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Let’s learn about

Natural Hazards!
Today we will be
exploring the web to
learn about Natural
Student Learning Objective: I will be able to
understand that a variety of hazards result from natural
processes by watching videos, comparing and contrasting
two natural hazards, and writing a paragraph OR creating
a video about steps that humans can take to reduce the
impacts of natural hazards.
First, we’re going to be exploring
and learning about three types of
natural hazards:
Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanic Eruptions
Take a few moments to think about
EVERYTHING you already know
about Natural Hazards!

Show what you already know by

creating a post on this Padlet.
Include one question you have
about Natural Hazards.

Lets learn about tsunamis!

Watch this video and answer the embedded

Watch this video about Volcanic Eruptions and answer the questions!
Watch this video if you would like to see footage of volcanoes erupting in real life!
It might seem a little scary - but volcanoes are very important to our planet.
They create new land on earth once the lava cools.
(Also, Ms. Brown grew up in Hawaii and
thinks volcanoes are incredibly beautiful!)
Now let’s find out more about earthquakes!

Watch this video and

answer the embedded

Optional: Watch the video

to the left to see engineers
testing out an earthquake
resistant building!

That’s how many earthquakes are recorded
each year on average.

Earthquakes happen all the time! Explore this website, zooming out to see the whole
world. Use the labels below to record the location of the three most recent earthquakes
(include the magnitude!). An example is given below.

New York, 4.0


It’s time to…
Compare and Contrast!
Pick two natural hazards (either Tsunami,
Earthquake, or Volcanic Eruption) to
research using the Wonderopolis links.
Use this information to create a compare
and contrast chart on the next slide.
Compare and Contrast:
choose two: volcanic eruption, tsunami, or earthquake

Natural Hazard #1 Similarities Natural Hazard #2

Use the links on the previous slide to How are these two natural hazards Write a paragraph about what makes
research. Then, write a paragraph similar? Find at least two similarities this natural hazard unique as well!
about what makes this natural and write a paragraph about them!
hazard unique!

Humans cannot eliminate natural hazards... but
we can take steps to reduce their impacts.

Check out these Newsela links

here and here. Make sure to take
notes about possible steps Option Two:
Option One:
humans can take to reduce the Write a paragraph
Create a video on this explaining three
impact of natural hazards. Your
flipgrid in which you possible steps that we
notes will be used as evidence! explain three possible can take to reduce the
steps that we can take impact of natural
Then, choose one of the response to reduce the impact of hazards using
options in the circles: Flipgrid or natural hazards. The Socrative
video must be at least The room code is
Socrative! Use details from your two minutes long. BROWN8957
notes to support your thinking.

Make sure to share
this Google Slide with
your teacher once
you’re all done.