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CEO’s Letter

Dear Team,

It is with great humility, respect and excitement that I take on the role of Chief
Executive Officer of Apollo Sindoori Hotels Limited.
Humility, because I know how important the company is to so many people
around the world.
Respect, because I have learned the power of what is at the heart of ASHL.

Responsibility. Integrity. Inclusiveness. Innovation. These words and others

have defined our organization and, in turn, have partly defined me. With more
than 25 years at the company, I am part of Apollo and Apollo is part of me.

Excitement, because I see the opportunity ahead of us. The world of Food
Services in Health Care is changing fast and we have the superb people and
strong businesses necessary to play a meaningful role in this change. It won’t
be easy, and will require hard work and some tough decisions about how to
prioritize our efforts, but I am confident that we have a bright future together.

I hope you are as excited as I am about this extraordinary opportunity.

With thanks,

Top 9 Trends in
Healthcare Food Services

1. Patient Centered Care

2. Hotel Style 24-hour Room Service
3. Cooked to Order
4. POS BOH Tickets
5. Retail Dining for Staff
6. Upscale “5 Star” Catering
7. Restaurant-Style Menus
8. Putting hospitality back into hospitals
9. Classically Trained Chefs