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Appendix 1: Lesson Plan (template)

LESSON PLAN Subject: English

Trainee: Khalood Ali Topic or Theme: Why Seasons Happen.

Class: grade 2 Date & Duration: 17-4-2019

Trainee Personal Goals:

This helps students to understand the different Seasons of the year.

I am working on:

The different seasons of the year.

Lesson Focus:

I will focus on the listening, speaking and thinking skills.

Lesson Outcomes

Students will be able to:

Differentiate between winter, spring, fall and summer.

Links to Prior Learning

Winter, spring, fall, summer.

21st Century Skills:

The teacher will Play a short video for students about the seasons.
The students to get up and the teacher will give them different cards and they should read
and stick the card with the appropriate season of the year.
The Teacher will give them a short quiz to make sure they understood the lesson.

Key vocabulary:



Possible problems for learners: Solutions to possible problems:

Students may not know the difference Differentiate the activities for students and give them
between the seasons of the yaer. more practice

Resources/equipment needed:





short quiz


& Time
At the Students will: Teacher will:
beginning for 5 they will have images that
minutes represents different seasons of She will stick 4 photos of winter,
the year and they have to stand spring, fall, summer.
up and stick the right picture
with the right season.
Main activities
& Time
Students will: Teacher will:
they have to connect what I’m listening activity where I will read a
At the middle of reading to the paper in-front of story for the children explaining the
the class for 15 them. time of the day.

Differentiation activities (Support)

Create three different activities based on the students’ level (same activity for different levels)

Differentiation activities (Stretch)

- first activity is a speaking activity.

- second activity is a listening activity.

(different activities for all levels)

& Time Plenary/Conclusion

Students will: Teacher will:

Last 15 minutes choose the correct answer. give them a short quiz to make sure
they understood the lesson.

Homework Students will draw a picture about the seasons of the year.
Strategies: I took the paper of the activity and correct it

☐ Observation ☐ Student self- ☐ Oral questioning ☐ Peer assessment


☐ Quiz ☐ Student presentation ☐ Written work and ☐ Verbal feedback