200
d. 300 (answer)

The literary and ideological philosophy developed by French-speaking African intellectuals.

Select one:
a. Black Power
b. Angolanidade
c. Rwanda
d. Negritude (answer)

In 1948, immigrants arrived in Britain. Their nationalities varied and they are the following except:
Select one:
a. Indians (answer)
b. Middle Easterners
c. Asians
d. West Indies
e. Africans
f. Australians

A way to achieve God which depends on how you act.

Select one:
a. Bakhti (answer)
b. Karma
c. Jnana
d. Sudra
Confucianism is characterized by a highly ____ view of human nature.
Select one:
a. pessimistic
b. fantastic
c. optimistic (answer)
d. realistic

A book of Mencius' conversations with kings of the time.

Select one:
a. Lun Yu
b. Ta Hsueh
c. Chung Yung
d. Meng Tzu (answer)

Which of the following is not one of the unwholesome mental states that impede profress towards
Select one:
a. aversion
b. lust
c. worry
d. lying (answer)
e. sloth

The people who have been subjected to bad karma cannot find their way to Nirvana.
Select one:
a. True
b. False (answer)

A Japanese term referring to nature.

Select one:
a. kisho
b. kigo (answer)
c. keikaku
d. keigo

The Sun Goddess that is considered the most important God in Shinto.
Select one:
a. Amaterasu (answer)
b. Hachiman
c. Omoikane
d. Inari

The Chinese accept that change is inevitable.

Select one:
a. False (answer)
b. True

This is a collection of fables given to kings and princes that will teach them all there is to know about
values, leadership and governance.
Select one:
a. Panchatantra (answer)
b. Mahabarata
c. Kisa Gotami
d. Ramayana

A Japanese word which means protection.

Select one:
a. mitomeru
b. mamori (answer)
c. mamoru
d. matomeru

Which of these refers to the collection of 300 poems and songs from the early Chou Dynasty?
Select one:
a. Shu Ching
b. I Ching
c. Shih Ching
d. Ch'un Ching
e. Li Ching (answer)

Adolf Hitler, head of the Nazis used the ____ in conquering Poland.
Select one:
a. manuever warfare
b. deep battle
c. armored warfare
d. lightning war (answer)

The term that refers to the goal of liberation.

Select one:
a. Artha
b. Moksha (answer)
c. Kama
d. Dharma

The ___ group are composed of writers, painters and artists that aim to revive the Uli art of the Igbo tribe.
Select one:
a. West Africa-Nsukka (answer)
b. West Africa-Nnamdi
c. West Africa-Enugu
d. West Africa-Ituku

The ____ River is one of the longest rivers in Asia extending to 3,180 kilometers.
Select one:
a. Sutlej
b. Zangbo
c. Jhelum
d. Indus (answer)

Edward VII lead the friendship of major European countries and eventually forming the group called,
Select one:
a. Entente Frugale
b. Triple Entente
c. Anglo-Russian Entente
d. Entente Cordiale (answer)

This Japanese term refers to the spirits that roam the land.
Select one:
a. Kami
b. Yokai (answer)
c. Obake
d. Oni

This term is used to refer to works that depict supernatural forces working because of a logical reason.
Select one:
a. Fantasy
b. Realism
c. Surrealism
d. Magic Realism (answer)

Shinto became the main religion in Japan during the ____ period.
Select one:
a. Showa
b. Meiji (answer)
c. Edo
d. Heisei

The Indian's way of living's characteristics include the following except:

Select one:
a. Happiness (answer)
b. Weight
c. Connectivity
d. Balance
This term refers more to art/literature that defies logic with the supernatural.
Select one:
a. Magic Realism
b. Realism (answer)
c. Surrealism
d. Fantasy

This book advocates the discernment of a basic norm of human action which, if put into effect, will bring life into
harmony with the process of the universe.
Select one:
a. Lun Yu
b. Chung Yung (answer)
c. Ta Hsueh
d. Meng Tzu

Gautama Buddha is known to be _________ and will remain in this position until he has found the truth.
Select one:
a. seated under the pipal tree (answer)
b. lying down on the grass
c. seated beside the Bodhi tree
d. closed eyes and crossed legs under a tree

The Indians believe that knowing and believing are nearly the same.
Select one:
a. True (answer)
b. False

The characteristic of existence which refers to selflessness.

