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LESSON TITLE: How to use Transitional Words and Body Language

Lesson #: 1

TEACHER NAME: Jaelyn Chuang DATE:4/12

Attach any handouts or materials required for this lesson.

ESL Course: Reading and
Speaking Level Beginning Intermediate Advanced Multilevel
Topic/Theme: Verbal and □ □ □ □
Nonverbal Communication
Power Boost
Listening - The students will be able to listen to the audio about power poses.
Objectives In the listening, there are transitional words and phrases within
the speech.
- In the last activity, they will be able to listen to other classmates
presenting information, using transitional words and phrases.
The student has listened and noticed what is important to write down key
information after each signal words stated in order to help them they
increase their understanding of the use of transitional words and build up
the schema of power pose passage knowledge.
Speaking - The students will be able to share their thoughts about the
information they have in small group work.
- Students will be able to use transition words, phrases, and
expressions to improve the flow of presentations and
- Students will be able to practice body language during speaking
Reading - The students will be able to read the article about power poses.
- Students will be able to work in a group to underline transitional
words used in the article.
- Students will be able to understand the main ideas and details of
the reading.
- - Students will be able to build up vocabulary related to body language
as well as transitional words and phrases.

Writing - The students will be able to use appropriate transitional words

and phrases to refer back to articles and videos that they read and
- The students will be able to write about their own personal
examples of transitional words and phrases during a free-write
What background knowledge Prior to this lesson, the students have read an article on and have
do the students already have? watched videos that are centered around Communication and
presentation techniques.

What will you do to activate I start my lesson by having the students notice transitional words and
or link students’ prior phrases used in sentences strips with the power pose knowledge to link
knowledge or experience to their understanding of the concept by giving them a visual sense of
upcoming content? transitions in context. Then, I ask students what is the difference
between those strips of the same contents in groups.
Engagement with New Material
What will you do to engage I introduce the topic of transitional words and phrase with a
students in the active learning presentation and class discussion. I also include Ted talk example of
of the new material? the body language of power poses an introductory article of power
poses to have student underline the transitional and have volunteers
What will you do to ensure The lesson includes many opportunities for student engagement during
that all students are engaged? pair-share activities, small-group work, individual free writing, and
class discussion. Students will share their thoughts in groups and I will
have them to share thoughts as a class to ensure that they are engaged.
What opportunities will you After modeling how to use transitional words and phrases. I will split
provide students to practice the class into groups. Each group has a list of transitional words and
and apply their phrase and must work together to fill transitionals into categories.
knowledge/skill to meet the Students must refer back to the reading and videos to answer the
objectives for this lesson? To questions of the reading.
apply to other contexts? -Students will have to write down traditionals to depict a figure that
they know about how they use power poses.
- Next, they will have to share their partner’s work in a speaking

How will you assess their I assess the students learning of the objectives by observing their
learning of the objectives? progress during group work, their group presentations, and their ability
to use transitional words and phrase to depict their own personal
-Students will match up transitionals with the right categories
individually in class and peer check as in a group (for homework if
time wasn’t sufficient.)
-Students will have to write down traditionals to depict a figure that
they know about how they use power poses.
- Next, they will have to share their partner’s work in a speaking

How will you help students I recap the original objectives by having students share their own
recap the learning and link it traditionals to depict a figure that they know about how they use power
back to the original purpose poses to expand the use of transitions in groups in writing and speaking
of the lesson? activities.
If applicable for your context I will integrate technology into my lesson with the use of Adobe that
and your lesson, how will you provides a lace and the prompts and directions of output activity
meaningfully integrate visually. Also it serves well a tool to present materials and directions to
technology into your lesson? help students stay on the right track.
Handout 1 :
Handout 2: Common Transitional Words & Phases

Directions: 1.Match the transitional words and phrases with its categories on the right.
2. Check with your partner after matching each word.

1. ____ furthermore, besides, A. To show a contrast between ideas


2. ____ however, on the contrary, B. To show the time sequence


3. ____ with the result that, so, C. To add to the previous point


4. ____ for instance, for example, D. To show a consequence or a result

to illustrate, to give an example,

5. ____ to give an explanation for E. To sum up the points

this, because of,

6. ____ next, then, after, at last, F. To illustrate a point or provide examples

before, first, second

7. ____ finally, therefore, G. To give reasons for something

Handout 3
Directions:1. Think of a famous person or someone you know in real life whose body
language makes them seem powerful. What do they do specifically? How do other people
react to them? You should write at least 8 sentences and include at least 3
transitional words and phrases in your writing.
2. Next, you will be presenting your partner's work by drawing or writing on
the big Post it in a group.

Quick Write Space: