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Drew Hudson

Genres have many ways to describe their meaning. They are ways of reflecting on things
people do and situations they are put in. It is important to have a genre because it helps the
audience understand what the writing is going to be about. If someone is looking for a romance
book and the genre isn’t stated well and does not cover the topic of romance, they will be
disappointed. The work could be done well, but if it is not clear to the reader then it could not be
seen as good work. It does not just have to be one genre, but as long as they are easy to
understand, then it will create what the reader is looking for.
The writing process is steps that writers take to help better their work to the best of its
ability. It is important because it is the backbone to any writing. It helps the writer to choose a
topic that an audience can relate to. Then on top of that gets the ideas based around that topic to
come out and be explored. It also gives the writer a chance to edit and revise the work so that it is
the best possible writing that they can produce. This process will not only help the writer, but
help the reader because it creates better work.
A topic is something that a writer chooses to put ideas into and create anything for a
particular audience. Having a topic is important because nothing would make sense without it. It
is what the writer decides to write about and not having a topic means that there are no ideas. A
topic will help the readers understand what the writing is about and how they can relate to it. It is
just a broad part of the writers actual ideas. It is the base layer for gathering information to share
with the intended audience.
Angle is the perspective in which the writer shares their view on the topic they are
writing about. An angle is important to writing because it adds layers to an already existing topic.
It makes the information much deeper having more than one view. When a topic seems to be
getting not as interesting, having a new angle can change the way the reader sees the topic. Not
having to change the topic completely is also why it is important to writing. Getting the reader to
think more about the same topic, but different pespectives will keep theiur interest high.
Purpose is what the writer is trying to accomplish. Everything has a purpose, so its
importance is high to get the reader to see what it is the writer is thinking. There is a reason to
why the author decided to write about a certain topic and want the reader to think a certain way.
It is important to understand what the reader is going to get out of the writing. It should be either
persuading the reader or informing them about the information given. Either purpose depends on
the topic that the writer chose.
A thesis statement is a brief explanation on what is going to be talked about in the
writing. A thesis is important because it helps the reader understand what will be gone over in
the paper. There are multiple types of thesis statements that the writer could use, but it depends
on the topic. It goes over the main points of the writing and can help the reader have a better
understanding of what the purpose of the writing is. It is normally placed at the beginning of the
writing so that the reader does not have to read the whole thing to figure out the main points. Its
importance is to explain the main points of what is being stated in the writing.
Profiling readers is where the writer tries to understand and figure out what it is the
readers are looking for. It is important because the wrier can narrow down topics that will be
specific to that audience. It also helps with the expectations of the writing. If they are little kids,
then it should be about things they understand and like. As for adults, it will be based more on
topics they deal with. Depending on the topic, the writer can fill many desires for the readers by
profiling. It can change the whole attitude of the writng depending on what the audience is
looking for.
Analyzing context is where the readers can figure out what is going on in the writing. The
context explains what is happening in the story. It is important to analyze it because it can help
the reader picture the words. This creates a compelling story when the reader can see everything
happening in their head. It is how the readers make sense of the writing in their own way. They
might have a different point of view, so it is important to make known what it is that the writer
Reading critically is reading material and getting a deeper understanding for it. It is
important because there could be more than one meaning. There are strategies that can help with
reading critically. It is all about forming an opinion on what has been said. There is not one
answer to a problem, so dig deeper. Its importance to writing is high because of the opportunity
for a new perspective is always waiting.
Thinking analytically is the ability to think deeper into writing. It is important because it
is not just reading some words. It’s the ability to think about what has been said and create more
meanings to it. There is a difference when the reader can analyze what has been written and think
deeply on it. Its importance to writing and reading is huge because there can always be
something to be learned. Employing analytical thinking into reading and writing will make
understanding of text easier as there are more lessons found.