Select one:
a. anatta (answer)
b. anicca
c. dukkha

This art favors reflexivity, self-consciousness, fragmentation and discontinuity.

Select one:
a. surrealism
b. realism
c. modernity
d. postmodern
e. modern (answer)

The main principle of Confucianism is __ which means humaneness or benevolence.

Select one:
a. ren (answer)
b. xiao
c. li
d. zhong

The one who proposed equality in the West Africa.

Select one:
a. Aime Cesaire
b. Leon Damas
c. Leopold Sedar Senghor
d. Blaise Daigne (answer)
e. Wole Soyinka

The story about the grief of a woman who lost her child and eventually where the line, "the living are few, but the
dead are many" became popular.
Select one:
a. Panchantra
b. Kisa Gotami (answer)
c. Mahabarata
d. Ramayana

There is no devil in Indian literature.

Select one:
a. False
b. True (answer)

Indian Literature is often described as illogical.

Select one:
a. False
b. True (answer)

The Veda for rituals of sacrifice.

Select one:
a. Rig Veda
b. Sama Veda
c. Yajur Veda (answer)
d. Atharva Veda

I Ching or the Classic of Changes is a collection of texts on divination based on a set of __ hexagrams that reflect
the relationship between Yin and Yang in nature and society.
Select one:
a. 84
b. 45
c. 64 (answer)
d. 75

The ____ movement initiated the emerging of daring and confrontational themes.
Select one:
a. avant-garde
b. vanguardia (answer)
c. none of the choices is correct
d. both of the choices are correct

The positive and personal force in the universe, according to Confucius is ___.
Select one:
a. ren
b. zhong
c. t'ien (answer)
d. li

Which of the following is not a characteristic of Modernism in American literature?

Select one:
a. a rejection of elaborate formal aesthetics in favor of minimalist designs
b. an emphasis on fragmented forms (answer)
c. a clear distinction between genres
d. an emphasis on impressionism and subjectivity in writing

This consists of three books on the Rites of Propriety.

Select one:
a. Shih Ching
b. Shu Ching
c. Ch'un Ching
d. I Ching
e. Li Ching (answer)

Indian belief dictates that salvation is not achieved by action but by knowledge or realization.
Select one:
a. True (answer)
b. False

The Spanish literary movement which is characterized by its use of sensuous imagery to express distinctive
spiritual values, as well as metaphors.
Select one:
a. Modernismo (answer)
b. Realismo
c. Surrealismo
d. Magic Realism

The one who wrote Totem, a poem that encourages common racial identity for black Africans.
Select one:
a. Leon Damas
b. Leopold Sedar Senghor (answer)
c. Wole Soyinka
d. Aime Cesaire
e. Blaise Daigne

The level of caste system which refers to the soldiers.

Select one:
a. Brahmins
b. Vaisya (answer)
c. Sudra
d. Kshatriyas

The Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs in 1521.

Select one:
a. Herman Cortes (answer)
b. Nelson Mandela
c. Magellan
d. Leif Erikson

This refers to a set of philosophical, political and ethical ideas which provide the basis for the aesthetic aspect of
Select one:
a. surrealism
b. postmodernism
c. modernity (answer)
d. realism

Which of the following paths is not included in the samadhi or meditation?

Select one:
a. Right Mindfulness
b. Right Thought (answer)
c. Right Effort
d. Right Contemplation

The____religion believes that we planned our lives with God

a.Youruba (answer)