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Rhetorical Analysis - Internet of Things

Ricardo A. Lopez Iglesias

The University of Texas at El Paso


Rhetorical Analysis on Internet of Things

Imagine a world where every electronic device could be controlled through the internet.

The magical world of multi connectivity, where every single smart device at your home could be

remotely controlled, programmed or scheduled to work whenever you want or whoever you

want. Simple applications as manipulating your lights or as complex as controlling your vehicle.

That is the complicated idea behind the Internet of Things, commonly known as IoT. On the

subject of the IoT, lets create a thorough rhetorical analysis on the video called “Like a Bosh”

created by the worldwide recognized company Bosh Global. The company introduced their

applications regarding the Internet of Things to the public. The way to deliver the message is

through a parody of the song “Like a Boss” by The Lonely Island, a group of famous comedians.

The practice of the three known textual appeals, “to the authority of the rhetor (ethos), to the

emotions or “stages of life” of audience (pathos), and to the systems of reasoning (logos)”

(Covino, Jolliffe, 1995, p.15) could be analyzed throughout the entire video. For the purpose of

this analysis lets thoroughly look into the implementation of each textual appeal within the video


To begin with, the understanding that the topic of IoT pertains to everybody is necessary.

In this modern days, people of all ages are using smart devices. For example, proof of the wide

variety of users regardless of their age, race or religion is observed in these two YouTube videos.

“Mom catches 6-year-old son using Alexa to cheat on homework” where the tittle of the video

describes how a six-year-old kid utilizes a smart device. Alexa is a device used for home multi

connectivity through the internet. On the other hand, in the video “Italian grandmother learning

to use Google home” an eighty-five-year-old lady is learning how to use the smart device.

Google home is a similar device as Alexa developed by a competitor. With this being said, is

safe to mention how the targeted audience for the “like a Bosh” video commercial is widely

aimed towards an open public.

Let’s begin by looking into Bosh Global background, “Bosh was founded in 1886 by

Robert Bosh in Stuttgart as “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering”, a

company characterized by innovative strength and social commitment” (Bosh, 2019). Bosh

managed to constantly stay in the continuous development of new technologies and nowadays,

the Bosh Group “is a leading global supplier of technology and services” (Ankit, 2016) with a

presence in more than 60 countries. This provides an appeal to ethos, due to the consideration of

their credentials and authority in the industry. Moreover, their credibility in the industry assures a

considerable amount of credibility in the video itself. understanding it is a commercial where

Bosh is using marketing strategies to promote their IoT applications, we can still trust and be

confident of the quality of their products thanks to the company’s history.

Regarding the marketing strategies implemented through the whole video, it is almost

obvious to observe the approach to the following textual appeal, which appeals to pathos. A very

clear example, the use of the parody of the song “Like a boss” by The Lonely Island (ft. Seth

Rogan) which is already funny in its original version, the implementation of a parody of the song

itself and approaching comedy throughout the entirety duration of the commercial, completely

involving the audience to remain and watch the complete video, In addition to the humorous

song we can also imply how the creators of the video maintain a humorous profile by simply

observing the comic performance of the actor in this commercial, keeping you entertain by doing

simple day-to-day activities such as getting in a car, eating breakfast, or as simple as waking up,

all this in a surreal manner by using Bosh Global Internet of Thins applications, with that being

said, we can observe a strong approach to the mentioned textual appeal, almost grasping into the


Lastly, lets introduce the textual appeal logos, which refers more towards facts, statistic,

using the logic of the audience to create the ability of delivering a message in a rhetorical

demeanor, which in this specific case is not so obvious, at least not if a rigorous attention to

detail is not applied, with this being said, by analyzing the video commercial we can observe that

Bosh is aiming to the audience’s logical pursue of comfort and happiness, allowing the public to

observe unlimited amount of possibilities by utilizing all of their futuristic and not so futuristic

applications, devices, and new technologies. In other words, Bosh addresses to the “powers of

reasoning” (Covino, Jolliffe, 1995, p.17), by delivering in an enthusiastic manner what would

seem to be a better life, full of comfort and a sense of power by utilizing their products, by

proving you with a picture of how your life could be transformed should you obtain their


In conclusion, by analyzing the video commercial that Bosh released at the beginning of

the present year, used to promote their involvement in the new technology known as the Internet

of Things, we can break down rhetorically speaking into the three appeals, discovering the blast

appeal to pathos by trying to cover each part of the video with a humorous performance, from

the music to the actor’s development, while we can observe and actually hear the credentials that

the name Bosh puts in place by simply mentioning the company’s name over and over

throughout the entire video. In contrast you could have a hard time trying to identify the

approach the creators of the video gave to Logos, since the video doesn’t make an obvious

remark on the logic behind this advertisement, nonetheless there is still an approach by

demonstrating that it is logical to obtain their products giving you the idea that is only logical to

live your life “Like a Bosh”.



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