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Aprendiendo a vivir amar aprender y hacer

DANE: 205837000310
NIT: 900336684-5 Telefax: 8206063
Área : Humanidades Asignatura: inglés Grado : 8° Periodo: 1°
Docente: Víctor Gerardo Sánchez Mosquera Fecha: 21enero – 29 Marzo N° horas: 2 hora semanales
Escucha Lectura Escritura Monologo Conversación
1. I understand short and 1. I understand written 1. I describe with short 1. I can narrate or 1. I answer with short phrases to
simple messages related with directions for doing daily phrases people, describe in an easy easy questions about items
my environment and my personal and academic places, objects or facts way facts and that are familiar to me.
personal interests and activities. related with themes activities that are 2. I ask simple questions about
academics 2. I can get general and and situation that are familiar for me. themes that are familiar to
2. I understand the general specific information on a familiar for me. 2. I can present very me. Supported on gesture
idea in a description or narration short text written on easy 2. I complete basic briefly themes about and repetitions.
1. I understand basic language. personal information predictable and 3. I participate in daily
information about themes 3. I understand literary in format and easy learned items. communicative situations
related with my daily activities and academics texts about documents. 3. I give simple oral such as asking favors, apology
and my environment general interest written in 3. I give simple oral directions about and thank
2. I can understand questions an easy language. directions about school, family, and
and oral expressions that related school, family, and surrounding situations
to me, my family, my friends and surrounding situations
my environment.

Competencias : COMUNICATIVAS
Aprendiendo a vivir amar aprender y hacer
DANE: 205837000310
NIT: 900336684-5 Telefax: 8206063

Dba Objetivo Ejes temáticos Evidencias de Aprendizaje o desempeño Estrategias Recursos Instrumentos de
metodológicas evaluación
1. To express ideas Lexical Saber Saber hacer Saber ser Complete a work 1.English Provide
 Requests and about simple Human Actions sheet using an documents
• Identifies • Makes • Recognizes respectful
provides present tense audiovisual text
• Plant trees symptoms, previously his role in 2. and objective
using affirmative, that describes a
about negative and • Throw garbage parts of the prepared the television feedback of
community, the
experiences and questions, • Mining prevention 3. Audio
plans in a clear
body, and questions on persons that my peers’
related with • Agriculture of diseases. comprise it, their
and brief nationalities, the treatments in eating poster.
Environmental practices • Recognizes activities and their 4,
manner school and family a brief and disorders • Receive
 Explains in • Reducing carbon print negative impact on the computer
written form
• Recycle simple based on a health environment. 5.Cellphon feedback
2. To express ideas written text. defined from peers in
orally and • Waste practices. 2. Design an outline e.
written, about Expressions to describe • Identifies format. of what 6. Markers a thoughtful
situations and information is
facts in a
simple present human actions in the relevant • Explains 7. board way.
tense; using environment facts, specific and necessary to learn 8, piece of • Confirm
coherent and
affirmative, • Save the whales. about a papers.
simple manner details and expresses community, their
that the
 Recognizes negative and
• Recycling paper saves references. opinions on 9. poster has
specific questions, actions; how it will
related with time the trees in forest. • Recognizes eating be obtained and
Dictionary the necessary
information in
expressions • Using plastic bottles as organized. 10.English
short oral and the structure disorders outline and
written texts on used to talk planters is a good idea. 3. Investigate about application
about his /her of briefly and information.
topics of general Expressions to describe the activities of s
interest. environment. human actions in the information simply based persons, business, 11 mini • Evaluate
 Exchanges 3. To interchange questions. on a given industries of the that the
environment English labs
information information about • Identifies sample and sources used
• Save the whales. community 12.
about academic plans, projects
and general • Recycling paper saves basic with clear assigned and their beginning are pertinent
and preferences
interest topics, the trees in forest. descriptive pronunciatio impact or footprint English and true.
about items that
through simple are interested for in the environment.
• Using plastic bottles as structures. n. classrooms • Perform
conversations, me. 4. Represent
dialogues, and
planters is a good idea. • Recognizes • Presents an graphically the practice
4. To express ideas
role-plays Expressions to give an expressions eating information exercises of
about simple
Aprendiendo a vivir amar aprender y hacer
DANE: 205837000310
NIT: 900336684-5 Telefax: 8206063
 Makes present tense opinion of opinion, disorder obtained on the grammar and
recommendatio using affirmative, • I (really) think that … subject.
ns to people in
recommenda prevention vocabulary
negative and • I believe (that) … 5. Present his
his/her questions, tion. plan assigned community to the
orally and in
community related with • I’m sure that … • Identifies with clear writing.
class with help
about what to nationalities, the • In my opinion / My
do, when and
the stages of and simple from a poster. • Integrate
school and family opinion is … 6. Interact with
how, members.
the writing language. vocabulary
• I agree with … peers to complete a
 Makes brief process. • Prepares a and
presentations on • I guess/imagine … form that gathers
academic topics • I have no doubt that / • Identifies written and information on
structures in
related to I’m certain that … the sections simple report other communities my oral and
his/her school • I strongly believe that … of a report based on presented. written
environment or 7. Summarize the
Expressions to quote in a notes taken products.
text: and an positive and
 Expresses
• According to … negative human
emotions and established actions for the
feelings about a
situation or
sample environment in an
specific topic atlas of the human
related to footprint in the
his/her family or community.
school and 8. Create a list of
presents actions to reduce
supporting the human
reasons in a
clear and simple
 Briefly narrates
current facts,
daily situations
or personal
orally and in
written form