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IN THE COURT OF ____________________________________ AT KARACHI

SMA. No.____/2012
IN RE: Plaintiff/Appellant
………………. __________________________________ Applicant/Complainant
Petitioner/ Decree Holder

…………………… __________________________________ Accused/Opponent
Judgment Debtor

I/We________________________ the above named PLAINTIFF hereby appoint and constitute M/S Iqbal
International Law Services Advocates, to represent, appear, and act for me/us as my/our advocate(s) in the above
I/We shall authorize the said advocate(s) to compromise, withdraw and receive on my/our behalf all
sums and amounts deposit in my/our account in the above matter and/or refer the above matter to arbitration or
to compromise or to withdraw the same.
I/We also undertake to appear in the above matter before the court and my/our counsel shall not be held
responsible in case the matter is dismissed /disposed off Ex parte due to my/our failure to appear/attend the case.
I/We also undertake to pay his/their professional fee before the conclusion of the case in case his full fees
is not paid the counsel can withdraw his vakalatnama from the above matter.

Signature/Thumb Impression
B.Com, M.A., LL.M,
Advocate High Court,
Regd. No. ADVO-6152-SBC-KHI


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