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Art 111

Keudis Sanchez

Prof: Hilary Siber

Art Analysis.

Modern Tapestry, Roy Lichtenstein, Pop Art,

Wool and Cotton, 1968, 108 x 148 inch. (274.32 x 375.92 cm.
Nomadic Murals: Tapestries of modern Era is an art exhibition that is currently being present in

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Charlotte NC. More than 40 tapestries created by artists usually

associated with painting, sculpture and architecture, among them Pablo Picasso, Alexander

Calder, Le Corbusier, and others. Especially Roy Lichtenstein who was chosen for my art


During my visit to the museum, I was able to admire, appreciated and analyzed an

artwork for Roy Lichtenstein, called Modern Tapestry, it was made in 1968, is a tapestry made

out of wool and cotton, approximately 108 x 148 inch. (274.32 x 375.92 cm.) Is within the genre

of Pop Art.

Roy Lichtenstein was an American Pop-Art artist and sculptor. Lichtenstein was

inspired by the comic strip and comic book using the technique called “Ben Day” dot. (The Ben-

Day Dots printing process, named after illustrator and printer Benjamin Day, is similar to

Pointillism. Depending on the effect, color and optical illusion needed, small colored dots are

closely spaced, widely spaced or overlapping). This could be considered his personal signature

as an artist, like impasto technique is Vincent van Gogh’s. Lichtenstein presents in this Art Pop

work, between abstract and figurative form. He used a primary color combination, mingling

warm and bright of yellow and red, cold colors like blue, and neutrality of white. L created a

special brightness in the artwork. The main elements of design present in this artwork are outline

and points; the black lines in the design are thicker to emphasis the main images that guide the

audience towards the focal point, which is face of the character. The image presents a
combination of diagonal and vertical lines is asymmetric image, no volume or perspective are

observed in the image.

Popular advertising and the comic book style influenced Lichtenstein’s work. He uses

comics due to the accessibility of them to any kind of audiences, regardless of their social status;

the audience was able to understand the message of his artwork. Through his work, he presents

typical images commonly seen in magazines, books, newspapers, adding onomatopoeic notes.

The artist made a criticism about war, postmodern culture, and capitalism. He was known for

being among the main Art Pop artists.

The main subject of the tapestry is maybe a blond angel or a woman or a man and a sun,

which might symbolize the rising of people after a war, maybe after Pearl Harbor attack. There

seems to be a plane and a ship representing war combats, industrialization and pollution. In

addition, I see an object similar to a pallet for painting, and an ionic column that may represents

a combination of classic and modern arts.

In this artwork Lichtenstein utilizes flat primary colors and asymmetrical balance, also

uses asymmetrical and vertical lines to cause stability and movement sensation in this

composition, It is notorious the presents of Ben Day dots as a patterns like in all his artwork. He

made a critic about the war, capitalism and pop culture in form of parody through de comic book

style. His work was meant to be easily understood and was painted with great and originality.



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