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CSTP 4: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Plans daily lessons using Plans single lessons or Plans differentiated Plans differentiated Plans differentiated
available curriculum and sequence of lessons using instruction based on instruction, which is instruction that provides
information from district additional assessment knowledge of students’ based on broad systematic opportunities
and state required information on student academic readiness, knowledge of students. for supporting and
assessments. academic readiness, academic language, Matches resources and extending student
language, cultural diverse cultural specific strategies to learning based on
4.1 Using knowledge background, and backgrounds, and students’ diverse learning comprehensive
of students’ academic individual development. individual cognitive, needs and cultural information on
readiness, language social, emotional, and backgrounds. 6/11/18 students.5/7/19
proficiency, cultural physical development to
background, and meet their individual
individual needs.
development to plan Is aware of impact of bias Becomes aware of Planning addresses bias,
instruction. on learning. potential areas of bias Examines potential stereotyping, and Engages students in the
and seeks to learn about sources of bias and assumptions about analysis of bias,
culturally responsive stereotyping when cultures an members of stereotyping, and
pedagogy. planning lessons. Uses cultures. 6/11/18 assumptions.
culturally responsive
pedagogy in planning.

I utilize CELDT Data, Students are provided

Rainbow Rosters, Math with built in
Benchmarks and BPSTs to differentiation to
plan differentiated curriculum as well as
instruction. I have written extension activities.
my own questionnaire Students are provided
where student’s parents opportunities to complete
provide cultural challenge assignments
backgrounds, educational and higher level thinkers
need and provide any are given tasks that
information that is require them to push
relevant to each student’s their thinking. 5/7/19
life. I also use the prior
teachers assessment data
to drive my instruction. I
address bias throughout
social studies lessons and
engage in conversation
with students about
cultural bias. 6/11/18
CSTP 4: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Communicates learning Establishes and shares Establishes and Establishes and Establishes and
objectives for a single learning goals for skill communicates to articulates learning goals articulates
lesson to students based development with students clear learning to students that integrate comprehensive short-
4.2 Establishing and on content standards and students in single lessons goals for content that are content standards with term and long-term
articulating goals for available curriculum. and sequence of lessons. accessible, challenging, students’ strengths, learning goals for
student learning and differentiated to interests, and learning students. Assists students
address students’ diverse needs. 6/11/18 to articulate and monitor
learning needs. learning goals.5/7/19

Standards are written on Students are provided

the white board at the with short term goals on
front of my classroom. “I their progress reports
can” statements are and report cards.
provided at the beginning Students also have
of each lesson to academic goals for their
communicate learning state testing and progress
goals. Standards are monitoring is shared with
written on assessments students throughout the
and classwork year. 5/7/19
Standards are broken
down into small lessons
that build on one another
until full standards are
met. 6/11/18
CSTP 4: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Uses available curriculum Begins to plan curriculum Establishes short- and Refines sequence of long- Utilizes extensive
for daily, short- and long- units that include a series long-term curriculum term plans to reflect knowledge of curriculum,
term plans. of connected lessons and plans for subject matter integrations of content standards, and
4.3 Developing and
are linked to long-term concepts and essential curriculum guidelines, assess learning needs to
sequencing long-
planning to support related academic frameworks, and assessed design cohesive and
term and short-term
student learning. language and formats that instructional needs to comprehensive long- and
instructional plans to
support student learning. ensure student learning. short-term instructional
support student
6/11/18 plans that ensure high
levels of learning.

I utilize a scope and Through the use of my

sequence to plan out my scope and sequence I am
long-term goals for the able to plan a logical
school year based off of the order of the content
content standards. I meet
standards, in order to
with my teaching partner
routinely to go over better meet the needs of
trimester learning goals and my students. Short term
ensure that my class is on plans include weekly
track. I meets weekly with plans to ensure that
her teaching partner to student needs are being
discuss the short-term plans met and Technology is
for the following 2 weeks. used to ensure that
Plans are adjusted based on students are engaged in
student learning and
engaged in meaningful
progress. An example of a
long-term include and high levels of learning
multiplication and division are taking place. Students
the first trimester, to then use Quizlet to to
teach word problems the complete game based
second trimester that assessments related
involve multiplication and to given areas of
division, then the third study.
trimester includes the 12/12/18
introduction to fractions and
utilizing the multiplication
and division skills to
understand fractions.
CSTP 4: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Plans instruction that Selects strategies for Incorporates Plans instruction using a Plans instruction
incorporates strategies single lessons or differentiated wide range of strategies incorporating a repertoire
suggested by curriculum sequence of lessons that instructional strategies to address learning styles of strategies specifically
guidelines. respond to students’ into ongoing planning and meet students’ meet students’ diverse
diverse learning needs. that addresses culturally assessed language and language and learning
4.4 Planning responsive pedagogy, learning needs. Provides needs and styles to
instruction that students’ diverse appropriate support and advance learning for all.
incorporates language, and learning challenges for students. 5/7/19
appropriate Is aware of student Seeks to learn about needs and styles. 6/11/18
strategies to meet the content, learning, and students’ diverse learning Facilitates opportunities
learning needs of all language needs through and language needs Uses assessments of Integrates results from a for students to reflect on
students data provided by the site beyond basic data. students’ learning and broad range of their learning and the
and district. language needs to inform assessments into impact of instructional
planning differentiated planning to meet strategies to meet their
instruction. students’ diverse learning learning and language
and language needs. needs.
I utilize the MI strategies in my Students are provided
classroom to meet the different
with MI based learning
learning needs of students. For
example, if we are learning opportunities which they
multiplication, students sing a can choose from. For
song to skip count each example, student spelling
morning. I also uses a deck of choices include bouncing
cards to have students battle
each other by multiplying 2 card a ball while spelling,
numbers together. Then rainbow writing their
students might use chalk words and teaching
outside to practice their someone else how to spell
multiplication skills. Students
are asked daily to “think pair the words. 5/7/19
share” and brainstorm their
prior knowledge or strategies
they might use to solve
problems or how they got
certain answers. 6/11/18

Google Forms and online

diagnostic tests are used to
show student learning and
progress, in order for students
to demonstrate their knowledge
and understanding of content
CSTP 4: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for All Students

Element Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Implements lessons and Begins to adapt plans and Makes adjustments and Makes ongoing Anticipates and plans for
uses materials from materials in single adaptations to adjustments to a wide range of
curriculum provided. lessons or sequences of differentiate instructional instructional plans and adaptations to lessons
lessons to address plans. Uses culturally uses a variety of materials based on in depth
4.5 Adapting students’ learning needs. responsive pedagogy and as the instructional needs analysis of individual
instructional plans additional materials to arises to support student student needs. 6/11/18
and curricular support students’ diverse learning.
materials to meet the learning needs. Engages with students to
assessed learning identify types of
needs of all students. adjustments in
instruction that best meet
their learning goals.

I have a re-teach table in

my classroom and pulls
students who need
support of concepts..
Students are given
challenge assignments if
they understand concepts
and students who need
more support are
provided with one on one
support or can complete
assignments with a
buddy. I also uses
classwork and
assessments to re-teach
concepts in which 90% of
students did not show
mastery of the standards.
Students utilize Read
Works which I can
adapt to each child's
lexile reading level.