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Appendix 1: Lesson Plan (template)

LESSON PLAN Subject: Math

Trainee: Sabha Topic or Theme: Evaluate Expressions

Class: Grade 3 Date & Duration: March 14, 2019

Trainee Personal Goals

I am working on: time management by give the students for each part of the lesson 15 minute.
Then the teacher will clap and the student's clap after the teacher to stop working.

Lesson Focus

How are properties equation used to group numbers?

Lesson Outcomes

Students will be able to find the value of expression by replacing the variable with number,
evaluate expressions

Links to Prior Learning

In grade two students will know four processes such as addition, subtraction, division and
multiplication. In grade three they will learn expression is number or a combination of numbers
operations.an expression does not have an equals sign.

21st Century Skills

 Communication
 Collaboration

Key vocabulary

 Variable
 Evaluate
 Expressions

Possible problems for learners Solutions to possible problems

 Difficulty understanding the  The teacher will teach the student how to use
symbol, such as x or y is used to the variable by doing many practices on the
stand for an unknown, it is called whiteboard.

Resources/equipment needed

 Cubes
 Cards
 Pencil
 Black marker pen
 Whiteboard
 PowerPoint

Resources Introduction
& Time
 In the beginning, the teacher will check the students’ prior knowledge
by asking the question. Did you remember what the evaluate
 The teacher will give the students 1 minute to talk with a friend.
 The teacher will choose one student randomly.
 The student will answer to the teacher.
Resources Main activities
& Time
 The teacher will model the lesson by using PowerPoint slides on the
 The first slide will be the topic of the lesson is Evaluate Expressions.
 Then the teacher displays the new vocabulary as the variable and how
we use it.
 The next slide will be an example that shows students how to do this

Differentiation activities (Support)

Emergent activity:

In this activity, students will work individually. They will need more guidance to do this activity.
The teacher will give expression wheels to each student and ask the student to get the answer by
replacing the variable symbol by the number to get the correct answer and write it down.

Development Activity:

In this activity, the student will work in groups. The group will have many expressions cards
include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and use of parenthesis. the teacher will give
the students instruction how to evaluate expressions with variables with these cards. Each card
has an expression with a variable represented by a letter of the number. The student must find the
answer and write on the paper.

Master activity:

In this activity, the student will work in a group. The group will have a set of expressions inside
the cubes include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division also the set of variables on the
table students must throw the cubes and get one the expressions. Then the student uses this
expression with a variable represented by a letter of the number. The student must find the answer
and write on the paper.

The teacher display a set of expressions on the Smart Board. She starts asking
& Time
students what this symbol represents in expressions for example y=5 or x= 3.

Assessment  Checklist

☐ Observation ☐ Student self- ☐ Oral questioning ☐ Peer assessment


☐ Quiz ☐ Student presentation ☐ Written work and ☐ Verbal feedback