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Joint Entrance Examination(MAIN}-2019 NATIONAL TESTING AGENCY coer cis oY Seeman 20% Sas Paphos esureDedgnest i ar-Proviton fo January 2019 Reenter worreatra TT eaegoy & Stet tigbity: _WeSTBENCA soplowion Number: imatsu7ae2 Taba Pacoaranh yt Medium: ENGLISH Course Name: B.E/B.Tech. Only ogra atsafanninaton Poe am ist ning oto EEURSPET [Test Centre No [wat101 woes Supe Zn te Se ROR eT. | nr em JBHUKURIA,P-O-NEW CHUMTA, DARJEELING , SILIGURI, WEST BENGAL - 734000 Candidate Signature Rowin Surge Ss NTAWEE(Main) Unit IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR CANDIDATES 41. The Admit Card i provisional, subjctto the eligilty conditions given inthe Information Bulletin 2. Candidates are suggested to visit the examinaton verue, a day in advance, so that thy can reach the venue on tie on the day of examination 3. Candidates are roquird fo prosent the following documents to the examination ofcias, for identity verfcation + Adit Caré downloaded from the NTA website (a clear preferably colour pintou on A sizo paper) + One Passport size photographisame as uploaded with the Online Apalcaion Form) tobe pastod on the atondance sheet atthe Cente. “Any one ofthe original and vad Photo lentfication Proof issued by the government - PAN cardiDriving Licensa/VoterID/Passport Aadhaar Card (With ‘holography/E-Aadhaar Ration Card/Aadhaar Enrolment No. wih Photo, “+ PwD coriicate issued by the Competent Author, if liming the relaxation under Pa category. “Note: Na Candidate would be alowed fo enter the Examination Cenve, without identity verification, 4. Candidates are NOT alowed to cary any personal belongings including electronic devices, mobile phone and other materals ised inthe Information Bulletin, othe Examination Centre. Examination Officials wil nat be responsible for safa keep of personal belongings. Pen! Pencil and blank paper sheets for rough work will be provided inthe examination HallRoom. Candidates must writ their name and Roll Number atthe top of the sheet, and must return the sheet to the Invgilator, before leaving the examination Hall/Room, For Aptitude Test Paper-2, the candidate must bring their own Geometry Box Set, Pencils, Erasers and Colour pencils or Crayons. The Candidates are NOT allowed to use water colour on Drawing Sheet. Candidates should take their seat immediatly ater opening of the Examination Hall They can login and ofthe examination 5. Candidates wil NOT be permited ta leave the Examination RoomiHall before the end of examination. Afr the completion ofthe examination, Candidates should hand over thei Admit Card, rough sheet and PeniPercilto the invigjltoron duty. 7. Candidates must enter required detals in the Attendance Shee in legible handurng, put ther signature and paste the Photograph atthe appropriate place, They should ensure tha thir Lef-Hand Thumb Impression is clear and not smudge 8, No Candidate should adopt any unfairmeans, of indulge in any unfair examination practices ad instuctons, before the commencement address and Candidates are advised to check updates on NTAs website ragularly.They may also check their mail box on the registered E-m ‘SMS In thelr ragistered Mobile No, for latest updates and information, NTA website: and wwwjeemain.niedin For any Assistance : Email SMS:7042398521, 7042399525-526