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“I want to be a nurse when I grow up!

”, Buffey Ramsey exclaimed as she played with her

brother and sister. Buffey always had a love for helping others and taking care of them. She
would use her play stethoscope to listen to barbie’s heartbeat, or wrap their legs and arms
when they “hurt” them. She was happy anytime she got to put on a bandaid if one of her
siblings got a “booboo”. Buffey grew up in the small town of Cherryville, North Carolina. Her
heritage includes Cherokee Indian, German, and Dutch. She had a typical childhood, having
water balloon fights, catching crawdads in the creek and making mud pies. She had a love for
reading and kept her nose in a book trying to learn all she could. As she was growing up, Buffey
became the one person that everyone could depend on to help them any way they needed it.

Now at the age of 41, Buffey Ramsey is living her dream by working as a Registered Nurse for
many years. She has provided all different levels of care to patients in the hospital and
outpatient setting, Buffey is currently working on her master’s degree in Nursing at Gardner
Webb University. She also has her certification in pain management. Buffey is a very busy lady
who not only goes to school, but she has 2 jobs and a family to take care of. Her first job is as a
Nurse Manager of a pain management clinic where she is in charge of 12 employees and the
daily operations of the office. Her second job is as a clinical instructor for the nursing students
of Foothills Nursing Consortium at Cleveland Community College. She is married to Dustin
Ramsey and has two children, Mason and Ethan. Ethan is currently a freshman at College and
Mason is in elementary school. She doesn’t have a lot of free time for hobbies but every free
minute she gets, she enjoys spending it with her family. She loves to travel and take her family
on relaxing vacations where they can all just enjoy themselves while spending time together.

Buffey Ramsey would say her faith and her family are what drive her in career. She wants to
provide them with the best life possible and believes without faith she would be unable to do
this. Buffey is compassionate, smart and funny. She hopes her employees would describe her as
fair and dedicated to providing them the opportunity to grow in their career and as person. She
also thinks they would describe her as a little crazy. Her friends would describe her as
dependable, loyal and crazy as well. She considers herself a good role model for her 2 children.
She wants to show them they too can be whatever they dream of being when they grow up.
Buffey also wants to show her children that hard work pays off in the end. That you have to put
in the work to get the benefits out of life.