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Project 2018-1-RO01-KA202-049233

e-TRAUMA Newsletter ISSUE 1

March 2019

...about e-TRAUMA project

What is e-TRAUMA?

e-TRAUMA is an EU funded project under ERASMUS+

programme entitled “e- Training of orthopaedic
professionals to decrease morbidity and mortality
due to Complex Life Threatening Skeletal Injuries”

The project starts on 01 November 2018 and will finish on

31 October 2020.

What are our OBJECTIVES ?

- implementation of innovative practices (OER) in

orthopedic vocational training
- development of common standards and
approaches for complex trauma management and
development of key competencies for orthopaedics
professionals (assesment, decision, treatment
- conecting theoretical knowledge with practical
skills by following videos and a case studies database
with a strong work-based learning component
- development of transversal skills in the field of
language, ICT , team work, decision
- recognition and validation of skills and
qualifications within and across national borders by CME

Who are our targeted groups?

Medical professionals involved in orthopaedics– specialists, residents, nurses.

Managers /staff in the medical educational system, vocational training organizations and
other training providers, universities, colleges and other providers of medical education,
public and private Health Institutions , professional associations in the field

Project financed by European Commission under the Erasmus + programme, KA2.

The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an
endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission
cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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Germany What are E-TRAUMA outputs?

-O1- e-TRAUMA Guidelines is an online information

resource providing up-to-date treatment guidelines to
orthopaedic profesionals for the management of life
threatening skeletal injuries. The guide will be based on
existent procedures and on intensive research on EU
recomendations. It will include 15 procedures and an up to
date bibliographic e- resource.

- O2- e-TRAUMA video database represents an

learning/teaching material aiming to enhance the practical
skills of trainees. It refers to the development of 12 videos PROJECT PARTNERS
in direct relationship with the procedures in the E-Trauma
The consortium was designed to
reflect the specific necessities
- O3- e- TRAUMA e-learning platform. The main goal of required to implement the main
the application is to give students the possibility to follow ideas and objectives of e-TRAUMA
training materials, evaluate knowledge and communicate and includes 5 partners from 4
with all involved parties. There will be an e-learning course countries (Romania, Turkey,
that can be followed free of charge by all orthopaedicians. Greece, Germany). In this way
Certification will be offered by EMC credits in every the project is following up on the
participant country, according to national rules. experiences from different
national initiatives, but extending
-O4- e-TRAUMA database of case studies. Consists in a the orthopaedic training and
repository of training material with real clinical case studies focusing on a broader progress
using digital imaging and accompanying notes with a multi program based on a
language user interface and an assesment system. This will comprehensive multi-disciplinary,
function as a virtual medical environment, similar with the multi-sectoral and coordinated
work place. efforts for management of
complex trauma. The project is
As long as the project develops we will keep you
coordinated by the Clinical
informed about our outputs and how to benefit of
Emergency Hospital Bucharest,

Clinical Emergency Hospital Bucuresti


University of Craiova

Mersin University


Universitatsklinikum des Saarlandes-

Klinik fur Unfall, Hand und
Wiederherstellungschirurgie Germany

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Why should you be interested in our courses?

Our project provides FREE acces to:

• a more attractive training programme, in line with individuals' and labour market
• an innovative up-to-date treatment guidelines to orthopaedic professionals for the
management of life threatening skeletal injuries with corespondant videos for each
• an innovative multimedia case studies database
• on line ACCREDITED courses in medical education
o validation of training by CME credits
• practical skills development in a simulated environment. Interactivity allows
trainees to test their knowledge and provides immediate feedback using images
and cases that they could encounter in clinical practice. This will function as a
virtual medical environment, similar with the work place.

All materials will be available in English, Romanian, German and Turkish

We decided to leave the acces to on line course and educational materials open for all
interested medical specialists, so no selection is needed, but credentials for medical
degree and specialisation will be required. Participation to learning activities will be
conditioned by registration on the e-platform.

You also could be interested in our MULTIPLIER EVENTS….

What is a multiplier event?

• An event that is organised to share the
intellectual outputs of a project with a wider
• These events aim to increase the interest of
direct and indirect target group about our

During E-TRAUMA project we have 5 multiplier events

E1- Implementation of e-TRAUMA guidelines in orthopaedic medical environment,

september 2019, Bucharest, Romania
E2 - Launching e-TRAUMA e-learning platform, December 2019, Homburg, Germany
E3- Interactive workshop for on line orthopaedic case studies, june 2020, Mersin,
E4- e-TRAUMA Transnational Exploitation Conferrence, September 2020, Bucharest,
You can participate to these events without any fee and benefit of our project results -
presentation of results, work shops, distribution of project materials.

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How can you reach us?

❖ If you want to participate as trainees in our project please consult our website. We
will inform you with 2 months prior to the start up of the training about registration
and its requirements.

❖ If you are interested in our developed materials and oncoming events please consult
our website. We will permanently inform you with 1 month prior to the start up of
the multiplication events, registration and requirements for participation.

In order to be informed you can also subscribe to our newsletters on e-TRAUMA web

The e-trauma website is launched and can be found



Project implementation stage

The first e-TRAUMA kick off meeting was held in Bucharest, hosted by the
Clinical Emergency Hospital SCUB.
➢ We got to know each other as people, professionals, and
➢ We provided full information about all aspects of the project
➢ We create transparency and build trust in the partnership, confirm
roles and tasks.
➢ We planned the first project phase in detail and start up e-
TRAUMA project.

KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the

Exchange of Good Practices Strategic
Partnerships for vocational education and

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