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2018 Media Highlights

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Responding to news and trends has
given us a lot of traction

How artificial intelligence is Inside The Wild Wild West of

changing card rewards, saving, Gift Card Bitcoin Brokering
spending and travel

In the future, AI will help you make the best decision “Another way [gift cards can lead to fruad] would be
on how to pay for an item based on the credit cards hacking accounts: People get the account numbers
and lines of credit you have available,” Martini said. and take the balance off them,” said Joyce Carter.

15 Credit Card Perks You The time is now for banks to

Didn’t Know Existed issue contactless cards

“Even if the infrastructure was there, I don’t think

that our FIs had a grasp of it, planning-wise,” Martini
Frequent fliers will be glad to hear about another said. “If merchants aren’t taking it, if consumers
one of these credit card perks. Some high-end credit don’t know how to use it, it is a waste of [investment]
cards reimburse the cardholder the cost of applying dollars early on.”
for the TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry programs,”
says Cyndie Martini.
Telling our story to our
established audience

Credit card service provider In 2018, Credit Unions Need

moves to Kent Card Controls: Their Members
Demand It

As consumer habits change and evolve, credit and

debit cards are often the most important connection
members have to their credit union. Our job is to make
sure that connection is secure, easy to navigate, and
a major benefit to members. We take pride in being
the best partner to credit unions,” Martini said.
“Ask Millennials and Gen Z’s the last time they set
foot in a physical credit union, and prepare yourself
for the blank stares. “You mean an actual bank?”
they ask with confusion. “Not an app?”
Does your credit union need
cardless cash access at the
ATM? Daily Journal of Commerce

Member Access Pacific

Seattle-based Member Access Pacific, an aggregator

of Visa card services for credit unions, changed its
name to Member Access Processing and moved its
“The day will come when in fact we all want to access headquarters from Tukwila to Kent. The company
cash via our cellphones, not a plastic card. This will serves more than 100 credit unions in 30 states.
be an evolutionary process,” Cyndie Martini said, Its new home is Suite 600 of Cascade Tower West,
“But that day is not here yet.” 20829 72nd Ave. S., Kent.
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Credit Card Signatures Are Credit Card Signatures Are

Disappearing: What You Need Going Away Should You Be
to Know Worried?

“A merchant can still require a cardholder to sign for a Martini says the best ways to keep your credit cards and
purchase. In other words, it’s an option for retailers to your identity safe are the same strategies you’ve used
impose a signature requirement,” Martini said. before, and that her firm suggests the same tips to stay
safe as the FTC.

Shopping for a new credit Contactless Card Transactions:

card? Don’t overlook smaller A Technology whose time has
banks come?
Consumer fears
hover over artificial
intelligence’s payments
By Cyndie Martini

“Smaller banks and credit unions have the advantage of “If you don’t see the value in tapping your card, it’s just
being able to personalize the rewards they provide,” says as easy to pull it out of your wallet and just as easy to do
Cyndie Martini. EMV, why would I care about the next level?” Martini said.