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1. Jawaban dikerjakan pada lembar soal

2. Sebelum mengerjakan soal-soal, tulislah terlebih dahulu pada lembar jawaban: nomor peserta ujian, nama lengkap, dan


asal sekolah SMP/MTs!
3. Pilihlah jawaban yang tepat/benar dan berilah tanda
4. Berilah tanda
kolom pilihan jawaban yang disediakan!
pada satu pilihan jawaban saja untuk satu soal! Bila tanda X lebih dari satu untuk satu soal, maka jawaban


dianggap salah.
5. Jika terjadi kesalahan memilih jawaban, maka coretlah tanda dengan dua garis lurus mendatar pada jawaban yang


dianggap salah (contoh : X ), kemudian berilah tanda pada jawaban yang dianggap benar.
6. Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, tabel matematika, atau alat bantu hitung lainnya.
7. Berdo’alah sebelum mengerjakan
8. Periksalah pekerjaanmu sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian!
Nobody wants to be sick. Everybody wants to be in a drugstore. But some medicine can only be obtained
healthy, of course. Jogging is a good exercise and it is with a doctor’s prescription.
fun. It can improve our health if we do nit properly. If you don’t eat properly, you can take a vitamin
The effect of jogging is to improve the working pill, called supplement. If you have a headache, you can
of the cardio-respiratory system. It strengthens the heart take an aspirin. If you have a cold, there are hundreds of
and helps the blood circulation. It can also tone up the different remedies that you can try.
muscles and help you lose your weight if you are on diet. However, visiting your doctor will be the best
There is no need for expensive clothing and way. It often costs a lot of money. That is why you
equipment in jogging. You can do this exercise if you should take good care of your health.
want to. So, why you don’t you do that?
Have a good jog! 16. If we feel unhealthy, we should ……
a. We should go to Shaman
1. Who wants to be sick? b. We should go to the Headmaster
a. all people c. everybody c. We should take some medicine
b. nobody d. the writer d. We should buy groceries

2. What can improve our health? 17. We can get certain medicine only with …………
a. working b. sleeping c. jogging d. sitting a. A doctor’s prescription c. working hard
b. A doctor’s suggestion d. A lot of money
3. What can jogging strengthen?
a. eyes c. heart and blood 18. How many remedies you can found if you have a
b. nose d. mouth cold ………
a. You can take aspirin
4. Can jogging lose our weight? b. You can take vitamin pill
a. yes, it can c. yes, it does c. There are millions of remedies
b. no, it can’t d. no, it is d. there are hundreds of remedies

5. The equipment in jogging is … . 19. Visiting a doctor costs …………

a. very cheap c. expensive a. A lot of medicine c. A lot of supplement
b. too expensive d. nothing b A lot of money d. A lot of beneficiary

6. The suitable title of the text is … .

a. sport c. jogging and health
b. healthy d. way of diet 20. The best way to get better health is…
a. Visiting doctor
7. Everybody … sports. b. don’t eat properly
a. has c. buys c. Take good care of our health
b. likes d. sees d. take an aspirin

8. Sony : Who likes watching Last summer holiday, my family and I spent one
badminton? night at the countryside. We stayed in small house. It had
Bony : Mrs. Shanti … . a big garden with lots of colorful flowers and a swimming
a. did b. has c. does d. do pool.
First, we made a fire in front of the house. Then, we
9. Do you like badminton? sat around the fire and sang lot songs together. After
a. yes, he does c. yes, I do that, we came into the house and had a dinner. Next, we
b. no, she does not d. no, I don’t sat in the living room and watched a movie. Finally,
everybody fell asleep there.
10. Is your hobby singing? We woke up very late in the morning and had
a. yes, it is c. no, it doesn’t breakfast. In the afternoon we went home. We were all
b. yes, it does d. yes, it do very happy.

11. ….. child ran across the street. 21. What is the topic of the text?
a. it b. a c. an d. some a. We were all very happy
b. My swimming pool
12. A cat has … tail. c. My family holiday
a. the b. a c. an d. some d. We had breakfast

13. Nemo : ….. ? 22. Who spent the holiday?

Dora : Badminton. a. Everybody c. My Neighbour
a. what sports do you like? b. My father d. My Family and I
b. what do you want?
c. how do you do? 23. When did they spend the holiday?
d. where do you go? a. Last night c. everyday
b. Last summer d. Last December
14. If you study … everyday, you will become clever.
a. sadly c. diligently 24. Where did they spend the holiday?
b. lazily d. slowly a. At countryside c. At the top of the hill
b. On the mountain d. In the forest
15. Rini sings the song … .
a. sadly c. beautifully
b. angrily d. happy 25. The last paragraph is considered to be...
a. Title c. Reorientation
To be healthy is very important. If we get sick, b. Setting or orientation d. List of events
we should take some medicine. We can buy the medicine
‘Your attention, please! Rahma is looking for her b. 4-1-6-5-3-2 d. 4-1-5-6-2-3
(26) …, Nina. Nina is (27) …years old. She has a (28) …
face. A mole on her face and straight black (29) …. She is 35. These are ‘present tense’, except…
wearing a (30) …t-shirt. a. I am a student in Nurul Huda.
b. She likes to eat very much.
26. a. face b. sister c. father d. mole c. Do you like him?
d. She did not come because she is ill.
27. a. round b. ten c. sea d. sister
36. These are ‘past tense’, except…
28. a. ten b. purse c. round d. see a. I used to sleep ten hours a day.
b. Was she angry?
29. a. hair b. shoe c. eye d. neck c. Are you okay?
d. She wasn’t angry at all.
30. a. hair b. eye c. round d. pink
37. Tony : Could you show me how to
31. Sandra : Do you think smoking is the train station, please?
good? Mila : Sure. You just walk straight
Farida : No. Smoking is not good for forward along this road. It’s
our health. about 50 metres from here
The underlined sentence is…. and the station is on the right
a. asking for things side of this road.
b. asking for opinions Tony : Thank you very much!
c. giving things The underlined sentence is expressing..
d. giving opinions a. asking for help
b. asking for things
32. Ima : Hi, Bagas! Do you think c. asking for opinions
singing is good? d. asking for information
Bagas : Hmm…I think singing is
good. It makes us happy. 38. ‘Do you like swimming?’
The underlined sentence is…. The correct answer to the question is…
a. asking for things a. No, I am not like swimming.
b. asking for opinions b. No, I don’t like swimming.
c. giving things c. No, I did not like swimming.
d. giving opinions d. No, I was not like swimming.

33. she – does – get up – what - time - ? 39. ‘Are they giving the teacher books?’
The correct arrangement of the The correct answer to the question is…
jumbled words is… a. Yes, they are giving the teacher book.
a. Does she get up what time? b. Yes, they give the teacher book.
b. What does she get up time? c. Yes, they are given the book.
c. She does get up what time? d. Yes, the teacher is giving books.
d. What time does she get up?
40. Rita :…. are you listening to?
34. 1. I’m going to the library. Dede : I’m listening to music.
2. I will read and borrow some books. The correct word to fill the blank is…
3. What will you do there? a. Where c. When
4. Where are you going? b. Why d. What
5. I’m going with Sarah.
6. With whom?
Rearrange the jumbled conversation!
a. 1-3-2-5-4-6 c. 3-5-4-2-6-1

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