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Wire Description

Wire Wire Schematic Machine Schematic Machine RENR7297

Wire Color Description Wire Color Description Component Component
Number Number Location Location Location Location October 2005
Power Circuits Accessory Circuits (Continued) Actuator - Engine Governor D-18 B-6 Resistor - Can #1 (PLJ) B-10 D-24
101 RD Bat (+) (Not Application Specific) A580 BR Wiper Motor Air Suspension (ATCH) L-4 C-7 Resistor - Can #2 C-11 D-21
103 RD Dome Lamp, Service Meter A581 GN Wiper Motor Raise Alarm - Action E-1 C-2 Resistor #2 D-6 C-52
105 RD Key Switch A582 PU Wiper Motor Stop Alarm - Travel (ATCH) A-15 B-2 Sender - Coolant Temperature E-18 B-12
108 RD Heater Breaker A584 BU Front Window Limit Switch To Wiper Control Alternator E-18 B-1 Sender - Hydraulic Temperature A-15 B-13
109 RD Alt Output (+) Term. A586 OR Switch Panel To Wiper Control Antenna L-18 B-38 Sensor - AIH Coolant Temperature E-18 B-14
110 RD Timer Relay A588 GN Neutral Start Limit Switch Assembly - Block G-12 D-6 Sensor - Boom Cylinder Head Press.(ATCH) B-9 A-8
112 PU Main Power Relay Output C560 OR Auxiliary Speaker Aux. Pedal LH (ATCH) L-18 C-8 Sensor - Boom Cylinder Rod Press.(ATCH) B-9 A-9
113 OR Switch Panel (B+) C566 PK Auxiliary Speaker (Common) Base - Fuse G-8 C-30 Sensor - Engine Speed Pickup G-18 A-4
114 RD Warning Horn (Forward) Relay C569 YL Converter #2 Power Output Battery - Front H-17 D-4 Sensor - Fuel Level A-15 B-15
115 RD Cab Lamp Relay E554 PK A/C Unit To A/C Clutch Solenoid Battery - Rear H-18 D-5 Sensor - O.L.W.D. Pressure (ATCH) B-9 A-10
118 GY Wiper Control Lighting Circuits Battery - (Front) (ATCH) H-17 D-1 Sensor - Pump #1 Pressure B-18 B-16
120 YL +24V Battery In (Converter #1) 603 PK Beacon Relay 17 Battery - (Rear) (ATCH) H-18 D-2 Sensor - Pump #2 Pressure A-18 B-17
2 Breaker - Alternator H-11 D-8 Sensor - Viscus Clutch Temperature (ATCH) L-14 B-40
123 WH Seat Heater Switch (ATCH) 607 PK Chassis Lamp
18 Breaker - Heater G-11 D-9 Sensor - Water Separator Level #1 (ATCH) K-14 B-31
124 GN A/C Unit 615 YL Cab Flood Lamp
127 OR Air Suspension (ATCH) 616 BU Boom Flood Lamp Breaker - Main H-11 D-10 Sensor - Water Separator Level #2 (ATCH) K-14 B-41
15 16
129 BU Cigar Lighter 638 WH Beacon Relay 19 Buss Bar H-11 D-3 Service Meter E-1 C-33
135 BU +12V Battery Out (Converter #1) 645 RD Boom Lamp Relay 12 11 Clutch - Viscus Clutch (ATCH) L-14 B-39 Socket - 12V 7A Socket A (ATCH) E-6 C-5
139 OR Radio (ATCH) 646 RD Lamp Delay Timer 1 Coil - Exciter (ATCH) J-1 C-12 Socket - 12V 7A Socket B (ATCH) E-6 C-6
9 13
141 RD Aux Ckt 684 RD Cab Lamp Relay Control - Engine ECM F-11 D-14 Solenoid - 1P/2P Change #1 (ATCH) B-18 B-21
142 RD Aux Ckt A623 BU Chassis Lamp Relay Control - Heater G-10 C-31 Solenoid - 1P/2P Change #2 (ATCH) C-18 B-22
143 BR Caution Lamp Relay Control Circuits Control - PLJ ECM K-18 D-17 Solenoid - A/C Clutch E-18 B-20
7 20
147 PU Travel Alarm Relay 763 BU Travel Speed Solenoid 5 Control - Wiper C-1 C-88 Solenoid - Boom Up (ATCH) L-9 C-53
149 RD Boom Lamp Relay 780 PU Quick Coupler Solenoid Converter - 12V 7A Converter #1(ATCH) K-3 C-3 Solenoid - Bucket Lock (ATCH) L-9 C-54
3 8 Converter - 12V 7A Converter #2 (ATCH) K-3 C-4 Solenoid - Double Action (ATCH) B-18 B-23
152 BU Under Window Limit Switch 788 YL Engine Speed Pickup Sensor
Neutral Start Relay Coil
Chassis Lamp Relay
Hydraulic Lock Diode
AIH Coolant Temperature Sensor
10 Converter - Radio
Diode - ACC
Diode - AIH
Solenoid - Fine Swing
Solenoid - Flow Limit (ATCH)
Solenoid - Heavy Lift (ATCH)
320D Excavator
Electrical System
165 YL Caution Lamp Relay A755 PK Throttle Position Switch #1
168 RD Refueling Power Relay A756 BU Throttle Position Switch #2 Diode - AIH #2 I-12 D-12 Solenoid - Hydraulic Lock A-12 A-13
169 PK Backup EPR Valve Switch A757 GY Throttle Position Switch #3 Diode - Hydraulic Lock J-5 C-23 Solenoid - Power Shift Pressure A-18 B-26
172 RD PLJ (ECM) Battery+ A758 BR Throttle Position Switch #4 Diode - Lamp G-9 C-24 Solenoid - Quick Coupler (ATCH) I-17 B-25
175 RD A/C Unit A760 GY +5v Supply (Machine ECM) Diode - Main Relay
Diode - Power Relay (ATCH)
Solenoid - Single Action #1 (ATCH)
Solenoid - Single Action #2 (ATCH)
177 RD Main Breaker A762 PU Engine Speed Pickup Sensor
179 BU +24V Battery In (Converter #2) A768 BU Power Shift Pressure Solenoid Diode - Start Relay H-12 D-13 Solenoid - Stick Out Stop (ATCH) L-9 C-55 CXY1-UP
180 GN Aux Ckt A769 GY Power Shift Pressure Solenoid Diode #1 K-9 C-26 Solenoid - Swing Brake A-12 A-14
184 RD Machine (ECM) Battery+ A770 PK Backup EPR Valve Switch Diode #2 K-9 C-27 Solenoid - Travel Speed A-12 A-15
189 RD Timer Relay E787 PK Bucket Lock Solenoid Diode #3 K-9 C-28 Solenoid - Travel Straight A-12 B-27
199 OR Beacon Relay F772 WH Crane Backup Switch Group - Block G-18 D-7 Speaker (LH) G-3 C-56
Ground Circuits F773 OR Backup Governor Switch Heater - Air G-18 A-1 Speaker (RH) H-3 C-57
200 BK Main Chassis F774 WH Backup Governor Switch Heater - Seat (ATCH) I-3 C-19 Switch - Air Cleaner K-14 A-16
210 BK Converter #1 (24/12 Volt) G723 YL Heavy Lift Solenoid Horn - Forward Warning (LH) B-7 A-5 Switch - Aux. Pump Pressure (ATCH) L-1 C-58
229 BK Converter #2 (24/12 Volt) H746 YL Fan Control Solenoid (+) Horn - Forward Warning (RH) B-7 A-18 Switch - Backup Crane (ATCH) I-1 C-59
235 BK Machine ECM H747 BR Fan Control Solenoid (-) Joystick LH (3 Sw) (ATCH) L-2 C-14 Switch - Backup EPR Valve I-3 C-75
A209 BK Machine ECM (Analog Return) K776 GN Alternator (L) Terminal Joystick LH (ATCH) K-2 C-13 Switch - Backup Governor I-3 C-76
Basic Machine Circuits M736 BU Engine Governor Actuator Joystick RH (3 Sw) (ATCH) J-1 C-16 Switch - Boom Raise Pressure (ATCH) B-12 B-28
304 WH Starter Relay No. 1 Output M737 WH Flow Limit Solenoid Joystick RH (ATCH) J-1 C-15 Switch - Bucket Extend Pressure (ATCH) B-12 B-29
