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Increasing Productivity:-

Always tried to use less company resources and produce higher at a lower company cost.
Provide healthy environment which results in higher productivity. Right man at right place also
increases productivity.

Quality Orientation:-
Productivity should be according to the customer’s demand. Necessary to fulfill customer’s
demand. Quality should be kept in mind while production and tried to increase the quality at
every moment.

Customer Service and Orientation:-

Customer satisfaction should be there. Both internal and external customer’s should be
satisfied. Solves the customer’s problems at every point in a cheerful manner. Feedback of
customer’s should be kept in mind and work upon them according to their demands.

Result Orientation:-
Goals of the organization should be met. Focus on each and every goal of the company. Goals
of the company should be achieved in a profitable manner.

Honesty, punctuality, regular attendance, cooperation, coordination should be in each of the
worker’s and staff members as well. Work in a team to achieve company goals. Always shows
respect to their seniors and juniors as well.

Interpersonal Skills:-
Has good understanding skills, verbal and oral communication should be easily understood.
Lack of communication should be avoided. Communication should be in such a way that
everyone can understood easily.

Accountability and Responsibility:-

Should be ready to take responsibility towards the work of organization, results in good or
bad. Take responsibility to their shoulders and tried to do best towards company.