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Table 1 - Observing

Name/Description Give the instructions When How did/do the

of the routine. that the routine uses and Aim of the routine students learn about
where this routine?
the How is the routine
routine reinforced?
is used?

The teacher assigns 3 This transition worked
Glue, scissors and students at the This is clearly an established routine effectively in terms of
pencils are out in beginning of each week and most children as soon as they promoting positive
different boxes for to be responsible to at the receive their assignment papers sit behavior.
students to use. give out the items for middle of and wait for the responsible students
students. the class. to handout the items to them. Whereas each student
(Times of would wait for their turn
activities) to come at the beginning
of each week and were
excited to be chosen.

2 The teacher choses a At the

The lineup song student to be the leader end of
of the line then all the the The lineup song is used for students
other students follow period. to move from one class to another in
the leader. At the order. Maintain Order and be
After choosing the end of safe.
leader of the students, the
the leader stands up in school
the beginning of the day.
line then the rest of the
student’s lineup behind
3 classroom rules there are classroom
rules that the student I think this technique is useful
should follow and if a During because it helps the teacher reduce Follow the teacher
student doesn’t follow the class student’s misbehavior. Also, its help instructions
the rule the teacher let time to build a positive learning
the student sit alone. environment where all students can
explore and succeed.
4 cleanup song when the teacher wants
the students to stop
and start getting ready At the Use classroom materials
to go home or when she end of A Clean Up song can help the respectfully, keep the
wants them to clean the students clean up their place faster. classroom clean and tidy.
the tables to start a period. and return everything back to its
new activity, she sings place.
the cleanup song and
the students sing along
while cleaning up.