306 GN Starter Relay Coil To Neutral Start Switch M739 YL Flow Limit Solenoid Return Keyreader - MSS (ATCH) J-2 C-17 Switch - Coolant Level K-14 A-17
307 OR Neutral Start Switch To Key Switch M740 PK Travel Straight Solenoid Lamp - Boom Lamp (LH) (ATCH) B-7 A-2 Switch - Crane Cancel (ATCH) B-5 C-60
308 YL Main Power Relay Coil M744 WH Smart Boom Select Switch Lamp - Boom Lamp (RH) (ATCH) B-7 B-3 Switch - Disconnect G-12 D-23
Alternator (R) Terminal
Heater Control To Heater Relay
Smart Boom Select Switch
Smart Boom Select Switch
AREA A Lamp - Cab Lamp (LH) (ATCH)
Lamp - Cab Lamp (RH) (ATCH)
Switch - Engine Oil Level
Switch - Engine Oil Pressure
320 RD Horn Relay Coil To Horn Switch M751 YL Crane Cancel Switch Lamp - Caution (ATCH) C-10 B-4 Switch - Fine Swing Control (ATCH) B-2 C-61
321 BR Travel Alarm Relay To Travel Alarm M755 OR Bucket Extend Pressure Switch Lamp - Chassis A-8 A-3 Switch - Foot L-1 C-62
322 GY Warning Horn (Forward) To Horn Relay N789 BU Viscus Clutch Temperature Sensor Lamp - Dome G-1 C-29 Switch - Hammer Return Filter (ATCH) J-17 D-22
323 WH Refueling Pump To Refueling Relay N793 GN Foot Pedal Switch Lighter - Cigar E-2 C-21 Switch - High Pressure (ATCH) K-1 C-63
325 PK Refueling Stop Switch (ATCH) N794 GY Auxiliary Pedal (LH) Monitor F-1 C-34 Switch - Horn K-3 C-77
326 RD Key Switch 'C' Terminal N795 WH Auxiliary Pedal (RH) Motor - Lower Washer (ATCH) F-11 D-15 Switch - Hydraulic Oil Filter A-15 B-34
329 YL Refueling Relay To Refueling Stop Relay R725 WH Switch Panel Motor - Lower Wiper (ATCH) K-1 C-36 Switch - Hydraulic Oil Pressure A-15 B-35
330 YL Start Control Relay To Heater Control T725 WH Switch Panel Motor - Starter G-18 B-8 Switch - Implement Pressure K-3 C-78
331 OR Travel Alarm Relay To Switch Panel X738 PK Hammer Return Filter Switch Motor - Washer G-11 D-16 Switch - Key I-1 C-79
365 YL Refueling Pump To Refueling Relay X794 BU Stick Out Stop Solenoid Motor - Wiper D-2 C-37 Switch - Leveling (ATCH) B-1 C-64 © 2005 Caterpillar Printed in U.S.A.
Monitoring Circuits 877 YL Heater Relay To Air Heater Potentiometer - Boom (ATCH) B-9 B-7 Switch - Lower Washer (ATCH) B-3 C-65
All Rights Reserved
251 YL Can #1 (+) 892 BR CAT Data Link (-) Potentiometer - Stick (ATCH) C-8 A-6 Switch - Lower Wiper (ATCH) B-2 C-66
252 YL Can #2 (+) 893 GN CAT Data Link (+) Pump - Refueling (ATCH) C-6 A-7 Switch - Medium Pressure (ATCH) L-1 C-67
261 GN Can #1 (-) F873 YL Start Relay To Diode Assembly Radio (ATCH) I-2 C-18 Switch - Neutral Start Limit L-3 C-80
262 GN Can #2 (-) F889 WH Not Used Relay - Beacon (ATCH) E-9 C-39 Switch - One Touch Low Idle J-2 C-81
403 GN Alternator (P) Terminal G834 PU Fan Speed Feedback Relay - Boom Lamp G-9 C-42 Switch - Overload Warning (ATCH) B-4 C-68
405 GY Opr Mon Oil Pressure Switch K843 GN Joystick (RH) Relay - Cab Lamp F-9 C-43 Switch - Panel E-2 C-82
410 WH Opr Mon Action Alarm K844 GY Joystick (LH) Relay - Caution Lamp (ATCH) F-10 C-40 Switch - Quick Coupler (ATCH) B-1 C-69
412 BU Opr Mon Coolant Level Switch K847 PU Joystick (RH) Relay - Chassis Lamp F-9 C-44 Switch - Radio Mute (ATCH) B-3 C-70
Relay - Heater H-12 D-18 Switch - Refueling (ATCH) A-15 B-30 Resistor, Sender and Solenoid Specifications
Opr Mon Air Filter Switch
Hydraulic Oil Filter Switch
Joystick (LH)
High Pressure Switch Relay - Horn F-9 C-45 Switch - Refueling Start (ATCH) A-6 B-36 Part No. Component Description Resistance (Ohms)¹ Harness And Wire Electrical Schematic Symbols
491 PK Hydraulic Oil Temperature Sender K850 BR Not Used Relay - Main C-9 C-47 Switch - Refueling Stop (ATCH) A-6 B-37 102-8016 Resistor: Backup 47 ± 2.4
492 GY Coolant Temperature Sender K851 BU Medium Pressure Switch Relay - Neutral Start F-9 C-46 Switch - Seat Heater (ATCH) B-4 C-71 ATCH Boom Up
495 GN Fuel Level Sensor K852 GN Auxiliary Pump Pressure Switch Relay - Refueling Power (ATCH) B-6 B-9 Switch - Secondary Shutdown H-9 C-83 ATCH Bucket Lock
496 WH Hydraulic Oil Level K864 PK Not Used Relay - Refueling Start (ATCH) A-6 B-10 Switch - Smart Boom Select (ATCH) B-3 C-72 111-9916 Solenoid: ATCH Flow Limit 11.7 ± 1.2
C468 BU Engine Oil Level Switch K865 PU Not Used Relay - Refueling Stop (ATCH) B-6 B-11 Switch - Throttle Position I-1 C-84 ATCH Stick Out Stop
Relay - Single (ATCH) F-10 C-41 Switch - Travel Left Pressure K-1 C-85 Power Shift Pressure Pressure Temperature Level Flow Circuit Breaker
E411 YL Boom Cylinder Rod Pressure Sensor K866 WH Single Relay
Relay - Start H-12 D-19 Switch - Travel Right Pressure K-1 C-86
Symbol Symbol Symbol Symbol Symbol
E441 GN Boom Position Sensor K871 WH 1P/2P Change Solenoid #1 & #2
ATCH 1P 2P Change (1)
E442 GN Stick Position Sensor K872 OR Single Action Solenoid #1 & #2 Relay - Start Control G-8 C-48 Switch - Travel Straight Pressure (ATCH) K-1 C-73 ATCH 1P 2P Change (2)
E472 GN 8v Sensor Supply (Machine ECM) K876 BR Not Used 3 Relay - Timer G-10 C-49 Switch - Under Window Limit (ATCH) E-1 C-74 ATCH Double Action Symbols And Definitions
E473 GY Joystick (RH) K877 BU Not Used Relay - Travel Alarm E-9 C-50 Switch - Window Limit F-1 C-35 121-1491 Solenoid: Hydraulic Lock 32.0 ± 3.2
Fuse - A component in an electrical circuit that will open the circuit if too much current flows
Resistor C-2 C-51 Timer - Lamp Delay (ATCH) D-10 C-87 Swing Brake
E474 OR Joystick (LH) K879 GN Double Action Solenoid through it.
Travel Speed
E480 PK Overload Warning Switch L885 BU Not Used Resistor - Backup G-8 C-20 Unit - A/C K-9 C-1
Travel Straight Switch (Normally Open): A switch that will close at a specified point (temp, press, etc.). The
H446 PK Boom Cylinder Head Pressure Sensor L886 BU Not Used Resistor - Backup (ATCH) E-10 C-9 Unit - Indicator I-1 C-32 circle indicates that the component has screw terminals and a wire can be disconnected from it.
H473 BR Travel Straight Pressure Switch 936 PU Backup Resistor Resistor - Can #1 B-11 D-20 Empty = 83.5 ± 1.5

