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MARCH 30, 2019


The National Service Training Program was also known as “An

Act Establishing the National Service Training Program (NSTP) for
Tertiary Level Students, Amending for the Purpose Republic Act
No. 7077 and Presidential Decree no. 1706, and for other
Purposes” or Republic Act No. 9163. It was signed into law in
January 23, 2002 amidst the various calls of dissenting sectors
for its abolition or reform.

This law mandated both male and female college students of any
baccalaureate degree course or technical vocational course in
public or private educational institutions are obliged to undergo
one of three program components for an academic period of two
It invoked the constitutional provision regarding the “duty of the
state to serve and protect its citizens,” specifically Article II
(Declaration of Principles and State Policies), Section 2, which
states that “The prime duty of the government is to serve and
protect the people. The government may call upon the people to
defend the state, and in fulfillment thereof, all citizens may be
required under conditions provided by law, to render personal
military or civil service”. This is the same principle that created
and sustained the Reserve Officers Training Corps.

The National Service Training Program or aims at enhancing civic

consciousness and defense preparedness in the youth by
developing the ethics of service and patriotism. Its various
components are specially designed to enhance the youth's active
contribution to the general welfare.

The goal of the law and of the program is to harness the strength
and capacity of the youth to contribute to nation-building, thus
the National Service Reserve Force was created to enlist CWTS
and LTS graduates which is also equivalent to the Citizen Armed
Force of the ROTC. In the event that the state will need people
for its civic and literacy activities, it will merely utilize the
personnel of the reserve force, the student volunteers the NSTP-
CWTS and the NSTP-LTS has produced. As with the need of the
Armed Forces for additional force for its defense campaigns, it
can easily use its body of reservists in the Reserve Command.

This program recognizes YOU -- your vital role in nation-building,

and the duty of the State to promote civic consciousness among
the youth, develop their physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual
and social well-being and shall inculcate in the youth patriotism,
nationalism, and advance their involvement in public and civic

But… let’s face the reality of NSTP, alam ko na karamihan sa atin

ngayon, hindi naman sa nilalahat ko, pero parang ganun na nga.
😊, nakikita ang NSTP bilang isang requirement lang ng ating
curriculum ayon sa batas at kailangang matapos para maka
graduate. Yung iba di naman talaga willing perdahil sa
requirement, naoobliga silang gumising ng umaga ng sabado.

Gusto kong sabihin sa inyo ngayon na ang NSTP ay isang subject

na may nais ituro sa ating lahat: na may mga taong
nangangailangan. May mga pamilyang handang tulungan at may
mga komunidad na naghihintay ng ayuda mula sa atin. Nais ituro
nito na ang bawat mamayan at may parte sa paglilingkod sa
bayan. Hindi lang bilang isang troll, keyboard warrior o nag-
rarant lang sa mga social media tungkol sa mga suliranin ng ating
bansa. Pinakita sa atin ng programang ito na hindi kailangangg
maging mayaman, at hindi hadlang ang kahirapan at hindi isang
pabigat ang pagiging magaaral upang makatulong at makagawa
ng Mabuti para sa kapwa. At ang kabutihang ito ay kailanman
hindi magbubunga ng masama kahit isang araw lang.

May magagawa tayo, at tayong mga kabataan ang

pinaniniwalaan at inaasahan na gagawa nito. Sa ating pagkilala
sa ating parte sa bansang ito, dito rin nagwawakas ang dugtong-
dugtong na kadena ng kurapsyon. Sapagkat dito natin
naramdaman ang pakiramdam at boses ng isang ordinaryong
Pilipino. Dito natin nasilayan ang bawat pagsubok na kinaharap
nila at kung papaano sila hikahos sa mga programa at serbisyo
ng pamahalaan.

But the sad thing is, not all of us were able to realize this. Some
of use take this subject for granted and disregarding the essence
of it. That’s why we cannot deny the legislative campaign of the
revival of a stricter and stiffer mandatory military training to the
men and women of youth because of the soft attack of the NSTP.
Because this principal author believes that the youth needs more
stricter and stiffer instructions to imbibe nationalism and
patriotism to us as we are defined as proud, naughty, easygoing
and not having the right attitude.

I am challenging all of you today to appreciate this program for

the last time and live with it. For the NSTP coordinators and
instructors, I am challenging you to create more programs,
immersions and activities not just to entice them, but to inspire
them on how to be an inspiration to others.

Volunteerism is a powerful means for bringing more people into

the fold. It has a ripple effect that inspires others and advances
growth and transformation hence the spirit of volunteerism is
the greatest of the heart’s habits. This concept is not about
charity; not about people taking pity on one another. It is a moral
imperative, not a pre-requisite; not because of coercion or profit
but recognizing a need and a willingness to take responsibility
for meeting that need. You can only do so much when you know
it’s coming from within.

No amount of paper and pencil or whatever paperwork can

perfectly document that personal connection you established
with them. Your volunteerism will live on more than the concrete
tiles, the freshly painted walls, the donated school materials,
water pipes, what else and what not. The memory of you within
them in their portable-accessible-documentary-tool called
‘heart’ will live forever and is kept treasured.

As a young registered social worker working with the

department of social welfare and development’s residential
facilities, I have seen different walks of life. I have children who
are abandoned, neglected and abused by their own families. I
have seen children who are treated at suspects in different
crimes, stigmatized, labeled, discriminated, but they are victims
in their own personal circumstances and immediate
environment. I chose this profession, although I am sure 80
percent of individuals in this hall today does not show the social
work profession, because this career sees differently in peoples.
This vocation believes in the inherent dignity and worth of all
man. It believes that every individual, groups, and communities
have a capability, capacity, motivation and opportunity for
change. And I am proud to be a social worker serving the
vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized sectors of the
Serve our motherland in your chosen field. It doesn’t mean that
you must be like me, a social worker or immerse yourself in
outreach programs and charitable works although is a good
venture. Rather, serve the nation by being a law-abiding citizen.
To cooperate with the government, to pay your taxes correctly,
and to be a responsible member of your family, community and
the society.

It’s been a great run NSTP batch 2018-2019. You did it. You are
finally graduating from NSTP and I’m sure someday we will
officially graduate from college perhaps not all on the same year
(4-year courses) (5-year courses) but hopefully at some point,
you will all be walking across that stage and handed your
diplomas at an event that has been years in the making and NSTP
took great part in that. Remember: you only graduated from
NSTP. I hope you never graduate from volunteering.
To end this speech, I want to leave to you this quote: “Volunteers
are not paid not because they are worthless, it’s because they
are priceless.” Let’s continue to live the spirit of volunteerism
and continue to see God in everyone. Congratulations