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● What problem I have over came

Do all my work and pass my classes.

● Who or what will you miss most in the years ahead?
I will miss all my coaches, Mr. Gutierrez, my friends and the wrestling girls .
● Of which accomplishments are you most proud?
Begin one match away to go to states and making it as far as I did only in 2 years.
● What are you most looking forward to in your future?
I am looking for to travel and seeing new places.
● What is your biggest regret over the last four years?
Probably not doing my best and not going wrestling since freshman year.
● What favorite memories will you take with you?
Going to tournaments with all of the girls.
● To whom or to what specifically do you want to say goodbye (this can be more than one
To all my teammates and friends and teacher.
● What was your favorite thing about high school?
It Would probably be wrestling
● What was your least favorite thing about high school?
Showing up to school
● Who are the people who have most influenced you (staff, friends, coaches, teachers, counselors,
Coach Petty, Coach Holman, Coach Flores, Coach Jackie, Coach Gomez, Mr. Gutierrez, my
teammates, my family and friends.
¨Once you've wrestled everything in life is
easy¨ - Don Gable