H474 GN Travel Right Pressure Switch 998 BR Backup Governor Switch Machine locations are repeated for components located close together. 163-6700 Sender: Fuel Level Half = 33.8 ± 2.0 Switch (Normally Closed): A switch that will open at a specified point (temp, press, etc.).
No circle indicates that the wire cannot be disconnected from the component.
H475 BU Travel Left Pressure Switch E997 RD Hydraulic Lock Diode A = See "AREA A". Full = 8.0 (+ 1.0) (-0.5)
H476 WH Implement Pressure Switch G973 OR Boom Raise Press Switch B = See "AREA B". CAN #1
174-3016 Resistor: 120 ± 12 Ground (Wired): This indicates that the component is connected to a grounded wire. The
Accessory Circuits G976 BU Water Separator Level Sensor C = See "AREA C". CAN #2
grounded wire is fastened to the machine.
501 GN Wiper - Front (Low) K904 GN Pump #1 Pressure Sensor D = See "AREA D". 234-4460 Solenoid: ATCH Fine Swing 34 ± .5

506 PU Washer - Front K906 GN Swing Brake Solenoid 38 260-3877 Solenoid: ATCH Quick Coupler 26.96 ± 1.60
Ground (Case): This indicates that the component does not have a wire connected to ground.
508 PU Speaker - Left K907 BU Backup EPR Valve Switch 4 0°C = 20,824 - 25,451
It is grounded by being fastened to the machine.
509 WH Speaker - Left (Common) K931 GN Backup Resistor 25°C = 6,134 - 7,496
Connector Location 4I-5394 Sender: Hydraulic Temperature 50°C = 2,224 - 2,718
511 BR Speaker - Right K950 YL Boom Up Solenoid Schematic Machine 100°C = 475 - 522 Reed Switch: A switch whose contacts are controlled by a magnet. A magnet closes the
512 GN Speaker - Right (Common) K952 BR Boom Up Solenoid Connector Number
Location Location 125°C = 221-269 contacts of a normally open reed switch; it opens the contacts of a normally closed reed switch.
530 OR Washer Right L968 OR Backup EPR Valve Switch CONN 1 K-17 D-29 ¹ At room temperature unless otherwise noted.
535 BU Lower Washer Switch To Lower Wiper Motor L969 WH Backup EPR Valve Switch CONN 2 J-16 D-32 Sender: A component that is used with a temperature or pressure gauge. The sender

36 Page
575 YL Wiper - Lower (Park) L972 BU One Touch Low Idle Switch CONN 3 J-16 D-31 measures the temperature or pressure. Its resistance changes to give an indication to

576 PK Wiper - Lower (Low) L973 GN Fine Swing Solenoid

the gauge of the temperature or pressure.
CONN 4 L-15 B-54
578 BU Lower Washer Switch To Lower Wiper Motor L975 PK Heater Control CONN 5 K-15 B-42
12 Relay (Magnetic Switch): A relay is an electrical component that is activated by electricity.
590 GY Wiper - Intermittent Module L976 GN Refueling Start Relay 46 CONN 6 D-15 B-55 It has a coil that makes an electromagnet when current flows through it. The
592 BU Radio Converter L978 GY Level Switch 14 CONN 7 D-15 B-51 electromagnet can open or close the switch part of the relay.
A513 RD Radio Converter M906 BU Not Used 18 CONN 8 D-15 B-45
19 50 30
A537 PK Seat Heater T901 YL Mss Exciter Coil In CONN 9 C-16,C-15 B-44 Solenoid: A solenoid is an electrical component that is activated by electricity. It has a
A549 BU Backup Resistor T902 PK Mss Exciter Coil Out coil that makes an electromagnet when current flows through it. The electromagnet
CONN 10 C-15 B-43 can open or close a valve or move a piece of metal that can do work.
A579 OR Wiper Motor T967 YL Pump #2 Pressure Sensor 27 29 28 7 CONN 11 A-15 B-50
CONN 12 L-11 D-25 MAGNETIC LATCH SOLENOID - A magnetic latch solenoid is an electrical component that is
53 37 52 activated by electricity and held latched by a permanent magnet. It has two coils (latch and unlatch)
CONN 13 K-11 D-26
9 10 11 36 that make electromagnet when current flows through them. It also has an internal switch that places
15 CONN 14 K-11 C-89
the latch coil circuit open at the time the coil latches.
41 48 CONN 15 J-11 D-27
35 47 CONN 16 J-11 D-30
Failure Mode Identifiers (FMI)¹ CONN 17 I-11 D-28
Harness And Wire Symbols
FMI No. Failure Description 39 34
40 CONN 18 C-11 D-33
0 Data valid but above normal operational range.
25 1 Deutsch connector: Typical representation 1 Sure-Seal connector: Typical representation
CONN 19 A-10 A-19 of a Deutsch connector. The plug contains all of a Sure-Seal connector. The plug and receptacle
1 Data valid but below normal operational range. 42 17 2 sockets and the receptacle contains all pins. 2 contain both pins and sockets.
2 CONN 20 H-9 C-92
2 Data erratic, intermittent, or incorrect. 31
44 55 16 CONN 21 H-9 C-91 Harness Identification Letter(s):
3 Voltage above normal or shorted high. Wire, Cable, or Harness Assembly Identification: (A, B, C, ..., AA, AB, AC, ...)
51 43 51
CONN 22 D-9 C-110 Includes Harness Identification Letters and Harness
4 Voltage below normal or shorted low. 54 45 Connector Serialization Codes Harness Connector Serialization Code: The "C" stands
1 CONN 23 C-9 B-49 for "Connector" and the number indicates which
5 Current below normal or open circuit.
CONN 24 A-8 B-48
Off Machine Switch Specification Part Number for
connector in the harness. (C1, C2, C3, .....)
24 C-C4 AG-C3 AG-C4 L-C12
6 Current above normal or grounded circuit.
CONN 25 A-8 B-47
Part No. Function Actuate Deactuate Contact Position Connector Plug Part Number For
130-6795 130-6795 111-7898 3E-5179 Connector Receptacle
7 Mechanical system not responding properly. 20 1520 ± 98 kPa 1127 kPa
CONN 26 B-8 A-20 106-0179 ATCH Bucket Extend Pressure Normally Open
8 Abnormal frequency, pulse width, or period. (220 ± 14 psi) (163.5 psi) 325-AG135 PK-14 1 5A
CONN 27 B-8 B-46
9 Abnormal update. Pin Socket Fuse
CONN 28 H-8 C-94 ATCH Aux Pump Pressure Receptacle
(5 Amps)
10 Abnormal rate of change. Pin or Socket
13 CONN 29 H-7 C-95 ATCH Boom Raise Pressure Single Wire
11 Failure mode not identifiable. ATCH High Pressure Component
CONN 30 H-7 C-99 Part Number
12 Bad device or component. 21 22 23 ATCH Medium Pressure 490 ± 49 kPa 290 MIN Plug
CONN 31 G-7 C-122 167-3466 Normally Open
13 Out of calibration.
ATCH Travel Straight Pressure (71 ± 7.1 psi) (42 psi MIN) Harness identification code: 2 200-L32 BK-14
CONN 32 F-7 C-113 This example indicates wire
Implement Pressure
14 Parameter failures. 135 in harness "AG".
Travel Left Pressure Ground Circuit Identification Wire Gauge
CONN 33 F-7 C-121 Wire Color
Connection Number
15 Parameter failures. 33 6 32 8 Travel Right Pressure
CONN 34 E-7 C-118
16 Parameter not available. 26 CONN 35 E-7 C-112
17 Module not responding.
CONN 36 A-6 B-53
Sensor supply fault.
Condition not met.
20 Parameter failures.
CONN 39 D-6 C-109
¹The FMI is a diagnostic code that indicates what type of failure has occurred.
CONN 40 H-6 C-96
CONN 41 L-5 C-100
CONN 42 L-5 C-93

