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Nate Fiala

Workplace Writing
Ingram Micro: Employee Self Evaluation
March 9, 2019

Executive Summary

For the past year I have been working for Ingram Micro as an Associate Sales

Representative in charge of the Northeastern part of the United States. I sell wholesale computer

software and hardware to merchandisers such as Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. I have

regularly hit and exceeded my selling goal of $500,000 each quarter. I have my eye on the next

Senior Sales position because of the increase in salary and commission. I plan to continue to

extend my knowledge of the details of the products I sell in order to be able to answer more

advanced questions from customers. I’m setting a personal goal to exceed my sales quarterly

minimum by $300,000.


Each quarter it is my responsibility to sell $500,000 worth of products. For every dollar

over $500,000 I sell I make 4% commission. In the most recent quarter I sold $623,000 worth of

products which I was very proud of. The senior sale representative that oversees my branch has

recommended to the head director of sales that I be considered for the next opening position at

senior Sales Representative. This would cause a significant increase in salary as well as

commission percentage. Rather than making 4% commission I would be making 7%.

Areas of Improvement

Over my time as a sales representative at Ingram Micro I have notice some things that I

needed to work on. I tend to spend too much time building a relationship with customers. Even

though this isn’t an entirely bad thing it can cause me to not be as efficient when working. My

goal is to be as efficient as possible, while still being able to build a relationship with the

customer, so I can maximize my commission and make as much money as possible.

Areas of Continued Learning and Development

During the last year I have noticed that I have a deficiency when it comes to knowledge

of software. Customers will often ask me intricate questions about the products, which I know

some of the answers to but not nearly as much as I would like to know. I plan to learn more in

depth details about the products in order to not have to defer to one of my peers or direct the

customer to another sales representative.

Looking Ahead

Over the next quarter I will strive to sell $800,000 worth of products to show the bosses

that I am ready for the position of Senior Sales Representative. My team and I are also striving to

win the Presidents Cup award for this year. This is an award giving to the sales team with the

most sales at the end of each year. The award includes and all exclusive trip to Aruba for 8 days

as wells as a $25,000 bonus given to all 6 members of the team. I could greatly use that money to

start to pay off my student loan debt as well as purchase a new car that I am in need of.