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April 29, 1985 • 17:30

Medias, 46°10' N 24°22' E

Astrology Report

( for the birth time 17:30 )

Sun in Taurus
Here is great patience, able to respond to the world and
to build upon what is already there and happening. You
are willing to listen to others, take cues, and then reflect
and build upon that information. Others find you gentle,
steady, and, for the most part, kind. You take things in
and provide an environment to bring them forth. You
make "fertile" your field. A ready ear.

Sun in 8th house

What you see is what you get is not enough for you. You
want more than appearances and are willing to dig down
to get at the heart of things. You work through all that is
superficial, no matter what kind of personal sacrifice is

Moon in Leo
You are gregarious, even to the point of bringing out the
performer in others. You somehow always manage to
find a creative environment or the creative in any
environment. You are great with kids and big on
animals, sports, and the outdoors. You are an instant
umbrella of warmth, friendship, and self-expression.

Moon in 11th house

You need to be part of a group and draw strength and
encouragement from your friends and acquaintances.
Working with others, especially on community or
humanitarian efforts, is perfect for you. You grow
through making ideals real.

Mercury in Aries
You have a sharp tongue and a quick wit. You speak
first, then think afterwards. Not subtle or complex, you
are direct, simple, and to the point. An independent
thinker, you would rather speak than listen.
Argumentative too. You are impulsive when it comes to
communicating, and may use strong words.

Mercury in 7th house

You love to communicate and discuss ideas with other
people. Your ideas are always fair and impartial,
especially when it comes to other people, the social
scene. You are at your mental best when you are
communicating with others.

Venus in Aries
You exhibit great appreciation, intense love, and always
wear your heart on your sleeve - always! Not too
sensitive with others, you tend to be rough and ready
and can sometimes demand a lot of attention. Shy
flowers, stand back! You are independent and single-
minded, demonstrative and loving.

Venus in 6th house

You like to do things with care and enjoy being
discriminating and exact. Your critical faculties are
excellent, and you can always pick out what is worth
saving and what is not. You appreciate a caring attitude
and are service-oriented.

Mars in Gemini
You have an inner need for communication of all kinds
and may have too many irons in the fire at times. You
can be all over the place, always trying to make one
more connection. Speaking and writing are naturals. You
have a need for lots of variety, a change of pace.
Arguments. Mental energy.

Mars in 8th house

Not content with appearances, you are driven to reduce
everything to the bare essentials. This compelling urge
for integrity and contempt for the superficial may offend

Jupiter in Aquarius
A true progressive, especially in community or group
work, you are democratic to the point of being radical -
an idealist. You are cool and impersonal when it comes
to being fair or just, with a great interest in new trends
and world affairs. You are future-oriented. Application-

Jupiter in 5th house

You could be successful working with creativity and self-
expression through the arts and theatre, in sports, or
with the ultimate self-expression, children. You may find
yourself a guide and teacher to others when it comes to
these matters.

Saturn in Scorpio
The test of Saturn in Scorpio is learning to control your
desires, until you do, pain will purify them.

Saturn in 2nd house

You could be frugal when it comes to possessions,
always limiting your purchases to what is essential and
has value. This same theme carries through in your
response to people. You don't tend to lavish affection or
sentiment. You keep it short and simple.

Uranus in Sagittarius
You have new philosophies, ideas for the future and new
approaches to travel and exploration (of all kinds). Long
journeys interest you. You may startle others with your
direct conversations, always getting right to the point.
You enjoy being alone, free, and on the move. The
original optimist.

Uranus in 3rd house

You have real insight when it comes to anything
connected to research, study, and the world of ideas.
Your independent mental approach to problem-solving
and communication finds you coming up with
connections that are new and different.

Neptune in Capricorn
The practical is the ideal. Form follows function. You
have a dream of being in control - the puppetmaster.
You are interested in tradition and tend to be dignified
and conservative. You believe in an orderly society led
by benevolent monarchs - those who can see what to

Neptune in 3rd house

You tend to be imaginative and unconcerned with facts
and figures. Instead, ideas and writing of a mystical or
poetic nature appeal. Research into religious or idealistic
subjects is indicated.

Pluto in Scorpio
You tear through appearances in an effort to get
beneath, behind, and at the heart or essence. You may
find psychology, initiation, and mysticism, and the occult
of great interest. Intense personal change and inner
growth are lifelong habits.

Pluto in 2nd house

You could be a terrific business person, as you have an
ability to get past the surface of things and separate out
that which has real worth. In the area of possessions or
material goods you will go through a lot of changes and
learn a lot.

Libra Ascendant
A Libra Ascendant endows you with a courteous, kind,
honest and sensitive disposition and a strong sense of
justice. You strive for the beautiful and more refined
things of life and will evade unpleasantness at all costs.
Your feelings and affections are strongly developed and
are likely to play an important part in your life. You are
able to make many friends and associate easily with
other people. You have a refined mind with a fondness of
beauty and orderliness. A cultivated taste for music,
painting and other artistic pursuits is also suggested.
Your surroundings influence you very much and you are
not happy unless they are elegant and harmonious. You
will be less fortunate it you live alone or dissociate
yourself from others. Your mind is capable of
considerable cultivation especially in connection with the
more imaginative and idealistic subjects, but you have
more intuition than reason, and emotion and affection
mean more to you than cold intellect. You can be rather
fickle and changeable, your likes and dislikes vary a
good deal, and your ideas change with your moods.
Companionship, friendship, partnership, association, and
marriage are the keynotes of your nature, and you will
not attain your full potential without them. Apathy, lack
of perseverance and emotional fragility are the dangers.
Occasionally, good music, rest and seclusion are needed
to restore your inner equilibrium. Qualities lacking to
some degree, which may be found in your partner are
will-power, daring, assertiveness and courage.