CONN 43 H-5 C-90
CONN 44 H-5 C-123
CONN 45 H-4 C-125
CONN 46 I-4 C-98
CONN 47 I-4 C-103
CONN 48 J-4 C-102
CONN 49 J-4 C-97
56 CONN 50 J-4 C-101
Component Identifiers (CID¹) CONN 51 D-3 C-111
Module Identifier (MID²) CONN 52 D-3 C-108
Machine Control System CONN 53 C-3 C-107
(MID No. 039) CONN 54 C-3 C-106
CID Component CONN 55 C-3 C-124
0041 8 Volt DC Supply CONN 56 G-2 C-117
0096 Fuel Level Sensor CONN 57 H-2 C-116
0110 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 9
CONN 58 H-2 C-115
0167 Alternator Charging Voltage Sensor 122 CONN 59 H-2 C-114 Calibration Error ID List
0168 Electrical System Voltage 48 CONN 60 H-2 C-104 Related Electrical Service Manuals
75 40 20 Title Form Number ID Calibration Error Description
0171 Ambient Air Temperature Sensor CONN 61 H-2 C-105
76 41
0190 Engine Speed Sensor CONN 62 I-2 C-126 Alternator: 212-8561 SENR2143 $0001 ECM Fault
0246 Proprietary CAN Data Link CONN 63 C-1 C-120 Electric Starting Motor: 125-2988 REGO0843 $0002 Active Diagnostic Present
0247 SAE J1939 Data Link 31 The connectors shown in this chart are for harness to harness connectors. Machine ECM: RENR9848
116 5 59 $0003 Another Calibration is Active
0248 CAT Data Link 117 Connectors that join a harness to a component are generally located at or near
87 Machine Monitoring System: RENR9849
0254 Electronic Control Module 29
the component. See the Component Location Chart. $0004 Calibration Active by Another ECM
52 96
90 99 110
0262 5 Volt DC Sensor Power Supply 124 $0005 Loss of Calibration Interlock
38 91 46
0271 Action Alarm 121 25
109 118
71 113 $0006 Calibration Aborted by Tool/Monitor
0291 Engine Cooling Fan Solenoid
112 24 42 Event Codes
0362 Engine Speed Fan Control Solenoid 69 94 1 $0007 Requested Display Not Supported
30 43
Machine Control
0374 Swing Brake Solenoid 61 68 89
44 Event Code Condition $0008 Unavailable Display
74 64 65 88 95
0485 Engine Fan Reversing Solenoid 108 45
111 107 66 5 Fuel Filter Restriction Derate
106 105 47 50 $0009 Calibration Aborted by ECM
0544 Engine Cooling Fan Speed Sensor 11 60
104 15 High Engine Coolant Temperature Derate
0581 Power Shift Solenoid 119 115 39 $000A Calibration Failure
82 51 114 16 High Engine Coolant Temperature Shutdown
0586 Engine Speed Dial Switch 18
84 $000B Calibration Not Supported
0588 Monitoring System Display 14 17 High Engine Coolant Temperature Warning
12 19 $0100 Out-of-Range Low - Incr/Decr Parameter
0590 Engine Control Module 21 79 32 123 17 23 High Hydraulic Oil Temperature Derate
0598 Travel Speed Solenoid 81 17
125 25 High Inlet Air Temperature Derate $0101 Out-of-Range High - Incr/Decr Parameter
0600 Hydraulic Oil Temperature Sensor 27 High Inlet Air Temperature Warning $0102 Invalid Action/Key Stroke Command
0735 Heavy Lift Solenoid 34 15 98 Data Status Codes
97 39 Low Engine Oil Pressure Derate $0103 Calibration Value Out-of-Range
1129 Right Attachment Pedal Position Sensor 16 126 101 32 31 DSI Data Status Description
29 43 Low System Voltage Warning
1130 Left Attachment Pedal Position Sensor $0104 Calibrated Range Too Small
103 2 Erratic, Intermittent or Incorrect Data
50 High System Voltage Warning
1160 Hydraulic Lock Solenoid 78 16 7 $0105 Calibrated Range Too Large
15 53 Low Fuel Pressure Warning 3 Voltage High
1178 Machine Overload Warning Pressure Sensor 77
59 Low Engine Coolant Level Warning $0106 Calibration Value Not Saved
1522 Relief Valve #2 Check Valve Solenoid 4 Voltage Low
1523 Relief Valve #1 Check Valve Solenoid 7 19 95 Fuel Filter Restriction Warning $1000 See Service Manual
13 100 24 5 Current Below Normal
1525 Straight Travel Solenoid 14 18 33 96 High Fuel Pressure
3 $1010 Engine Stopped (No Engine RPM)
9 6 Current Above Normal
1590 Main Pump Flow Limitation Pressure Solenoid 92 10 20 100 Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning
93 $1011 Engine Running (Engine RPM Present)
1593 Attachment Valve #1 Extend Pressure Solenoid 83 8 Abnormal Frequency, Pulse Width, or Period
23 6 119 Low Fuel Level
1594 Attachment Valve #2 Extend Pressure Solenoid 80 23 11 13 21 $1012 Engine RPM Incorrect
33 8 1 171 Low Engine Oil Level 9 Abnormal Update
1595 Attachment Valve #3 Extend Pressure Solenoid 2
2 $1013 Engine High Idle RPM Too Fast
12 25 172 High Air Filter Restriction 11 Other Failure Mode
1596 Attachment Valve #1 Retract Pressure Solenoid
55 179 Alternator Not Charging $1014 Engine Low Idle RPM Too Slow
1597 Attachment Valve #2 Retract Pressure Solenoid 54
12 Bad Component
1598 Attachment Valve #3 Retract Pressure Solenoid 53 3 180 Auto Lube Distribution Line Plugged $1015 Abnormal Engine RPM Signal
28 30 26 13 Out of Calibration
37 4 27
1609 F2 Type Valve Load Sense Pressure Sensor 181 Limited Mobility Mode $1016 Speed Sensor Circuit is Open
1657 Left Joystick Thumbwheel 16 Parameter Not Available
182 Suction Valve Off
1658 Right Joystick Thumbwheel 35 22 $1017 Service Brake Pedal Pressed
4 17 Module Not Responding
190 Engine Overspeed Warning
1665 Variable Relief Valve #1 Pressure Solenoid $1018 Parking Brake Not Engaged
232 High Fuel/Water Separator Water Level 18 Sensor Power Supply Failure
1666 Variable Relief Valve #2 Pressure Solenoid 5
26 27 28 234 Low Auto Lube Grease Level $1019 Parking Brake Engaged
1931 Auxiliary Circuit Flow Combining Solenoid 19 Incomplete Data or Conditions Not Met
63 235 Low Hydraulic Oil Level $101A Implement is Swinging/Traveling
2265 Hydraulic Pump #1 Outlet Pressure Sensor 20 Disabled or Not Installed
2266 Hydraulic Pump #2 Outlet Pressure Sensor 236 Return Hydraulic Oil Filter Plugged $101B Machine Speed Not Zero
2275 Hammer Return to Tank Solenoid 237 Machine Overloaded
36 73
2280 Travel Alarm Relay 85 67 265 User Defined Shutdown
2300 Switch Panel 8
58 272 Inlet Air Restriction Warning
¹ The CID is a diagnostic code that indicates which circuit is faulty.
62 273 Unauthorized Key
² The MID is a diagnostic code that indicates which electronic control module
diagnosed the fault. AREA C AREA D 600
High Hydraulic Oil Temperature Warning
Attachment Hydraulic Oil Filter Plugged
863 Abnormal Machine Auto Lube System Operation
18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
172-C2 RD-18 147-C10 PU-16 189-C15 RD-16 1 189-A159 RD-16
403-C14 GN-18 168-C51 RD-10 172-C2 RD-18 2 172-A9 RD-18 H-C9 H-C8 1552267
412-C17 BU-18 172-C2 RD-18 L973-C80 GN-16 3 L973-A160 GN-16 H-C2 2304011 2434505 154-H10 RD-18 A
430-C18 BU-18 184-C5 RD-14 A588-C3 GN-18 4 A588-A12 GN-18 2305010 127-H15 OR-16 1 A588-H11 GN-18 B
780-C8 PU-16 189-C15 RD-16 5 PA 200-A82 BK-16 E472-A72 GN-18 1 E472-H1 GN-18 200-H14 BK-16 2 189-H12 RD-18 C N793-A161 GN-18
892-C48 BR-18 235-C42 BK-18 308-C4 YL-16 6 308-A80 YL-16 PLATF-CHASSIS STRAP 200-A94 BK-16 E474-A79 OR-18 2 E474-H2 OR-18 235-A152 BK-18
893-C47 GN-18 235-C43 BK-18 184-C5 RD-14 7 184-A11 RD-14 7G1060 200-A102 BK-18 K844-A46 GY-18 3 K844-H3 GY-18
G976-C32 BU-18 251-C49 YL-18 322-C6 GY-16 8 322-A15 GY-16 200-A110 BK-18 K848-A36 WH-18 4 K848-H4 WH-18
X738-C39 PK-18 252-C60 YL-18 607-C7 PK-16 9 607-A81 PK-16 200-A111 BK-16 127-A124 OR-16 235-A76 BK-18 5 235-H5 BK-18
147-C10 PU-16 261-C50 GN-18 780-C8 PU-16 10 780-A83 PU-16 200-A112 BK-16 154-A23 RD-18 6
147-C10 PU-16 262-C61 GN-18 616-C9 BU-16 11 616-A13 BU-16 105-A37 RD-16 320-A14 RD-18 CONN 41 E472-A133 GN-18
G834-AU3 PU-18 G834-AT1 PU-18 147-C72 PU-16 308-C4 YL-16 147-C10 PU-16 12 147-A58 PU-16 GJ-C4 A588-A12 GN-18 A588-A12 GN-18 H-C1 235-A136 BK-18

