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Peed ate on IN KeNors Start Your Career TROOPER, with the Ilinois State Police = ¥ ), e In 1922, the first state police force in illinois emerged with a few leather helmet-clad men patrolling the highways on motorcycles. Today, the Iinois State Police is a multifaceted police agency enforcing the laws, protecting the public, and providing an array of specialty services to other law enforcement agencies, REQUIREMENTS: All applicants must have a valid driver's license, proof of U.S. citizenship and no felony convictions. OPTION I + Bachelor's Degree OPTION II + Applicants must have an Associates of Applied Sci- ence in Law Enforcement, an Associate of Science Degree, or 60 semester/90 quarter hours core course Assignment work. + Patrol + Applicants must also have completed 3 years ofcon- _—_* ‘Investigations ‘tinuous full-time service as a police officer with the + Crime Scene Investigator same police agency of 3 years of consecutive active | oie patra oa jotorcycle Patrol OPTION Ill eae + Applicants with an honorable discharge status in- ke cluding a service war campaign medal (see website + Air Patrol for listing). + Academy Instructor OPTION IV + Applicants with an honorable discharge who served _ Benefits: in a combat mission by proof of hostile fire pay or im- ; minent danger pay during deployment on active duty, * ald Vacation and Holidays or has sorved 3 years of full active and continuous + Full Medical Coverage military duty and received an honorable discharge. acciuibndeoncch Apply Online Today at *+ Diverse Opportunities www. illinoistrooper.com or Integrity Service Pride The Illinois State Police is an Cs cn uae eg Equel Opporunky Employer [dette Pty ha te Sth is CaO