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This agreement between M/s. SHAJEE INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED situated at

No: 8/361, Moovarasanpet Main Road, Amman Nagar, Thirisulam, Chennai- 600 043. herein
known as “CONTRACTOR” and ______________________________________ residing at
herein known as “CLIENT“ is entered into this on _____________.

The client and the contractor agree to the following provisions:


The agreement pertains to the following site;


The Project pertains to the interiors of the following areas within the location


A General 3D drawing will be shared for the project for the areas within the
location specified post confirmation of the project agreement.

Client Signature Authorized Signature


 Plywood
Brand : Sharon Gold
Thickness : 18 mm
Material : MR/BWR/BWP

 Laminate / Veneer
Brand :
Color :
Code :

 Hinges
Brand : Ebco/woods
Size : 0 crank / 8 crank
Material : Chrome coated steel

 Kitchen pullout accessories

Brand : Ebco/Sleek/Steel
Material : 304 stainless steel

Overhead cupboards, Storage cupboards, loft covering and wardrobes will be made up MR
plywood with both side laminated.

Kitchen Below Counter will be made up of BWR/BWP plywood with both side laminated

Client Signature Authorized Signature

A General wardrobe completes with one mirror, one drawer, one shelf and one hanger.


Post confirmation of Design concepts, work will be initiated in the following phases:

 Secondary measurements will be taken.

 Manufacturing of carcass frames and cabinets.
 Installation of carcass frames and cabinets.
 Shutter measurements will be taken.
 Manufacturing of shutters.
 Installation of shutters.
 Finishes (Handles, Locks, mirrors…)

Project duration will be 60 days from the date of confirmation payment.

Project will be kick started once the confirmation of Design, Material, color, confirmation
payment and other project related confirmations post which the project duration will be
started. Delay in the payment schedule will be reflected in work progress.


 Confirmation Payment :
On this payment, client is liable to accept the terms and
conditions of work contract and post receiving this payment; contractor will issue the general
3D drawings for reference. (General drawing refers to the interior elevation only)

 Carcass payment:

Client Signature Authorized Signature

On receiving this payment, the contractor will manufacture and
deliver the carcass material and installation of carcass and frames will be completed. On this
stage shutter measurements will be taken.

 Shutter Payment:
On receiving this payment, the shutters will be manufactured
and delivered followed by which the installation of shutters will happen.

 Finishes Payment :
On receiving this payment, the contractor shall carry out
finishes like locks, handles and mirrors. On this stage the contractor will issue the warranty
card and will hand over the keys.

Payment should be done well in advance in every stage of the project to proceed with the
described schedule of works.

In the event of client shall fail to pay any periodic or installment due hereunder, the
contractor has rights to keep the work progress in hold till the scheduled payment is received.


Any additional work requested by the client in-between the

contracted work will be executed post confirmation of Bill of quantities/ Quotation provided
by the contractor. Additional work will have a separate BOQ and time duration.


The confirmed work by the client which have been executed at site by
the contractor which has to be changed/altered /modified by the client for any reasons is
considered as a “Rework”. Rework will have following procedures:

 Estimating the removal of existing work

Client Signature Authorized Signature

 Bill of quantities for New work
 Client approval
 Work execution

vii. Contractor warrants that adequately insured for injury to his employee and other
related damages.
viii. All work shall be completed in goods and workman like manner and if applicable
with codes.
ix. The Contractor shall not be liable for any delay or non performance due to
circumstances beyond his control like climatic conditions, power shutdown…etc.
x. The Contractor is an independent contractor to carry out the contracted job and
not an employee for the client.

End of Agreement

Client Signature Authorized Signature