200-A102 BK-18
200-A110 BK-18
200-A111 BK-16
200-A112 BK-16
A209-AU2 BK-18 A209-AT2 BK-18 309-C129 GY-18 E554-C11 PK-18 13 E554-A4 PK-18 1552269 A755-A100 PK-18 E472-A72 GN-18 200-H14 BK-16 N794-A129 GY-18

200-A93 BK-14

200-A53 BK-16
200-A85 BK-18

200-A29 BK-14
200-A51 BK-14

200-A82 BK-16
200-A94 BK-16

200-A8 BK-14

200-A7 BK-14
H747-AU5 BR-18 H747-AT3 BR-18 147-C73 PU-16 321-C40 BR-18 309-C129 GY-18 14 309-A153 GY-18 1 E787-GJ16 PK-16 A756-A99 BU-18 E474-A79 OR-18 320-A14 RD-18 1 320-H8 RD-18 A588-H11 GN-18
H746-AU4 YL-18 H746-AT4 YL-18 147-C184 PU-16 322-C6 GY-16 A718-C146 PU-18 15 A718-A138 PU-18 2 235-GJ2 BK-18 A757-A98 GY-18 K844-A46 GY-18 200-A82 BK-16 2 200-H13 BK-16 154-H10 RD-18
A760-AU8 GY-18 A760-AT5 GY-18 168-C51 RD-10 403-C14 GN-18 403-C14 GN-18 16 403-A52 GN-18 200-A51 BK-14 A588-A12 GN-18 A758-A97 BR-18 K848-A36 WH-18 154-A23 RD-18 3 154-H10 RD-18 189-H12 RD-18 H-C3 H-C7
184-C5 RD-14 405-C148 GY-18 17 200-A7 BK-14 A755-A100 PK-18 A768-A77 BU-18 200-A82 BK-16 789-A123 RD-18 4 189-H12 RD-18 320-H8 RD-18 2397352 2472693
CONN 4 189-C15 RD-16 412-C17 BU-18 K776-C13 GN-18 18 K776-A131 GN-18 200-A8 BK-14 A756-A99 BU-18 GJ-C5 A769-A78 GY-18 235-A76 BK-18 A588-A12 GN-18 5 A588-H11 GN-18 E472-H1 GN-18 E472-H1 GN-18 1
A760-AU8 GY-18 235-C42 BK-18 430-C18 BU-18 405-C148 GY-18 19 405-A75 GY-18 200-A29 BK-14 A757-A98 GY-18 1552269 E472-A72 GN-18 789-A123 RD-18 127-A124 OR-16 6 127-H15 OR-16 E474-H2 OR-18 235-H6 BK-18 2
A760-AU1 GY-18 235-C43 BK-18 487-C19 OR-18 412-C17 BU-18 20 412-A60 BU-18 200-A53 BK-16 A758-A97 BR-18 1 K950-GJ10 YL-16 E472-A84 GN-18 535-A65 BU-16 K844-H3 GY-18 E474-H2 OR-18 3
A760-AU9 GY-18 251-C49 YL-18 491-C20 PK-18 430-C18 BU-18 21 430-A42 BU-18 200-A93 BK-14 A768-A77 BU-18 2 K952-GJ25 BR-18 E472-A133 GN-18 575-A39 YL-18 CONN 42 K848-H4 WH-18 235-H7 BK-18 4 K852-A105 GN-18
252-C60 YL-18 492-C144 GY-18 487-C19 OR-18 22 487-A43 OR-18 200-A85 BK-18 A769-A78 GY-18 E473-A50 GY-18 576-A40 PK-18 235-H5 BK-18 K844-H3 GY-18 5 235-A104 BK-18
261-C50 GN-18 495-C22 GN-18 491-C20 PK-18 23 491-A56 PK-18 200-A85 BK-18 E472-A72 GN-18 E474-A79 OR-18 E472-A133 GN-18 235-H5 BK-18 K848-H4 WH-18 6
262-C61 GN-18 496-C23 WH-18 492-C144 GY-18 24 492-A125 GY-18 147-A58 PU-16 E472-A84 GN-18 GJ-C6 E997-A154 RD-18 H473-A38 BR-18 235-H6 BK-18
A760-AU9 GY-18 308-C4 YL-16 506-C45 PU-18 495-C22 GN-18 25 495-A54 GN-18 168-A70 RD-10 E472-A133 GN-18 1552269 F773-A106 OR-18 H474-A147 GN-18 235-H7 BK-18
235-AU7 BK-18 309-C129 GY-18 578-C46 BU-16 496-C23 WH-18 26 496-A61 WH-18 172-A9 RD-18 E473-A50 GY-18 1 X794-GJ12 BU-16 F774-A107 WH-18 H475-A146 BU-18 200-H13 BK-16
N789-AU6 BU-18 321-C40 BR-18 607-C7 PK-16 A755-C24 PK-18 27 A755-A100 PK-18 177-A71 RD-6 E474-A79 OR-18 2 235-GJ3 BK-18 H473-A38 BR-18 K849-A150 YL-18 200-H13 BK-16 H-C4 K851-A142 BU-18
322-C6 GY-16 616-C9 BU-16 A756-C25 BU-18 28 A756-A99 BU-18 184-A11 RD-14 E997-A154 RD-18 H474-A147 GN-18 K851-A142 BU-18 200-H14 BK-16 7Y3967 235-A144 BK-18
405-C148 GY-18 780-C8 PU-16 A757-C26 GY-18 29 A757-A98 GY-18 189-A159 RD-16 F773-A106 OR-18 H475-A146 BU-18 K852-A105 GN-18 200-H9 BK-18 320-H8 RD-18 1
487-C19 OR-18
491-C20 PK-18
892-C48 BR-18
893-C47 GN-18
A758-C27 BR-18
C468-C28 BU-18
A758-A97 BR-18
C468-A62 BU-18
251-A47 YL-18
261-A48 GN-18
F774-A107 WH-18
H473-A38 BR-18
VALVE GP H476-A145 WH-18
K843-A57 GN-18
N793-A161 GN-18
N794-A129 GY-18
492-C144 GY-18 A588-C3 GN-18 E472-C29 GN-18 32 E472-A116 GN-18 252-A120 YL-18 H474-A147 GN-18 GJ-C7 K844-A46 GY-18 200-A110 BK-18 200-H9 BK-18 1
495-C22 GN-18 A718-C146 PU-18 H476-C30 WH-18 33 H476-A145 WH-18 262-A121 GN-18 H475-A146 BU-18 1552269 K847-A22 PU-18 235-A132 BK-18 576-A40 PK-18
496-C23 WH-18
506-C45 PU-18
A755-C24 PK-18
A756-C25 BU-18
H473-C31 BR-18
G976-C32 BU-18
H473-A38 BR-18
G976-A45 BU-18
306-A20 GN-16
308-A80 YL-16
H476-A145 WH-18
K843-A57 GN-18
K950-GJ9 YL-16
A549-GJ24 BU-16
K848-A36 WH-18
K849-A150 YL-18
235-A143 BK-18
103-A63 RD-16
CONSOLE(LH) 535-A65 BU-16
575-A39 YL-18
578-C46 BU-16 A757-C26 GY-18 L972-C33 BU-18 36 L972-A96 BU-18 309-A153 GY-18 K844-A46 GY-18 K851-A142 BU-18 105-A37 RD-16 535-A65 BU-16 200-A110 BK-18
412-C17 BU-18 607-C7 PK-16 A758-C27 BR-18 H474-C34 GN-18 37 H474-A147 GN-18 310-A55 PU-18 K847-A22 PU-18 GJ-C8 K852-A105 GN-18 120-A1 YL-16 575-A39 YL-18
235-C156 BK-18 616-C9 BU-16 A768-C64 BU-18 H475-C35 BU-18 38 H475-A146 BU-18 321-A122 BR-18 K848-A36 WH-18 1552269 K906-A73 GN-18 135-A25 BU-16 576-A40 PK-18
A588-C3 GN-18 A769-C65 GY-18 K849-C36 YL-18 39 K849-A150 YL-18 322-A15 GY-16 K849-A150 YL-18 DIODE-2 1 E787-GJ15 PK-16 K907-A74 BU-18 169-A140 PK-18 E472-A133 GN-18
A718-C146 PU-18 C468-C28 BU-18 E997-C84 RD-18 40 E997-A154 RD-18 330-A162 YL-16 K851-A142 BU-18 1974385 2 K931-GJ19 GN-16 L968-A90 OR-18 169-A140 PK-18 H473-A38 BR-18
A755-C24 PK-18 E472-C29 GN-18 K851-C37 BU-18 41 K851-A142 BU-18 403-A52 GN-18 K852-A105 GN-18 L969-A89 WH-18 169-A5 PK-18 H474-A147 GN-18
A756-C25 BU-18 E473-C55 GY-18 K852-C38 GN-18 42 K852-A105 GN-18 405-A75 GY-18 K906-A73 GN-18 GJ-C9 L972-A96 BU-18 169-A6 PK-18 H475-A146 BU-18
1 172-EL1 RD-18 A757-C26 GY-18 E474-C52 OR-18 X738-C39 PK-18 43 X738-A44 PK-18 412-A60 BU-18 K907-A74 BU-18 1552269 M736-A101 BU-18 179-A64 BU-16 135-A25 BU-16 K849-A150 YL-18
2 235-EL2 BK-18 A758-C27 BR-18 E554-C11 PK-18 321-C40 BR-18 44 321-A122 BR-18 430-A42 BU-18 L968-A90 OR-18 DIODE-3 1 X794-GJ11 BU-16 N793-A161 GN-18 210-A26 BK-16 210-A26 BK-16 K851-A142 BU-18 H475-A146 BU-18
3 308-EL3 YL-16 EL-C2 A768-C64 BU-18 E997-C84 RD-18 45 L978-A163 GY-16 487-A43 OR-18 L969-A89 WH-18 1974385 2 936-GJ20 PU-16 N794-A129 GY-18 229-A28 BK-16 200-A111 BK-16 K852-A105 GN-18 235-A148 BK-18
4 2434508 147-C72 PU-16 A769-C65 GY-18 F773-C21 OR-18 235-C42 BK-18 46 235-A113 BK-18 491-A56 PK-18 L972-A96 BU-18 235-A76 BK-18 252-A126 YL-18 120-A119 YL-16 N793-A161 GN-18

