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Notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________ 1
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Create a business
planner to organize
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ all of your business
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ schedules, lists and
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ paperwork.

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Designate a Create a To Do list for Create a Weekly Organize your Create a list of long-term Do you have all the Make a list of your business
workspace. Add this month. What do you computer files. supplies you need to
personal touches Schedule to help you stay Trash anything business goals. Where do strengths and weaknesses. What
want to accomplish? organize? If not, go
and decor to make What commitments on top of tasks throughout you don’t need. you see your business at shopping or place an areas do you need to improve
it yours. this time next year? on?
have you made? your week. order.

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Work on improving Cut down on paper Create a filing system for Setup Google Analytics Print out a social Treat yourself to some Put together a list of all
one of your weak clutter. Go through paperwork like order for your website or blog. media calendar (or business cards. Make your business
areas today. all your paperwork invoices and anything that This to ol can really help make one) and use it. sure they reflect your contacts. This could be
your business grow. Be consistent and style. You’ll feel like a suppliers, clients or
and recycle anything does not fit in your post regularly. professional. peers.
you don’t need. planner.

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Take inventory of your products If you’re not already tracking Create a pouch or Search for and Connect with others in your Organize your business Design an attractive email
folder for your business follow websites email account. Clear
and supplies. Do you need to your expenses start now. Keep and blogs similar to niche by following their blog signature. Be sure you’re including
planner to hold all of the spam folder and sort all your contact info every time you
order anything? Do this a record of all your purchases yours. Take notes or social media or by
your receipts. and use them to emails you need to hang
regularly. contacting them directly. click send.
and fees. make improvements. onto.

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I hope this has helped
Does your website or Tidy up your workspace. Improve your About Me Write down all of Reflect on the last Create a list of you get your business
Things tend to get out of page on your website or your account and goals and A organized!
blog need work? Make month. Is there anything
place when we’re busy. blog. Let your customers online passwords schedule for
a list of things you Keep your space clean and store them in you need to improve or do
get to know you. next month.
would like to improve. and clear of clutter. your planner. differently? © 2014 Clean Life and Home