2nd House Cusp in Scorpio

You are resourceful and energetic in your means of
making money. You have the ability to transform
worthless materials into something of real value. You
spend the money earned from your inventiveness and
ingenuity at a rapid rate. Nevertheless, you are more
concerned that your possessions have aesthetic than
monetary value. Your partners often provide the money
for elegant objects to satisfy your taste. However, you
are ready to share these possessions with your partners,
as well as your friends.

3rd House Cusp in Sagittarius

You are philosophic and visionary in the expression of
your thoughts and ideas. You are concerned with religion
and social values and esteem ideas in terms of your
usefulness in the larger social order. You are generous
toward brothers, sisters, and neighbors, even though
you may be separated from them. Many times your
short trips, whether mental or physical, take you to
places you have not previously visited. You frequently
receive messages from and communicate with people in
faraway places.

Capricorn Nadir
Since you want everything in its proper place, you are
great disciplinarians and household organizers. Yet
nothing is ever systematized to your satisfaction. Much
work and responsibility are concentrated in the home.
Although your families tend to be conservative and
austere, it is important to them that your homes he
recognized as contributing to the life of the community.

5th House Cusp in Aquarius

You like exciting and singular loves. A great source of
pleasure comes from the study of unique things, friends,
and group activities. Your children are a peculiar mixture
of originality and mental discipline, but your children's
bodies are not always as strong as the will that is
expressed through them. In art and the theater,
structure is especially important to you, and you enjoy
pieces that are both unusual and dramatic.

6th House Cusp in Pisces

In matters of work and service, circumstances require
unselfish devotion from you. You are sympathetic to co-
workers and employees. Sometimes, however, you
assume more work than you can effectively handle,
thereby creating confusion and problems. You may
become hypochondriacs if you are looking for an escape
from your professional responsibilities. Your health is
contingent upon your emotional state of being.

Aries Descendant
You can be aggressive in order to gain the cooperation
and attention of others. You also have the power to
motivate other people into action without your being
aware of it. Your partners must understand that if you
want peace you must maintain a high activity level and
work hard.

8th House Cusp in Taurus

You will cooperate to help your partners cam money, but
your love of beauty makes them prone to spend it on
adornment. You also have the power to generate wealth
from sources that are unknown to others.

9th House Cusp in Gemini

You demand that religion and philosophy be practical in
application and logically comprehensible. You like to
write about and discuss these matters. There are
numerous comings and goings in relation to religious

Cancer Midheaven
This placing indicates that your career or area of
responsibility in the world relates more to home and
family concerns. Much work is required to overcome
emotional inhibitions, early conditioning and irrational
fears. Emotional security and self-acceptance will
eventually come from a true knowledge of self and an
ability to focus inwardly, away from the emotional and
financial dependency of others. You enjoy cooking,
restaurants and all places where food is prepared or
served. Your profession may involve real estate,
catering, building projects, the manufacture of domestic
products, any work that deals with fluids, or a business
working from the home.

11th House Cusp in Leo

An external source of strength and security must be
established. Therefore, you cultivate friendships with
influential people of genius and creativity, since your
own creative self-expression is often linked with these

12th House Cusp in Virgo

You tend to bring about your own downfall by excessive
worry and nagging about trivial points. Your hidden
support, however, is your ability to devote meticulous
attention to secondary details that others may well
overlook. The substratum of your endeavors is well
planned and organized.

Moon Square Saturn

You have difficulty controlling your emotions, and this
often results in flare-ups with others, especially family or
those closest to you. This could cost you much-needed
support and intimacy. Your tendency to get harsh, both
with yourself and with those around you, may mean that
you spend a lot of time alone. You have a tendency to
spoil your own nest. Your many responsibilities and
obligations may keep you away from those who would
offer you much-needed support.

Moon Sesquiquadrate Mercury

You say things you don't mean, and you don't always
mean what you manage to say. Your feelings often run
counter to what you think or communicate, and you are
not at your best when things get emotional. What you
say may evoke emotions from others.

Mercury Sextile Jupiter

Good ability to "get the picture" (the gist of things) and
to communicate this to others. In fact, helping others to
find their way through life (for example via vocational
counseling) is indicated. Religious ideas and concepts
are natural.

Venus Conjunct Descendant

You love other people, large and small groups, and
relationships in general. Your social life could be at the
expense of your personal interests and even of your
family or job.

Venus Square Neptune

Your value system has little room for the mystical, much
less whatever the psychics are talking about. When
these things crop up, you cut them off early on. Your
position is simple: dreams, images, spiritual thoughts,
and what-not are just not your cup of tea. You don't care
for them. And yet, this whole subject fascinates you.
There is a siren-like quality to all of this, calling and
luring you. Sooner or later, this must be worked

Jupiter Sextile Uranus

Unusual occupations. Hate the everyday and the rut.
Instead, always finding ways to break through or away
from what hems you in. Value independence, personal
freedom; insist upon and exist on the wildfire at the
fringe or very front edge of life.

Uranus Semisquare Pluto

our sense of originality and insight does not go so far as
to inquire into areas of psychological sensitivity and
vulnerability, which you tend to leave alone. This can
produce tension to the degree that you possess a need
for inner growth and change.

Neptune Sextile Pluto

A searing vision that cuts through what passes for
conventional religion. A vision of the endless process of
life ever being born afresh. Great acceptance and faith in
the natural process and next generation. Love of
children and animals.

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