K 5
172-EL1 RD-18
308-EL3 YL-16
172-C2 RD-18
308-C140 YL-16
235-C155 BK-18
G976-C32 BU-18
C468-C28 BU-18
E472-C29 GN-18
F774-C69 WH-18
M736-C68 BU-18
235-C43 BK-18 47
235-A143 BK-18 492-A125 GY-18
495-A54 GN-18
M736-A101 BU-18
N793-A161 GN-18
235-A88 BK-18
235-A132 BK-18
262-A127 GN-18
307-A24 OR-16
120-A109 YL-16
120-A1 YL-16
N794-A129 GY-18
200-A110 BK-18 K
7 3 403-C141 GN-18 E473-C55 GY-18 G976-C32 BU-18 506-C45 PU-18 49 506-A35 PU-18 496-A61 WH-18 235-A76 BK-18 235-A143 BK-18 308-A139 YL-16 120-A1 YL-16 235-A104 BK-18
8 892-EL5 BR-18 4 892-C143 BR-18
CONN 5 E474-C52 OR-18 H473-C31 BR-18 578-C46 BU-16 50 578-A34 BU-16 506-A35 PU-18 N794-A129 GY-18 235-A137 BK-18 508-A68 PU-18 235-A144 BK-18
9 893-EL4 GN-18 5 893-C142 GN-18 E554-C11 PK-18 H474-C34 GN-18 893-C47 GN-18 51 893-A32 GN-18 578-A34 BU-16 235-A88 BK-18 103-A63 RD-16 509-A69 WH-18 235-A149 BK-18 H474-A147 GN-18
10 893-EL4 GN-18 235-EL2 BK-18 6 235-C159 BK-18 E997-C84 RD-18 H475-C35 BU-18 892-C48 BR-18 52 892-A31 BR-18 607-A81 PK-16 235-A132 BK-18 113-A117 OR-18 511-A66 BR-18 235-A130 BK-18 235-A149 BK-18
11 892-EL5 BR-18 W-C2 W-C1 F773-C21 OR-18 H476-C30 WH-18 251-C49 YL-18 53 251-A47 YL-18 616-A13 BU-16 235-A137 BK-18 120-A1 YL-16 512-A67 GN-18 235-A130 BK-18
12 251-EL6 YL-18
CONN 1 CONN 1 3E3370 1552272 F774-C69 WH-18 K776-C13 GN-18 261-C50 GN-18 54 261-A48 GN-18 780-A83 PU-16 235-A143 BK-18 127-A124 OR-16 607-A95 PK-16 C569-A27 YL-16 235-A118 BK-18
13 261-EL9 GN-18 251-EL6 YL-18 A 147-W1 PU-16 1 M736-C68 BU-18 K843-C56 GN-18 CONN 12 892-A31 BR-18 105-A37 RD-16 135-A25 BU-16 607-A103 PK-16 229-A28 BK-16 235-A148 BK-18
14 251-EL6 YL-18 B 235-W2 BK-18 2 H473-C31 BR-18 K844-C53 GY-18 893-A32 GN-18 147-A58 PU-16 154-A23 RD-18 A537-A41 PK-18 200-A112 BK-16 235-A135 BK-18
EL-C1 251-EL7 YL-18 C G976-W3 BU-18 3 H474-C34 GN-18 K847-C57 PU-18 A588-A12 GN-18 168-A70 RD-10 169-A140 PK-18 A755-A100 PK-18 179-A17 BU-16 235-A135 BK-18
2756785 251-EL8 YL-18 CONN 5 4 H475-C35 BU-18 K848-C54 WH-18 168-C51 RD-10 168-A70 RD-10 A718-A138 PU-18 172-A9 RD-18 179-A64 BU-16 A756-A99 BU-18 179-A16 BU-16 235-A151 BK-18

308-C140 YL-16
403-C141 GN-18
892-C143 BR-18
893-C142 GN-18
235-C159 BK-18
235-C159 BK-18
235-C160 BK-16
235-C160 BK-16
235-C159 BK-18
235-C158 BK-18
235-C157 BK-18
235-C157 BK-18
235-C155 BK-18
235-C156 BK-18

G976-C32 BU-18
261-EL9 GN-18 H476-C30 WH-18 K849-C36 YL-18 CONN 13 A755-A100 PK-18 177-A71 RD-6 210-A26 BK-16 A757-A98 GY-18 179-A64 BU-16 235-A134 BK-18 K849-A150 YL-18

