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The following lessons have been used by me over the last 10 years. They are
specifically designed for times when you need the class to be kept busy with
minimum teacher supervision.

Each lesson is either a printout for each student to complete silently, or pair
work with each student completing their half of the printout.
Usually student A & B or 1 & 2.

Crosswords are done in the form of...

1) Excuse me, what is number...........down?

2) What is number ....................across?
(hint only, never saying the actual word)


Pair work / Information Exchange is done in the form of..

Excuse me, what is the next word please?

(hint only, never saying the actual word)

The lessons can be adjusted for level. Lower levels are allowed more time
and can use a dictionary. Higher levels are given less time and no dictionary
is allowed. For the highest levels more than one of these lessons may be
required per class.

I apologize for the quality of some lessons, but I had to take them form
photocopies. That is why this e-Book of lessons is free. Feel free to repair
them as best you can.

Hand out these lessons, relax and watch the students quietly do the close
exercises (fill in the blanks) or have fun while they do the information

Enjoy! ………Ian
How Often Do You____________?
Answer the following questions. You might like to you some of the
following words in your ansers.

Every day every week every month

Once a day twice a day three times a day
Once a week twice a week about_______times a week
Once a month once a year never

1) brush your teeth? 16) eat fish?

2) shave? 17) travel abroad?

3) take a bath? 18) ride a bus?

4) watch television? 19) go shopping for clothes?

5) clean your room? 20) catch a cold?

6) read a newspaper? 21) write letters?

7) go to a restaurant? 22) drink coffee?

8) read a magazine? 23) drive a car?

9) go shopping for food? 24) see your grandparents?

10) study English? 25) play cards?

11) talk to foreigners? 26) listen to the radio?

12) go to a movie theatre? 27) go to a barber shop?

13) eat cake? 28) arrive late for school?

14) get angry? 29) visit a doctor?

15) stay up past midnight? 30) visit a dentist?

Getting to Know Your Teacher
You will interview your teacher. Before you begin, write your own question for # 16 and then wrote a
guess for each question. Any guess is OK. Finally, interview your teacher and write his/her answers.

Your Guess Answers

!) What is your name? ---------------------------------------- -------------------------------

2) Where are you from? ---------------------------------------- ------------------------

3) Where do you live? ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------

4) Why did you come to this country? -------------------------------------- ---------------------------

5) Can you speak our language? ---------------------------------------- -------------------------

6) How long have you been here? ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------

7) What do you like best about our country? ---------------------------------------- -------------------------

8) What do you like least? ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------

9) Are you married? ----------------------------------------- ------------------------

10) Do you have any children? ----------------------------------------- --------------------------

11) Do you have any brothers or sisters? ----------------------------------------- ----------------------


12) What do you do in your free time? ----------------------------------------- --------------------------

13) Do you have a drivers license? ----------------------------------------- ---------------------------

14) Do you have a car? ----------------------------------------- -------------------------------

15) What is your future dream? ----------------------------------------- ------------------------------

16) __________________________? ------------------------------------------ -------------------------

Odd Man Out

Circle the word that does not belong……..

verb airport noun pronoun

king president emperor sunflower

saucer river sea spring

cow roundabout swing sandpit

checkers go chess lasagna

streetcar spade fork hoe

rocket train bus pencil

dormitory javelin shot putt hammer

rose orchid lake tulip

plate adjective cup bowl

spaghetti slide minestrone pizza

station bus stop discus quay

sheep pig minister goat

pen draughts crayon brush

house apartment lake condominium


Some lessons were taken from the books listed below, some are out of print and some
were copied with permission. If you like some of the lessons above, please try to

Play Games With English – Collin Granger 1981

Words, Words, Words – Alf / Ormandy 1984

Pair Work One – Peter Watcyn-Jones – 1984

Word Games With English – Deirdre Howard Williams and Cynthia Herd 1986

For more Edutainment lessons please check out http://EslGames.com