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Tujuan: Mengetahui Implementasi Just In Time di industri Manufacture melalui Penelitian Ilmiah

Journal Internasionl Just In Time

Industrial Engineering
No Penerbit
Narath Bhusiria *, Ali Gul Qureshia , Eiichi Taniguchia

2 Susanna C. Larsson, Alicja Wolk

3 Angela Shen, Olga Khavjou, Grant King

4 JianwenZhua, DaliangSua

Duarte Folgadoa,∗
, Marília Barandas a
, Ricardo Matias b,c
, Rodrigo Martins b
Miguel Carvalho d, Hugo Gamboa

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di industri Manufacture melalui Penelitian Ilmiah

Application of the Just-In-Time Concept in Urban Freight Transport

Sedentary leisure-time in relation to mortality and survival time

Provider time and costs to vaccinate adult patients: Impact of time

counseling without vaccination

Impact time and angle control guidance independent of time-to-go prediction

Time Alignment Measurement for Time Series dan open

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Latar Belakang Masalah
Success in the implementation of the franchise pattern has led to a significant
growth of the convenience store industry ever since.

Individuals with a sedentary leisure-time, defined as TV viewing and/or sitting reading >6

Amid provider reports of financial barriers as an impediment to adult immunization, this

study explores
the time and costs of vaccination in adult provider practice

A novel cruise guidance method that can meet the terminal latitude and longitude, time and

The comparison of time series have existed in the scenario of

sequence matching, subsequence searching, and motif detection.
Those challenges are intrinsically related to time series classification applied in several
contexts such as pattern recognition [1–4],
signal processing [5], shape detection [6], bioinformatics [7,8], human activity
recognition [9] and on-line handwritten signature validation [10].
Tujuan Penelitian
to search for a set of feasible routes, each of which is covered by a single delivery vehicle, to complete all customer
demands and to satisfy objectives of the JIT concept including minimization of cost, minimization of waste-inprocess, and mai

To examine the association between sedentary leisure-time and all-cause mortality and differences in survival time

Combining results from the time-motion study and the practice management survey, the median costs of vaccination remained
and $8 per vaccination, respectively, but was substantially higher for OBGYN practices at $43 per vaccination

The impact time and angle control guidance (ITACG) goal is achieved through two steps

We propose a novel measurement called Time Alignment Measurement,

which delivers similarity information on the temporal domain
Particularly focusing on routing perspective, incorporating the JIT concept was done by extending time
window constraints, and the underlying routing problem was then defined as the VRPSTWSPD, which has been
known as a novel extension to the well-known VRP.
The association between sedentary leisure-time and all-cause mortality was modified by age
with a more pronounced association in middle-aged (<60 years of age) than in older adults (≥60 years of
age) (p-interaction < 0.001)

patients who ultimately do not go on to receive a vaccine may be an important cost factor. Lower costs
of vaccination services may be achieved by increasing efficiencies in workflow or the volume of
Simulation results verify the effectiveness of the guidance method, as well as the adaptability to different initial conditions and

The results obtained also suggested that TAM is sensible to the

previous pairwise alignment and, therefore, a correct adjustment
of the α and δ parameters is required when using SW-DTW.