147-C72 PU-16
412-C17 BU-18
430-C18 BU-18
172-C2 RD-18
261-EL9 GN-18 K776-C13 GN-18 K851-C37 BU-18 A756-A99 BU-18 184-A11 RD-14 229-A28 BK-16 A758-A97 BR-18 179-A64 BU-16 235-A143 BK-18 235-A151 BK-18
261-EL10 GN-18 K843-C56 GN-18 K852-C38 GN-18 A757-A98 GY-18 189-A159 RD-16 252-A126 YL-18 A768-A77 BU-18 235-A143 BK-18 (NOTE F)
261-EL11 GN-18 K844-C53 GY-18 K906-C62 GN-18 E474-C52 OR-18 E474-A79 OR-18 A758-A97 BR-18 251-A47 YL-18 262-A127 GN-18 A769-A78 GY-18 235-A134 BK-18
K847-C57 PU-18 K907-C63 BU-18 K844-C53 GY-18 K844-A46 GY-18 A768-A77 BU-18 252-A120 YL-18 124-A86 GN-14 307-A24 OR-16 A770-A141 PK-18 235-A136 BK-18
430-C18 BU-18 K848-C54 WH-18 L968-C67 OR-18 K848-C54 WH-18 K848-A36 WH-18 A769-A78 GY-18 261-A48 GN-18 200-A8 BK-14 308-A139 YL-16 C569-A27 YL-16 H476-A145 WH-18 235-A152 BK-18
K849-C36 YL-18 L969-C66 WH-18 E473-C55 GY-18 E473-A50 GY-18 C468-A62 BU-18 262-A121 GN-18 175-A87 RD-14 320-A14 RD-18 E472-A84 GN-18 235-A137 BK-18 235-A132 BK-18 H473-A38 BR-18
K851-C37 BU-18 L972-C33 BU-18 K843-C56 GN-18 K843-A57 GN-18 E472-A72 GN-18 306-A20 GN-16 E554-A4 PK-18 508-A68 PU-18 E473-A50 GY-18 235-A132 BK-18 235-A118 BK-18
235-C158 BK-18 K852-C38 GN-18 L973-C80 GN-16 K847-C57 PU-18 K847-A22 PU-18 E472-A84 GN-18 308-A80 YL-16 607-A91 PK-16 509-A69 WH-18 F773-A106 OR-18
K906-C62 GN-18 N793-C1 GN-18 N793-C1 GN-18 N793-A161 GN-18 E472-A133 GN-18 309-A153 GY-18 200-A93 BK-14 511-A66 BR-18 F774-A107 WH-18
K907-C63 BU-18 N794-C58 GY-18 N794-C58 GY-18 N794-A129 GY-18 E472-A116 GN-18 310-A55 PU-18 512-A67 GN-18 H476-A145 WH-18
L968-C67 OR-18 X738-C39 PK-18 E472-A116 GN-18 321-A122 BR-18 535-A65 BU-16 K843-A57 GN-18 CONSOLE(RH)
L969-C66 WH-18 252-C60 YL-18 252-A120 YL-18 E473-A50 GY-18 322-A15 GY-16 575-A39 YL-18 K847-A22 PU-18
L972-C33 BU-18 262-C61 GN-18 262-A121 GN-18 E474-A79 OR-18 330-A162 YL-16 576-A40 PK-18 K906-A73 GN-18 G-C1 G-C8 G-C9
L973-C80 GN-16 E554-A4 PK-18 403-A52 GN-18 607-A95 PK-16 K907-A74 BU-18 2305008 103-G49 RD-16 2397352 2472693
N793-C1 GN-18 CONN 14 E997-A154 RD-18 405-A75 GY-18 607-A103 PK-16 L968-A90 OR-18 E472-A84 GN-18 1 E472-G1 GN-18 105-G8 RD-16 E472-G1 GN-18 1
N794-C58 GY-18 F773-A106 OR-18 412-A60 BU-18 A537-A41 PK-18 L969-A89 WH-18 E473-A50 GY-18 2 E473-G2 GY-18 113-G44 OR-18 235-G42 BK-18 2
F774-A107 WH-18 430-A42 BU-18 A770-A141 PK-18 L972-A96 BU-18 789-A158 RD-18 K843-A57 GN-18 3 K843-G3 GN-18 252-G21 YL-18 E473-G2 GY-18 3
K906-C62 GN-18 K906-A73 GN-18 G976-A45 BU-18 487-A43 OR-18 C569-A27 YL-16 M736-A101 BU-18 E997-A154 RD-18 K847-A22 PU-18 4 K847-G4 PU-18 262-G22 GN-18 235-G41 BK-18 4
K907-C63 BU-18 K907-A74 BU-18 H473-A38 BR-18 491-A56 PK-18 200-A94 BK-16 CONN 50 307-G20 OR-16 K843-G3 GN-18 5
A768-C64 BU-18 A768-A77 BU-18 H474-A147 GN-18 492-A125 GY-18 200-A102 BK-18 G-C2 308-G17 YL-16 K847-G4 PU-18 6
147-C72 PU-16 A769-C65 GY-18 A769-A78 GY-18 H475-A146 BU-18 495-A54 GN-18 200-A111 BK-16 2434510 308-G17 YL-16

172-C2 RD-18 L969-C66 WH-18 L969-A89 WH-18 H476-A145 WH-18 496-A61 WH-18 200-A112 BK-16 K906-A73 GN-18 1 K906-G5 GN-18 308-G18 YL-16
308-C140 YL-16 147-C72 PU-16 L968-C67 OR-18 L968-A90 OR-18 K776-A131 GN-18 506-A35 PU-18 235-A88 BK-18 A768-A77 BU-18 2 A768-G6 BU-18 308-G19 YL-16
235-C160 BK-16 172-C2 RD-18 M736-C68 BU-18 M736-A101 BU-18 K843-A57 GN-18 578-A34 BU-16 235-A137 BK-18 A769-A78 GY-18 3 A769-G7 GY-18 326-G54 RD-16 G-C10
403-C151 GN-18 403-C14 GN-18 F773-C21 OR-18 F773-A106 OR-18 K844-A46 GY-18 607-A81 PK-16 113-A155 OR-18 105-A37 RD-16 4 105-G8 RD-16 508-G50 PU-18 7Y3967
403-C14 GN-18 412-C17 BU-18 F774-C69 WH-18 F774-A107 WH-18 K847-A22 PU-18 616-A13 BU-16 789-A157 RD-18 A537-A41 PK-18 5 A537-G9 PK-18 509-G46 WH-18 235-G43 BK-18 1
403-C141 GN-18 430-C18 BU-18 K848-A36 WH-18 780-A83 PU-16 113-A156 OR-18 K907-A74 BU-18 6 K907-G10 BU-18 511-G51 BR-18 G-C11
403-C141 GN-18 780-C8 PU-16 K849-A150 YL-18 892-A31 BR-18 M736-A101 BU-18 7 M736-G11 BU-18 512-G47 GN-18 7Y3967
412-C17 BU-18 892-C48 BR-18 K851-A142 BU-18 893-A32 GN-18 L969-A89 WH-18 8 L969-G12 WH-18 607-G30 PK-16 L972-G27 BU-18 1
430-C18 BU-18 893-C47 GN-18 CONN 15 K852-A105 GN-18 A718-A138 PU-18 113-A156 OR-18 L968-A90 OR-18 9 L968-G13 OR-18 607-G48 PK-16
X738-AK1 PK-18 X738-AK1 PK-18 X738-C39 PK-18 892-C143 BR-18 G976-C32 BU-18 K906-A73 GN-18 C468-A62 BU-18 113-A156 OR-18 169-A6 PK-18 10 998-G14 BR-18 A755-G23 PK-18
235-AK2 BK-18 892-C143 BR-18 X738-C39 PK-18 177-A71 RD-6 K907-A74 BU-18 E554-A4 PK-18 A770-A141 PK-18 11 A770-G15 PK-18 A756-G24 BU-18
CONN 3 CONN 3 892-C48 BR-18 308-C140 YL-16 200-A85 BK-18 L968-A90 OR-18 G976-A45 BU-18 12 F889-G16 WH-18 A757-G25 GY-18

