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Pidato bahasa Inggris " 1

Muharram "
Assalamu’alaikum WR WB
Alhamdulillahirabbil alamin, washolatuassalamu’ala asrofil anbiya I wal
mursalin, waala alihi wa ashabihi ajmain amma ba’du
Hounorable dayah leader H. MUHAMMAD YUSUF A. WAHAB
Honourable all participant
Honourable to big family SMA N 1 JEUNIEB
Honourable Mr and MRs. as the judges.
And unforgettable all of my friend whom I love.

# First of all. Lets pray and thank to our god Allah SWT who has giving us
some mercy and blessing until we can attend and gather in this happy
time and our special day first Muharram 1440 H.
#Secondly, may sholawat and salam always be giving to our prophet
Muhammada SAW who has guided us from the darkness to the lightnes
#thirdly , I don’t forget say thank you very much to master of ceremony who
has be giving me time to speech in front off you all.
*All attendes who are blessed
In this occasion I would like to speak in front off you all under title
“distinction between brotherhood”
As we know that our country Indonesia Consist of many ethnic has different
culture, has different religion, has different tradition and language. We live
between a thousand different. We different in our self class like MIA ,IIS
,RELIGION, and LANGUAGE .So sometimes find the clash. Like our live at
boarding school everyday we met with many friends and many individuality.
So that we are as young generation has responsible to make this condition
always peace ful and joy full, don’t make disintegration. We must
understand each other. We must be united because we have slogan Bhineka
tunggal ika (the unity in diversity).
We have to keep each other, because unity make us stronger.
*All attendes who are blessed
Allah said in holy quran
Innamalmu’minuna ikwatun faashilhu bayna akhowaykum.wattaqullaha la
allakum turhamun.
Indeed every believer is brother so you must correct among all. And fear to
the god in order you will get the blessing.
And it was said in hadist:
Every moslems look like one body if one of our body is fine all body will
sense fine, if one of our body sense destroyed all body will sense destroyer
So we as student start from now have to keep brotherhood each other, no
bullying , no disintegration we must peace never differentiate bettwen. Don’t
Chose friend because she beautiful or he is handsome ,rich, smart ,tall, short.
*All attendes who are blessed
Those are what I can deliver to you at this moment ,thank a lot for your
attention and I ask forgiveness for my mistakes. And the last I say wabillahi
taufik wal hidayah wassalamualaikum wr wb.