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Paragraph Structure

1. Find the topic sentence, supporting details, and conclusion in these


★ Circle the topic sentence. Number the supporting details. Underline the

Winter is my favorite season because I like the clothes, the food and the
activities. In the winter, I can wear a big coat and my favorite sweater.
When it's cold, I
can eat hot foods and soup. I like to drink hot chocolate, too. Best of all, I
enjoy many
winter activities. I can play in the snow and make a snowman. I can go
skiing, ice
skating, or stay at home by the fireplace. These things make winter my
favorite season.
American food is fast, cheap, and tasty. Some countries have food that
takes a
long time to make, but Americans like to eat fast food, for example: hot
hamburgers, and sandwiches. American food is not too expensive. Some
people don't
like American food, but I think it tastes great. You can put ranch dressing
on everything
to make it taste delicious. You should try American food.

2. Do all the sentences in this paragraph stay focused on the topic?

I don't like tests. Every time I take a test, I feel nervous. When I study for a
I don't know if I will be able to get a good grade. Often I worry about
taking a test and
can't sleep. Sometimes I daydream or draw pictures in class. After the test
is over, I
worry about my grade. When my teacher gives the test back to me with a
grade, I still
can't relax because I know I will have another test soon. Tests give me a lot
of stress.

3. Write a topic sentence for this paragraph.

___________________________________________. You don't have to take a

cat for a walk every day like a dog. You do not have to wash cats because
they know
how to clean themselves. If you want to go on vacation, you can leave some
food and
water for your cat and it will be okay. A cat can sleep on your bed and
keep you warm
at night.

4. Write a concluding sentence for this paragraph.

Halloween is a traditional American holiday. Americans celebrate it every

on October 31. Children dress in Halloween costumes and go trick-or-
treating. Adults
have parties and decorate their homes. The stores sell a lot of candy and
black and
orange decorations. At parties people eat cupcakes and drink apple cider.
They also
carve pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns. __________________________________


5a. Write a paragraph about your favorite kind of sandwich. (10 points)

Using the illustration below, prewrite a topic sentence in the top bun, at
least 3 sentences of supporting details on the lines in between (number
them in the order you want them to go), and a conclusion sentence in the
bottom bun.

5c. Select one of the following topics and write an excellent paragraph
describe your favorite thing to do after school
describe one of your relatives or your pet
describe a place would you like to visit
describe an occupation that interests you

1. Make sure your paragraph has a topic sentence (top bun).
2. Make sure you provide at least 3 sentences that support your main idea
(lettuce, cheese, meat, etc.).
3. Make sure you have a closing sentence (bottom bun).
4. Check that all your sentences focus on the main idea.

★ Circle your topic sentence. Number your supporting details. Underline the











Adapted from “Teaching Writing” by Rebekah Martindale.

Criteria 4 3 2 1
Strong main idea/ Adequate main Main Idea/ topic Main Idea/ Topic
Main Idea topic sentence is idea/ topic sentence is sentence is
clear, and sentence transitio unclear weakly unclear and does
Topic transitions easily ns in the closing transitions in the not transition in
Sentence in the closing sentence. closing sentence. the closing
sentence. sentence.
Each paragraph Each paragraph Each paragraph Each Paragraph
Supporting has three or more has two has one has no supporting
supporting detail supporting detail supporting detail detail sentences
Details sentences that sentences that sentence that that relate to the
relate to the main relate to the main relates to the main idea.
idea. idea. main idea.
Contains few, if Contains several Contains many Contains many
Observes any punctuation, errors in errors in errors in
capitalization, and punctuation, punctuation, punctuation,
Basic spelling errors. spelling or spelling and/or spelling and/or
Writing grammar that do grammar grammar
Conventions not interfere with that interferes that make the
meaning. with meaning. piece illegible.
Legibly Legibly written, Several Many distracting
Neatness handwritten or easy to read with distracting errors errors making it
typed with no 1-2 distracting that make illegible.
distracting errors. errors. portions difficult
to read.
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Total Score________

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