A718-A138 PU-18

K776-A131 GN-18
L973-A160 GN-16
L978-A163 GY-16

A770-A141 PK-18
105-A115 RD-16

189-A159 RD-16

252-A120 YL-18

262-A121 GN-18

309-A153 GY-18

321-A122 BR-18

330-A162 YL-16

492-A125 GY-18

C468-A62 BU-18
G976-A45 BU-18

X738-A44 PK-18

113-A117 OR-18

127-A124 OR-16

169-A140 PK-18

252-A126 YL-18
262-A127 GN-18

308-A139 YL-16

607-A103 PK-16
A537-A41 PK-18

C569-A27 YL-16
892-C121 BR-18 403-C151 GN-18 306-A20 GN-16 L969-A89 WH-18 K776-A131 GN-18 CONN 49 A758-G26 BR-18

E554-A4 PK-18
147-A58 PU-16
168-A70 RD-10

184-A11 RD-14

251-A47 YL-18

261-A48 GN-18

306-A20 GN-16
308-A80 YL-16

310-A55 PU-18

322-A15 GY-16

403-A52 GN-18
405-A75 GY-18
412-A60 BU-18
430-A42 BU-18
487-A43 OR-18
491-A56 PK-18

495-A54 GN-18
496-A61 WH-18
506-A35 PU-18
578-A34 BU-16
607-A81 PK-16
616-A13 BU-16
780-A83 PU-16
892-A31 BR-18
893-A32 GN-18

200-A29 BK-14
200-A51 BK-14
200-A53 BK-16
235-A33 BK-18
E554-A4 PK-18

200-A93 BK-14

200-A93 BK-14

124-A86 GN-14
175-A87 RD-14
607-A91 PK-16

103-A63 RD-16

135-A25 BU-16
154-A23 RD-18

179-A64 BU-16
210-A26 BK-16
229-A28 BK-16

307-A24 OR-16

320-A14 RD-18
508-A68 PU-18
509-A69 WH-18
511-A66 BR-18
512-A67 GN-18
535-A65 BU-16
575-A39 YL-18
576-A40 PK-18
607-A95 PK-16
172-A9 RD-18

200-A7 BK-14

200-A8 BK-14

200-A8 BK-14

120-A1 YL-16
177-A71 RD-6
893-C142 GN-18 892-C121 BR-18 310-A55 PU-18 L972-A96 BU-18 L973-A160 GN-16 113-A155 OR-18 G-C3 E472-G1 GN-18 G-C12 G-C14
893-C142 GN-18 893-C116 GN-18 330-A162 YL-16 L973-A160 GN-16 L978-A163 GY-16 789-A123 RD-18 789-A123 RD-18 2305010 E473-G2 GY-18 1552264 3E3388
893-C47 GN-18 235-C160 BK-16 L978-A163 GY-16 X738-A44 PK-18 E997-A154 RD-18 E997-A154 RD-18 308-A139 YL-16 1 308-G17 YL-16 K843-G3 GN-18 308-G19 YL-16 1
893-C116 GN-18 M736-A101 BU-18 200-A7 BK-14 113-A117 OR-18 113-A117 OR-18 2 326-G54 RD-16 K847-G4 PU-18 200-G34 BK-18 2 M-C4 M-C5
G976-C32 BU-18 N793-A161 GN-18 200-A8 BK-14 307-A24 OR-16 3 307-G20 OR-16 L972-G27 BU-18 252-G21 YL-18 3 1552269 3E3364
780-C8 PU-16 GW-C1 GJ-C1 N794-A129 GY-18 200-A29 BK-14 252-A126 YL-18 4 252-G21 YL-18 200-G45 BK-18 262-G22 GN-18 4 2
780-AL1 PU-16 780-AL1 PU-16 780-C8 PU-16 X738-C39 PK-18 2304009 2434510 X738-A44 PK-18 200-A51 BK-14 262-A127 GN-18 5 262-G22 GN-18 200-G32 BK-16 T901-G52 YL-18 5 1
200-AL2 BK-18 235-GW23 BK-18 1 235-GJ1 BK-18 235-A33 BK-18 200-A53 BK-16 6 200-G32 BK-16 T902-G53 PK-18 6
CONN 2 CONN 2 147-GW9 PU-16 2 147-GJ6 PU-16 235-A88 BK-18 200-A93 BK-14 CONN 48 200-G33 BK-18 7
M739-GW18 YL-18 3 M739-GJ7 YL-18 235-A137 BK-18 235-A33 BK-18 G-C4 200-G34 BK-18 8 M-C2
K950-GW17 YL-18 4 K950-GJ8 YL-16 235-A164 BK-18 105-A115 RD-16 2304009 235-G41 BK-18 7Y3952
X794-GW19 BU-16 5 X794-GJ13 BU-16 235-A164 BK-18 105-A115 RD-16 A755-A100 PK-18 1 A755-G23 PK-18 235-G42 BK-18 G-C13 M-C1 1
E787-GW20 PK-16 6 E787-GJ14 PK-16 235-A76 BK-18 105-A37 RD-16 A756-A99 BU-18 2 A756-G24 BU-18 235-G43 BK-18 1027964 1211168 2
F772-GW21 WH-16 7 F772-GJ21 WH-16 235-A132 BK-18 A757-A98 GY-18 3 A757-G25 GY-18 235-G40 BK-18 T902-G53 PK-18 12 T902-M12 PK-18
603-GW22 PK-18 8 603-GJ22 PK-18 235-A113 BK-18 A758-A97 BR-18 4 A758-G26 BR-18 235-G36 BK-18 T901-G52 YL-18 11 T901-M11 YL-18
M751-GW16 YL-18 9 M751-GJ23 YL-18 235-A113 BK-18 L972-A96 BU-18 5 L972-G27 BU-18 235-G36 BK-18 607-G30 PK-16 1 607-M1 PK-16 M-C3
10 235-A143 BK-18 F774-A107 WH-18 6 F774-G28 WH-18 235-G40 BK-18 200-G33 BK-18 2 200-M2 BK-18 1552273
11 F773-A106 OR-18 7 F773-G29 OR-18 235-G39 BK-18 235-G39 BK-18 3 235-M3 BK-18 1
12 607-A95 PK-16 8 607-G30 PK-16 A755-G23 PK-18 4 A755-M4 PK-18 2
9 A756-G24 BU-18 5 A756-M5 BU-18 3
CONN 16 169-A5 PK-18 10 169-G31 PK-18 G-C6 G-C7 A757-G25 GY-18 6 A757-M6 GY-18 4
GC-C7 GA-C1 147-GJ6 PU-16 E787-GJ15 PK-16 200-A94 BK-16 11 200-G32 BK-16 2304011 2434505 A758-G26 BR-18 7 A758-M7 BR-18 5
I 2305010
K866-GC3 WH-18 1
K866-GA1 WH-18
603-GJ22 PK-18
E787-GJ14 PK-16
E787-GJ16 PK-16
K950-GJ9 YL-16
235-A88 BK-18
12 235-G36 BK-18 200-G35 BK-18
A537-G9 PK-18
308-G18 YL-16
326-G54 RD-16
308-M8 YL-16
326-M23 RD-16
200-GC4 BK-18 2 200-GA2 BK-18 E787-GJ14 PK-16 K950-GJ10 YL-16 G-C5 307-G20 OR-16 9 307-M9 OR-16

A718-A138 PU-18
A770-A141 PK-18

K776-A131 GN-18
L973-A160 GN-16
L978-A163 GY-16
308-A108 YL-16
105-A115 RD-16
113-A117 OR-18

127-A124 OR-16

169-A140 PK-18

189-A159 RD-16

252-A120 YL-18
252-A126 YL-18

262-A121 GN-18
262-A127 GN-18
262-A128 GN-18
262-A128 GN-18

308-A139 YL-16
308-A108 YL-16

309-A153 GY-18

321-A122 BR-18

330-A162 YL-16

492-A125 GY-18

607-A103 PK-16

A537-A41 PK-18

C468-A62 BU-18
C569-A27 YL-16
G976-A45 BU-18

X738-A44 PK-18
147-GC5 PU-16 3 147-GA3 PU-16 E787-GJ15 PK-16 X794-GJ11 BU-16 2312295 105-G8 RD-16 10 105-M10 RD-16

103-A63 RD-16

124-A86 GN-14

135-A25 BU-16
147-A58 PU-16
154-A23 RD-18
168-A70 RD-10

175-A87 RD-14

179-A64 BU-16
184-A11 RD-14

251-A47 YL-18

252-A49 YL-18
252-A49 YL-18
261-A48 GN-18

306-A20 GN-16
307-A24 OR-16
308-A80 YL-16

310-A55 PU-18
320-A14 RD-18

322-A15 GY-16

403-A52 GN-18