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1. Listening: https://www.fluentu.

2. https://www.momjunction.com/articles/conversation-games-and-activities-
3. Reading: http://www.readingrockets.org/article/six-games-reading
4. Writing: https://princess-awesome.com/blogs/news/top-10-fun-writing-
5. Lesson plan: http://ylang-ylang.uninorte.edu.co:8080/cedu/para-tu-
 Wool
 Tag names handout
 Hole punch
 Iris paper
 Markers
 Tape
 Honor roll: best student per month (those who meet all the criteria)
 Opalina paper
 Wool spider web
 Handout bingo
 Test
 Scissors
 Love, like, dislike, hate,


 Introducing myself: Hi class, I just want to introduce myself my name is Mr.

González or you can call me Mr. G I am from Bucaramanga and basically I
am going to be your teacher during this course. You can ask me any
question you want related to the class or if you feel unsure about an
assignment that you have feel free to come over and ask me any question.
What I like to do in my spare time it is to play soccer so I have experience in
sports. In a nutshell, if you have any question let me know due to I will be
here for you for the rest of the course. ( go to the next activity)

 Tag name: the activity is divided into 5 steps:

1. Students will be given a piece of paper in which they will have the frame
of their budge.
2. Students will have to cut the frame out.
3. Students will decorate and color their frame.
4. Students will make hole in the upper mid part using a hole punch.
5. Students will put a strip of wool through the hole and they will tie the
ends around their necks.

 Four corners: teacher will stick 4 piece of paper on the corners of the room.
He will explain the meaning and then he will take the chairs out because
students will play a dynamic game.

 Learn living together in the classroom: teacher is going to diagnostic the

kids’ knowledge through some questions on the blackboard. 1. What is a
rule? 2. What happens when we break the rules? 3. What happens when we
follow the rules? 4. Do you know any rule? 5. Why are the rules important?
Whilst students provide their ideas teacher will write them down on the
board. The activity is divided into X steps:
1. Teacher will divide the class into small groups and he will hand in one
cardboard for each group. Then, he will explain they have to write a
classroom rule on it.
2. Students will share their rules and as a class students will provide
opinions about all the rules and if it is necessary teacher will improve
3. Once selected the rules, groups will do in the back of the cardboard a
drawing regarding to their rule. They can: write, color, decorate etc.
4. Teacher will explain that if they do not follow the rules its final score will
be affected.

 Find a friend bingo: teacher will explain that students have to inquire about
the other classmates.
1. Students have to write the name of the mate that meets the criteria in the
2. Each students will read a box and teacher will explain the meaning.
3. When a student has each box signed it has to yells out “bingo”.

 Spider web: teacher will explain that the game is in Spanish and the target
it is to say a word and throw the wool then the other student will say a word
that starts by the end letter of the word that the partner said. Whilst teacher
will write down those words on the board. Take picture and the end.

 White board race: The class should be broken down into teams. One
student from each team will come to the front and read the sentences and
then their will have to dictate the word to his partners. The students should
stand a good distance away from the whiteboard so they have a small ways
to run.
1. Teacher will write down the phrases in the blackboard I like swimming, I
dislike music, I love my mother, I hate singing, I like dancing, I love nature, I
play baseball, I like to read, I hate watching TV, I love my father.
2. Students will be outside the room.

 Charades: teacher will write the words on the blackboard with its meaning in
Spanish. A student will come in front of the class and the other students will
help him to guess the word.

 Test
 How did you find the class