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Religious Extremism

Religious Freedom or Extremism

Shahlo Tohirova

12th ELA Social Justice

Mr. Janosch


Religious and Extremism

Religious group fastest growing in the world, as well as, Muslims. Regional migration of

Muslims combined and growth impact of the Islamic State. (M.Lipka) Religious extremist and

terrorist organizations are aware that they are trying to mislead people from the path of guidance by

misinterpretation of some of the ideas and principles of Islamic teachings. The issue of the

lawfulness of such a movement is not explicitly stated by them, since they only rely on the Shari'a

(which in their narrow interpretation) and consider themselves to be overthrowing the ruler who has

abandoned Islam. The "subtle" aspect of Islamic extremism is based on its "religion" (not on true

religion). The leaders of the group are so influencing the minds of their subordinates that they are

ready to sacrifice themselves for being "martyrs" or "kamikadze" for a specific purpose. According

to the "theory" of extremist groups, most of the Muslims who claim to be Muslims are not actually

Muslims, and in general, all states are opposed to Islam. Thus, the purpose is to establish an Islamic

state and to completely demoralize society.


Whatever the name of terrorism and extremism is, the ultimate goal is to come to power by

forming militant groups.

“Takhir Yuldashev, the Namangan religious leader who fled the country in 1993, charged

with a series of charges of extremism, radicalism and terrorism in Uzbekistan” ( RFE/RL. )

They think that they are only "true Muslims", when they come to power, to think of a crucial

and aggressive effort to establish a future "Islamic order". This is the basis of open terrorism and

extremism. In fact, the idea of extremism is not to restore religious values. On the contrary, using

religion as a charming idea, creating religious and interethnic conflicts, and ultimately obtaining

power by masking its greedy aims.

“Members of the organization gathered in Andizhan on May 12-13, 2005, organized a police

patrol, a military unit and an armed attack on a prison. The guns were distributed to members of the

organization and prisoners.

For two days, gunfire executives have been involved in killing, violence, assassination, and

destruction of public and private property. On May 15, most of the Akromians escaped to the

territory of Kyrgyzstan by using hostages as a live shield.” (A.Jurayev)

Those who did not abandon their ambitious goals had a negative impact on their socio-

political situation in Uzbekistan.


In order to maintain the peace and stability of the states and peoples, it is necessary to

combat and destroy the destructive forces of different destructive forces. For that, people need to

enrich their minds with good ideas, objective science, and theoretical knowledge.

From the ideological point of view, religious extremism denies any other ideas. They try to

force others to take their ideological and religious views seriously.

Today, there are cases of misapplication of income in Arab oil production and the

emergence of strategic goals and objectives of developed western countries, with the financial

support of religious extremist and terrorist organizations.

The fear that the world's population is threatened by extremist and terrorist attacks could be

justified by the large number of casualties and damage caused by new technologies and the

destruction of buildings. Any conscious person should not forget that violence can have a negative

impact on the socio-economic development of public administration along with the state's political

order. In the recent past, religious extremism and terrorist attacks have led to the attacks of Northern

Ireland, US, Russia, Kenya, Tanzania, Japan, Argentina, India, Pakistan, Algeria, Israel, Egypt,

Turkey, Albania, Yugoslavia, Colombia, Iran, Tajikistan, and in Uzbekistan, we can see how many

people are being sacrificed and material damages.

“In a final statement released on May 27, the United States, Canada, Britain, Italy, Germany,

France and Japan agreed to fight against global threats, including threats to international peace.” (


It was emphasized that large organizations and states such as the United States, NATO and

Russia needed to be united in the internal problems of other countries, but united in the fight against

horrendous ideas. It is said that the problems of a country can not be solved by armed military

action. It is essential to resolve problems without resorting to intervention and rational use of the

state in a peaceful manner.

“In a final statement released on May 27, the United States, Canada, Britain, Italy, Germany,

France and Japan agreed to fight against global threats, including threats to international peace.”

(RFE/RL. )

To investigate the tragic events and their underlying causes, to help prevent the G7 in the

future, in the future, of such abuses.

All human high ideals, truth, truth and justice are based on religious consciousness. This is

also true of Islam. The vital principles of Islam are to seek knowledge, to do good, to benefit the

country, to encourage and to give charity, to mislead evil, to be honest, and many spiritual values,

such as not betraying someone else's rights. The broader propagation of the essence and essence of

the Islamic religion and the noble ideas of Islamic culture has not lost its relevance to the younger


Peace, harmony, and sustainability in our political life are the greatest achievement of man,

and it gives all of us the opportunity to focus our attention on the successful conduct of radical

reforms. Therefore, it is our duty to maintain that stability, to preserve peace, to establish a solid

foundation for them and to be vigilant.


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