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To : all staff
From : Ellen Montgonery Accounting Manager
Re : Reimbursement form

Hello Everyone
I have recently noticed that there has been an increase in reimbursement claim forms being handed
in without receipts. Some of you have been adding notes explaining what you are to be reimbursed
for but unfortunately I cannot accept them. The policy is if you do not have a receipt , you will not be
reimbursed for your expense: no exceptions. I have also noticed that not all the forms are being filled
in correctly. Please make sure to fill in your employee numbers as well as the type of purchase. This
will make processing your claim much easier and therefore faster. So please in the future , keep a
hold of your receipts and fill in the form completely.

1. What is the purpose of this memo ?

a. To issue reimbursement form
b. To give receipts back to employess
c. To remind staff to follow procedures
d. To outline a new company policy
2. What should employees do ?
a. Keep all receipts if they want reimbursement
b. Fill out the top half of the reimbursement form
c. Make a copy of their reimbursement forms
d. Process their receipts before handing them in

To : Marshall Green Office Manager

Re : Executive Assistant for Ryan Chalmers

Hi Marshall
I have spent the last two weeks interviewing candidates for an executie assistant for Ryan but
it has been impossible. His list of demands is unrealistic , and there are no candidates
available who can do what he wants at the salary he wants to pay! Could you please have a
chat with him and see if you can convince him to lower his expectations and come up with a
more realistic list of qualifications and skills that he wants in his assistant ? I would really
appreciate it as I am really back up in my department and this search is eating through a lot of
my time and energy.
Let me know he says,

3. What is the problem ?

a. Marshall does not want to assist Ryan
b. A colleaque’s demands are unreasonable
c. Ranjit must find a new job for Ryan to do
d. Marshall needs a secretary to help him out
4. What does Ranjit ask of Marshall ?
a. To interview candidates
b. To lower his standards
c. To assist in the search
d. To talk to their colleaque
Attention All Passengers
Due to construction in the main terminal there have been some changes to security
procedures. All passengers are kindly asked to proceed directly to their gate after
checking in. Please follow the yellow lines on the ground to go through Security and
Customs. As you can not take more than 100 ml of liquid through security we suggest you
wait until after customs to purchase beverages or food you would like to carry on to the
plane. Once you have cleared Customs , you will be free to move about the terminal
where you will find a variety of restaurants, duty-free shops, gift shops and book stores as
well as a pharmacy. Please ensure that you have your boarding pass and passport with
you all times as you may be asked to produce these items by the security officers
patrolling the terminal.
Thank you for your cooperation , and have a great flight.
5. Why must passengers go directly to their gates ?
a. There is a security alert
b. Customs is busy these days
c. The airport is being remodeled
d. Check-in desks are understaffed
6. Why should you wait until after Customs to buy beverages ?
a. It is less expensive to purchase them in the main terminal
b. There is a limit to the amount of liquid you can carry on
c. There are some choices of beverages near the gates
d. Beverages will be served to everyone on the plane
7. Why should you always have your boarding pass and passport ?
a. Your identity may be checked at any time
b. Airline personnel will help you find your seat
c. You will need them to make any purchases
d. The duty-free shop will ask to see them
To : all staff
From : The Green Committee
Re : New Composting Bins

Hello fellow coworkers as you may noticed all garbage cans have been removed from
offices and common areas and have been replaced by Recycling Centers on each floor. At
each center, there are two blue boxes and one green box. One blue box is for cans,
bottles, and juice boxes. The other blue box is for all Paper products. That brings us to the
green box! To help decrease our garbage output we are starting a new composting
program. Each week the air-tight bins will be collected and turned into compost to give
back to the earth. Unfortunately not all food waste can go in the green bins. For now we
ask that you only throw away fruit vegetables grains. And egg shells. We are working hard
to be a ero-waste facility so we appreciate your cooperation !
8. What is the purpose of the memo ?
a. To discuss future methods for composting
b. To explain the new green initiatives
c. To introduce new green products
d. The summarie former policies
9. Why were the garbage bins removed ?
a. To encourage more cycling
b. To help the janitorial staff
c. To save money on waste
d. To save food for special events
10. What is the long – term goal of the program ?
a. To buy no more food product
b. To recycle office equipment
c. To produce no garbage
d. To reduce paper use

Attention all staff members,
Sometime within the next two weeks, there will be a surprise inspection from the
government agency that is responsible for worker health and safety. We must be ready at
anytime for this visit. We ask that all employees make sure to tidy up their station and to
keep their sections of the conveyor belt spotlessly clean. Please also make sure that all
clutter is cleared away from around all machinery. If you have any extra parts that you are
hoarding , please return unused and unnecessary parts back to the warehouse.
Thank you for your cooperation

To : Chris Horton, Production Manager < Horton_c@sparks.com>

From : Greg Hamilton, Factory Floor Manager < hamiilton_g@sparks.com>
Subject : upcoming inspection and productivity

Dear Chris,
Please be advised that, due to the upcoming surprise inspection, the floor staff has been
spending extra time cleaning. Because more time is being spent on cleaned up,
productivity has dropped by 1% , and I predict that this will continue until after the
inspection. I believe that for the time being, quotas should be lowered in order to
maintain the exceptional standard of safety that the staff has achieved so far. Once the
inspection is over, we can then ramp uup productivity to the standards we are used to.

11. What is expected ?
a. A government meeting
b. A surprise safety inspection
c. A new cleaning crew
d. A production manager visit
12. What are workers asked to do ?
a. Increase their productivity
b. Work extra overtime hours
c. Clean up the air in the factory
d. Keep their stations neat and tidy
13. What should workers do with extra parts?
a. Organize them into orderly piles in the section
b. Return them to the supply room immediately
c. Clear them out and put them outside the factory
d. Find a storage space for them in the building
14. What problem is the upcoming inspection causing ?
a. Unhappy workers
b. Decreased productivity
c. Hoarding of parts
d. Underuse use of staff
15. How will the problem be dealth with ?
a. By asking workers to make a greater effort
b. By increasing the conveyor belt speed
c. By temporarily lowering productivity quotas
d. By raising the factory ‘s safety standards
Run to End Cystic Fibrosis
Detroit’s annual Run to End cystic Fibrosis will take place on Saturday, April 6th. Already in
its 10th year, the marathon sees over 7,000 participants from all over the state of
Michigan taking part in the 5K , 10K, or half marathon to help raise funds to cure cystic
Fibrosis . the event takes place on the lake trail aaround Lake Michigan from Grosse Point
Park along Lake Shore Road. The run is designed as a training run for who are planning to
do the Boston Marathon . As an added bonus this year, we are offering a 3-course pasta
dinner on Friday night, which is included in the cost of registration. So get ready , and lets
have fun!

16. What is the purpose of the run ?

a. To encourage people to exercise
b. To see the scenery on the lake
c. To raise money for research
d. To take a tour of Michigan
17. How much is the 3-course dinner ?
a. Free for race participants and their families
b. $60
c. An extra $5
d. Free to participants